Breakfast Restaurant Reviews
Tucson, Arizona

Alice's Restaurant
5416 E. Pima Street
Pima / Craycroft

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Total submitted: 4.
Review by: engen1946 on 5/22/2014
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Prior reviews brought us to this restaurant. Food was nothing special and neither was our server. Had hoped for something better.

Review #24811
Review by: Bisbeeblue on 12/9/2009
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My son treats me to breakfast here or Guss Balon's whenever I come to Tucson.

Never ever had a bad meal. Lunches are good too!

Favorite is Whey Vos Rancheros! (don't know how to spell it but I can sure eat it)!

Award Nomination: Best Service

Review #18760
Review by: Visitor on 5/28/2009
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This restaurant is unique and a classic. Hot, hearty, flavorful home-style food is served to you by a pleasant, prompt and professional staff in a clean and comfortable setting. It's hard to find all of these wonderful things in one location. Everything about Alice's is five eggs. Your first time won't be your last I'm sure of it.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #17088
Review by: Ninibee on 4/3/2007
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Doesn't Apply
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I LOVE Alice's!
I have been having Breakfast and sometimes lunch there for years.

Since I don't drink Coffee I don't know about the taste but I sure see those gals refilling coffee very quickly. of course that is just what I see. They refill our sodas usually before we can finish them.

The Food is AWESOME and FAST. We have never had to wait longer than 10 minutes from when we order for the food to be in front of us.

Their Chicken Fried Steak always arrives HOT and DELICIOUS! Best Chicken Fried Steak in Town.

The Prices are very reasonable almost cheap!

If you don't care for something that you are trying they are quick in assisting you in finding something you like.
The Service has been impecceble the Girls there really watch to make sure you have everything you need.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

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