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Columbus, Ohio

Easy Street
197 Thurman Ave Columbus, Ohio 43206

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Review by: cherylbernard on 11/23/2008
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The place is a classic in German Village but trying to get good service is another story. The food was OK but could be better.

Award Nomination: Worst Service

Review #15429
Review by: esyates on 8/3/2005
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Doesn't Apply
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I've never eaten there for breakfast... I didn't even know they were open for breakfast... but their lunch and dinners are fantastic. They specialize in greek foods. If you like gyros, check this place out. (Apparently just not for breakfast!) Meals run anywhere from $7 - $20. Other menu items include sandwiches (club, burgers, etc.), pizza (at night only), and a full service bar. This is a local joint with a casual bar-type atmosphere.

Review #5619
Review by: paulaberry on 5/16/2005
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This was a fun place. The owner decides to open up early to compete against next door to him is a breakfast joint that serves good food. Easy Street decides to get a cut of the grease and that is what there food tastes like- grease!
Don't eat there

Award Nomination: Hugest Dump

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