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Boise, Idaho

4969 W. Overland Rd.
(SE corner of Overland and Orchard)

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Review by: GaryBoise on 12/28/2012
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I love Raedene's mostly because of the service. The food is always good and they have a good selection of items to choose from on the breakfast menu. But the best thing is the your coffee is always full and they make sure that you are happy.

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Review by: ajcarl on 2/23/2007
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Raedene's was recommended to me by my Uncle who used to live here in Boise. I can see why he liked it as he's older and has more money to spend on breakfast than I do! Raedene's is a Family place, very popular for breakfast. It's in an area that has few breakfast joints--perhaps that helps it's appeal. I thought it was okay, although over-priced for what I had. And the service was not at all quick. There were many older people there, couples as well as single men and women who seemed to know the servers by name. Some had their grandchildren with them. On the early morning visits I made, I didn't see many working age customers, although on the weekends there are plenty. This could be because they weren't particuliarly fast.

Raedene's coffee is fine, the food was average (think Denny's with a little flair), and the service was adequate. But paying $8 for a plate of bacon and eggs or almost $10 for eggs with a chicken fried steak smaller than a deck of cards that obviously came out of a box frozen is ridiculous. They have some weekday specials, but they are more aimed at the senior crowd as you would still leave hungry after one of them.

I would say Raedene's is an over priced coffeeshop. It's not bad but there are better (cheaper)choices around.

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