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Total Corn Flakes
From: General Mills
Introduced in 1968

According to a television advertisement:

"You may not know it, but now there's a corn flake from Total. Total Corn Flakes have twice the vitamin and mineral nutrition of Kellogg's... and they taste better too... Remember, the best corn flakes are from Total."

A cereal box in 1987 showed the first five ingredients to be degermed yellow cornmeal, sugar, salt, tricalcium and dicalcium phosphate (provides calcium) and cereal malt syrup.

Company Description: Officially created in 1928, General Mills traces it's history back to the 1860's and the ownership of two flour mills. Since then, the company has become the world's 6th largest food company - marketing to over 100 countries... Read on and see all cereals from General Mills

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By total flake

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Best corn flakes ever. Really miss them. Bring them back.

Comment submitted: 9/6/2020 (#25477)

By A.B.

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

I miss this cereal. I hope they bring it back.

Comment submitted: 3/5/2020 (#24959)

By Jaye23

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

I still miss Total Corn Flakes. I bought them a couple of times a week. Ate them plain, in place of potato chips.

Comment submitted: 6/27/2019 (#24275)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy MrMustard (Team Breakfast Member)

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Another great cereal that some bozo executive decided to yank from the shelves. In favor of more sugary superhero or cartoon-linked cereal. Sad.

Comment submitted: 6/24/2019 (#24266)

By Postman

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Total Corn Flakes were really good. Delicious and nutritious.

Comment submitted: 3/28/2019 (#24059)

By Frances M

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

No other Corn Flake can compare to Total Corn Flakes as far as taste and nutritional value. I haven't given up hope that I will someday walk into my local supermarket and find them on the shelf. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!

Comment submitted: 3/27/2019 (#24052)

By Corntotal lover

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

I loved Corn Total! Don't eat cereal since they took Corn Total off the market! Please bring it back!

Comment submitted: 3/25/2019 (#24042)

By cereal guy

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

I've got a coupon for Total Corn Flakes. General Mills needs to bring it back.

Comment submitted: 6/24/2018 (#23186)

By cerealguy-6

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Can someone put a Total Corn Flakes commercial up on this page please?

Comment submitted: 11/20/2017 (#22449)

By Ozzie

Bring it back. Best cornflakes ever made.

Comment submitted: 4/20/2017 (#21653)

View all 50 comments for this cereal.

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