Breakfast Restaurant Reviews
Columbus, Ohio

Waffle House
1183 Polaris Parkway
(across the street from the mall)

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Review by: music_is_life on 5/30/2007
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Waffle house is a classic in my book. I absolutly love waking up in the morning on weekends to get the chance to visit. The food is stellar, and their waffles are the best you will ever taste. The hash browns are also one of my favorites, and taste great in contrast to the sweet waffles. For the proportions you receive, and the taste and quality of the food, this could very well be considered a very inexpensive restaurant. Good coffee, friendly atmosphere, great food; you can't go wrong here! I highly recommend you take a visit immediatly, you won't be diappointed!

What To Order: Deffinatly go with the waffles! They are HUGE, DELICIOUS, and VERY FILLING! (And pop a quarter or two into the jukebox and take in the whole "breakfast diner" experience. It makes it all worth while!)

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #10496
Review by: Crochety on 4/25/2005
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This was my first visit back to this place since the city's smoking ban went into effect. It's great--you can actually see and smell your food, and you can even see to the other end of the restaurant. There's no more blue haze.

The menu has improved, too. They have added some breakfast sandwich wraps.

Review #4881
Review by: Crochety on 9/15/2004
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Waffle House is a huge chain; there's one at every highway exit, and twelve of them in the Columbus area. They are all pretty much alike--a narrow building with a row of barstools one one side of the aisle, and booths on the other side.

The pros: The place is open 24/7, including Christmas Day. The staff are determindly friendly; they all shout "Hello!" as you step in the door. The waffles are terrific. There's a typical bacon/ham/sausage or country ham (yay!), eggs your way, toast or English muffin, grits-on-request platter. They never heard of carbohydrates. The waitress refills your coffee cup often.

The cons: There is no smoking restriction at all, and the whole place reeks. Actually, the Waffle House on Polaris reeks less than others in the chain, as this is a more upscale neighborhood, with fewer smokers. Columbus will soon have a smoking ban in effect, and I can hardly wait.

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