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Cornell, California

The Rock Store
30354 Mulholland Hwy, Cornell, California 91301. (On Kanan Rd. near Agoura Hills)

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Review by: seanheid on 10/4/2014
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This place is the shizz...good food and motorbike's. It's like eating breakfast at your own house if your own house is neck deep in motorcycles and has a fully staffed kitchen. Oh and does your kitchen have a big blue A in the window? I didn't think so. The food is real...they use butter, salt, bacon...all the shit the worlds puffs tell you to stay away from. The staff is real...they don't tell you their name before they take your's none of your god-dam business.

Award Nomination: Most Comfortable

Review #24949
Review by: EstherStars on 4/26/2008
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The Rock Store began as stagecoach stop in the 1910's and has been around for years. The current owners, Ed and Vern have owned it since 1961. The food is pretty darn good, but the atmosphere is the coolest thing about the place! A favorite spot for the locals and celebrities alike! An even more favored spot for the weekend biker! Try out their hearty pancake breakfast!

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