Breakfast Restaurant Reviews
Schenectady, New York

Cafe 1795
Ferry Street, Stockade district

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Review by: DinerFan on 3/27/2010
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My experience was not as bad as "berlinslum's", but it was not great either. I walked in and was completely unacknowledged by the guy who appeared to be working there. I also did not see any menu, which surprised me, as I had seen several letters to the local paper describing this a good place to have breakfast. After several minutes of being ignored, I realized this was more of a "general store", than a breakfast place, and - noticing a few wrapped rolls and such, I got up went over to investigate. I did not like the prices I saw, however, so I grabbed a simple buttered roll, went up to the counter to pay for it, and then left to go to somewhere else from breakfast.

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Review by: berlinslum on 10/17/2007
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This place is just a cafe, not really a restaurant. But in Schenectady all alternatives must be considered.

There was no menu, nor anybody to take our order. Eventually we were able to order two lattes. They came in paper cups, the server attempted to charge us $12. What? You're dealing with a Mr. Breakfast follower here. After some angry words, the presumed owner told us not to come back. I assured him that there was no danger of our returning. It's a shame, because the Stockade is a fine historic area that could develop into an attractive district for visitors.

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