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Claremont, California

308 N. Yale Avenue (in the village area)

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Review by: lil mikey on 9/20/2008
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They call it an Afghan place, but you can get most breakfast items you can find elsewhere. Like eggs, pancakes, French toast, etc.

But what I really liked was the lamb sausage and eggs. You get a huge piece of skinless grilled lamb sausage along with 2 eggs that were cooked perfectly. And it comes with their Afghan fries, which are deep fried potato slices that are very fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside.

And they give you a curry tray like the one you get in Indian restaurants, with the green curry and the red sweetish sauce. They both go very well on the lamb sausage.

The juice is freshly squeezed, and the capuccino is rich and creamy.

Service is outstanding. The lady really keeps an eye on you.

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Review by: dbohulano on 12/4/2005
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On Sunday mornings, the brunch buffet is excellent, including a variety of traditional American breakfast foods, Afghani entrees, and a steamed salmon that is so moist. Beverages (juices, coffee), a variety of breads, and a dessert table are included in the price. It is a nice, special occasion, destination restaurant. You can eat either inside and out, and the restaurant is attractive, well run, clean, and good service. Great coffee too.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #6368
Review by: hdaniels42 on 9/15/2005
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Afgan ownership... menu varied... breakfast items unusual... home made breads... good for lunch and dinner too... wonderful ambiance... wonderful background music... indoor or outdoor eating... if you are "in a hurry" do NOT come... this place moves at a slow pace which allows for visiting... converstaion... business... etc. But it is "worth" putting up with the slightly slow service for the great ambiance and wonderful food.

Award Nomination: Most Comfortable

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