Breakfast Restaurant Reviews
Charlottesville, Virginia

415 E. Main St. (on the Mall)
Charlottesville, VA 22902

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Review by: Visitor on 12/5/2010
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Epic breakfast spot! Courtney took care of us, she was sweet n efficient, food arrived 15mins after we placed order ;) totally a hungover, Sunday breakfast spot... no nonsense greasy grub! Recommendation: veggie wrap!

Review #21589
Review by: Visitor on 9/25/2009
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Really solid food without pretense. Quality products seem to permeate all the dishes. We have had a number of different servers and they have all been super nice. Maybe not beautiful or trendy, but capable and caring.

Award Nomination: Best Service

Review #18121
Review by: yellowdaizy on 9/16/2005
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From the time I ordered, to the time that the food arrived (cold) at my table outside was one minute short of an hour. I ordered what is advertised as their specialty...breakfast. An hour. For breakfast preparation? In this hour, I had to go inside and get my own coffee refills. The waitress served others around me, but seemed to not notice that my friend and I were there. Once my food did arrive (I had to complain to the manager to get any food at all), I was left at my table with no syrup for my pancakes, but it did not matter because they were stone (and fairly hard like such) cold. My friend faired just about as well with a cold chicken sandwich and none of the condiments that she had asked for. I will NEVER go back.

Award Nomination: Worst Service

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