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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

On Rosemary across the street from the old 7-11 and what used to be Fowler's back entrance.

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Review by: Visitor on 4/27/2007
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I literally lived on this food while I was in school at UNC.

Not only is the food fantastic, but the service is great as well. While there are sometimes long lines on a weekend morning, it is well worth the wait.

Coffee is good, and I am kind of picky. One Sunday nights, they used to give free banana bread pudding after your meal, I am not sure if that is still around, but it was great.

There was many a day when I would eat more than one meal at Breadmans.

The best part is that it is affordable.

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Review by: Visitor on 10/5/2004
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I was quite surprised not to see Breadman's listed on this site when I looked. An institution of breakfast as well as other things, Bread's has been around for a long, long time. Some might remember it's old site, across the street and down a little. And though the site has changed, the menu is still as good as ever. I saw on the news that they just had a fire so you might want to call to be sure they're open. It can get crowded on the weekend so give yourself some time. Well worth the wait though.

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