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Happy Fathers Day!

A Father's Day Tribute
By Mr Breakfast

Happy Fathers Day!
Little Mr Breakfast sits
on his dad's belly
Fathers are getting a real screw-job.

According to Hallmark Consumer Research, Americans sent 49 million more Mother's Day cards than Father's Day Cards in 2004. As a top card-giving holiday, Father's Day traditionally ranks 4th, behind Mother's Day in 3rd place.

According to an AT&T press release, calling volume for Father's Day falls beneath both Mother's Day and Christmas. And where does Father's Day rank #1? It's the heaviest day for collect calling.

In his article "Eating Out For the Holidays", Robert Ebbin reveals that nearly 40% of respondents in a Restaurants USA study reported eating out on Mother's Day. Less than 25% of respondents reported doing the same on Father's Day.

No disrespect to the mothers of the world, but it's time to even the slate. When the third Sunday of June rolls around this year, it's time to give dad the royal treatment. He should get a phone call and a card, for sure. But most important of all, it's time for...

Fathers Day Breakfast

Happy Fathers Day!
Family Breakfast 1968
5 Great Breakfasts You Can Make
For Your Dad (Or Husband)

(Remember kids: always have an adult help you when using the stuff in the kitchen.)
  1. Omelettes In A Bag - When it's done, it slides right out of the baggie and onto dad's plate.

  2. Blender Pancakes - Straight from the blender to the griddle and then into pop's belly.

  3. Perfect Scrambled Eggs - If he's been a good guy all year, give your father the very best.

  4. Maple Walnut Oatmeal - If your old boy is over 50, it's a good idea to skip the bacon. Give him the gift of heart-healthy oatmeal.

  5. Hollywood Breakfast Shake - Is your father a superstar? He might like what health-nuts in Hollywood have enjoyed for decades.
Check out over 2,499 other recipes to find
the perfect breakfast for your dad.

How about serving your pops breakfast in bed?
Take a look at Mr Breakfast's Guide To Breakfast In Bed.

Find A Great Restaurant To Take Dad Out For Breakfast
  • Find your town in Mr Breakfast's giant list of breakfast restaurants. It might be a good idea to call the restaurant ahead of time. Because, this year we're gonna make Father's day the busiest day of the year to eat out! Watch out Mother's Day!

Happy Fathers Day!
Mr Breakfast - Age 3
A Poem For Father's Day
By Mr Breakfast

My old man won't pass the syrup
He pretends it isn't there
"Pop", I say, "just pass the syrup"
All he does is smile and stare

He passed the pancakes on their plate
He passed a sausage link
But my old man won't pass the syrup
All he does is smile and wink

"This?" he asks with juice in hand
Syrup - he knows it's not
"That?" he points to his own nose
He knows that isn't what I want

He helped me pass my driver's test
He passed to me his genes
He passes me a dollar bill
Each week I keep my bedroom clean

He let it pass the time I swore!
He passes me advice!
But darned if he won't pass the syrup!
I won't ask, Pop, more than twice

I start to eat my pancakes plain (grumble)...

Hark! What should appear?
All this time the maple syrup
Was right behind my ear

Very funny, dear old dad
Just keep on laughing, guy
We'll see who laughs on Father's day
We'll see who's laughing at your tie... from a garage sale

Ahhh... but in the end, you bought the syrup
And the mix than made the (pan) (hot) cakes
There are families that don't even have griddles
I guess that I should tell you thanks

So thank you dad for breakfast!

Now let's dig in!

Could you pass the bacon? (pause)

Here we go again!

Happy Fathers' Day!Here's Young Mr Breakfast a few years later. We see the beginnings of his trademark appearance.

That unsavory character to his left is his twin brother Mr Does-Not-Like-Breakfast. They were the best of friends until Mr Breakfast's brother turned against the meal that made his brother famous.

Come back to in the coming months to learn more about this amazing story.

This article was written by Mr Breakfast (aka Eddy Chavey).

The editorial content above may not be reproduced without the written permission of Mr Please contact us for reprint requests.

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