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Meridian, Idaho

Kal's Big Breakfast in Meridian
Kal's Big Breakfast
Currently listed as CLOSED
39 E. State Ave.

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Review by: bertjohnson on 4/9/2008
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Excellent breakfast spot. Old house on a side street in Old Town Meridian. Decor is not old house, more like internet cafe, sterile and bare. Food is excellent to perfect for the price. Has a small semi-private dining room for a meeting. NO PIE, no problem, cinnamon rolls are to die for...make fresh from scratch. Warm syrup, Statesman and The Wall Street Journal every morning. Over sized plastic coffee cups, coffee got cold before we could drink all of it, and then a refill (reheat) was put on top of cold coffee (ask for fresh cup). $3.99 3 item breakfast, is a steal!! Good Value on full menu items. The BEST breakfast for the money, cleaner than McDonalds, and very pleasant staff. No "Kal" on the premises, this is his daughters cafe, but again, no problem, she's prettier than any Kal, and sweet as the cinnamon rolls.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

Review #13312
Review by: Visitor on 1/4/2008
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HUGE cups of coffee, no skimping on the java! Biscuits and Gravy are really nice. Gravy is not that flour/doughy/glue you get at most places. Gravy had lots of sausage chunks, yummy.

Avoid Sundays at 10am. Place was really busy and it took a few minutes for the food to arrive.

Need better/more parking.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

Review #12318

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