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Columbus, Ohio

Waffle House Inc.
4595 West Broad Street (at I-270)

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Review by: azthebaz on 7/6/2005
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I went here one night pretty late. The place was packed full. This is the only waffle house I have ever had to wait for a seat. I was really craving grits. I got them and I was really dissapointed at the lumps in it. However my hashbrowns and ommlette were good.

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Review by: Crochety on 6/2/2005
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An update. Columbus voted (twice) to ban smoking in all restaurants and bars. (Bars are rushing to build patios for smokers, improve their menus, or go out of business). This Waffle House has lost its perpetual blue haze, and it's now possible to actually taste your food. They have added some wraps to the menu, too.

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Review by: Crochety on 9/17/2004
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One day last winter, this Waffle House played host to a group of British tourists, stranded in Columbus because the east coast airports were closed due to snowstorm. It was obviously their first experience with the wilds of deepest America.

"Do they serve sausage for breakfast in every restaurant in the USA?" (Yep, pretty much. But, sorry, no kippers).

"What are grits?" (Something that's optional, on request. I always request; this place knows how to make them right).

"These prices are so...reasonable!" (Absolutely, especially if you just came from New York City).

They left a five-pound tip, which was more than the price of the food. Since it's hard to exchange foreign currency in Columbus, the waitress sold it to my husband for five dollars.

They were nervous about all the tattooed truck drivers, until they discovered what nice folks they really are. Most of the truckers actually blew their cigarette smoke in the other direction.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

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