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Main St & Clifton
Lakewood, NJ

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Review by: breakfastcouple on 6/3/2013
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Unfortunately here is another place that is closed. Actually it has been maybe three years since Mrs Roey (I think) decided to retire. Then the place just stood there until over a year ago it was torn down. The lot remains unimproved with taxis from the next door company using it for parking.

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Review by: mercyrus on 2/1/2008
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My father used to bring me in to Roey's and we'd order the pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich ( I always tried my best to finish it). It's very consistent, the food is great and the people are friendly. I haven't lived in Lakewood in years (about 20), but I did get a chance to go back a couple of years ago and have the sandwich and it was every bit as good as what I remembered. Oh, and Tuesdays is pea soup day - the best pea soup.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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Review by: breakfastcouple on 1/25/2008
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This place has been at this location for over 40 years. A favorite stopping off place for locals. A former mayor, policemen, businessmen and others frequent this place. Mrs Roey does the cooking and knows everybody. A super friendly place, but don't expect the usual amenities. The place is old but worth a visit. Breakfast sandwiches and platters are great. The best pork roll, egg & cheese on a hard roll we've ever had (and that's saying something). The place is small and crowded. There is a 12+ stool counter where most regulars sit and 5 or 6 tables. The first thing they do when you sit down is give you the day's newspaper (NYPost or NYNews). A dining experience. This place grows on you. The location is in the center of town on a busy corner with good parking available. GO!!

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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