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Santa Monica, California

1002 Montana Ave.

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Review by: Visitor on 8/25/2006
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I got didn't care for the food and I found some of the staff to be unpleasant.

Review #8341
Review by: Visitor on 12/7/2002
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Small, eclectic dining.........

Award Nomination: Most Comfortable

Review #1116
Review by: griff on 7/29/2002
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Bright, sunshiney, offering good food and good service, Babalu is a fine place to kick off your day.

Don't come here if you like runny eggs. My personal opinion is that you shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere if you like runny eggs. There is something sinister about the runny-egg crowd, and I prefer that you keep yourself as far away from good restaurants as possible. If, however, you have the good sense to like your omelettes light and fluffy, Babalu is a good bet.

To be fair, it's neccessary to add that the homefries were a bit disappointing, and no one should believe them when they say the OJ is fresh-squeezed, but when your omelette is so damn good -- who cares?

The crowd is on the preppy side, but after all, so is Santa Monica.

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