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Cereal Project > Ralston > Wheat & Raisin Chex

Wheat & Raisin Chex
From: Ralston
Introduced in 1980

A newspaper advertisement from August 1980 introduced Wheat & Raisin Chex like this:

"Announcing... a better way to get your raisins. Wheat & Raisin Chex Cereal

"If you like raisin bran cereal, now there's a better way to get your raisins. New Wheat and Raisin Chex has all the plump juicy raisins you love. But, it's made with great tasting wheat, not bran. And unlike bran flakes that can get soggy, the toasted wheat squares stay crispier in milk."

The cereal was described on initial boxes as "bize-sized squares of toasted wheat & plenty of plumb, juicy raisins."

1981 Wheat & Raisin Chex TV Commercial

1981 Wheat & Raisin Chex Commercial Transcript

[ A mother speaks adamantly with her son and 2 daughters at the breakfast table. ]

Mother: Raisin Lovers! It's time for a change from Raisin Bran. It's time for the tasty square things in Wheat & Raisin Chex cereal.

Son (rising): But I like Raisin Bran.

Mother: You'll like Wheat & Raisin Chex even better. It's delicious 'cause it's got lots of juicy raisins and the toasted wheat squares stay crispier than bran flakes, so they taste better.

Daughter 1: Mmmmm... Wheat & Raisin Chex is better. I love the wheat squares.

Mother: It's about time the American family got a square deal.

Announcer: Wheat & Raisin Chex - a better way to get your raisins.

[ End Commercial ]

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This cereal belongs to the following Mr Breakfast Cereal Families:
  • The Chex Cereal Family

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    Wheat & Raisin Chex Box
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    Wheat & Raisin Chex Box

    Submitter: jeffrey
    Uploaded: 9/11/2010

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    Comments About This Cereal
    What do you think of Wheat & Raisin Chex?

    Overall Average Rating = 5 (out of 5)

    Official Member: Team BreakfastBy BESH3866 (Team Breakfast Member)

    Cereal Rating (out of 5):

    I loved Wheat & Raisin Chex! Finally, a raisin bran that could stand up to milk and not become mush. Why was it discontinued?

    Comment submitted: 12/1/2015 (#19701)

    Official Member: Team BreakfastBy shasol78 (Team Breakfast Member)

    Cereal Rating (out of 5):

    Can Ralston bring back the Raisin Chex cereal - gluten free. I loved that cereal as a child and then it disappeared from the supermarket shelves. Theses cereal do not have lots of sugar and do not get soggy like raisin bran cereals. Chex Wheat and Raisin was the best. They could try a trial period to see how it does with sales. If successful, the cereal can remain on the market for sale permanently. Thanks!

    Comment submitted: 3/3/2015 (#18666)

    By Lionhearted

    I remember Wheat & Raisin Chex... but you guys can make it yourself. Just take some Wheat Chex and put some raisins into it.

    Comment submitted: 3/5/2013 (#11136)

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