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Dora The Explorer
From: General Mills
Introduced in 2006

Dora the Explorer was a cinnamon-flavored, star-shaped cereal - "just like the stars Dora collects on her show".

Dora the Explorer is an animated TV series that debuted on the Nickelodeon cable TV network in 1999. It's lead character, Dora, is an adventurous, bilingual, Latina heroine with a monkey sidekick named Boots.

Company Description: Officially created in 1928, General Mills traces it's history back to the 1860's and the ownership of two flour mills. Since then, the company has become the world's 6th largest food company - marketing to over 100 countries... Read on and see all cereals from General Mills
This cereal belongs to the following Mr Breakfast Cereal Families:
  • The TV Cereals Cereal Family
  • The Girl's Stuff Cereal Family

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    Dora Cereal Box Front - April 2009
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    Dora Cereal Box Front - April 2009

    Submitter: Mr Breakfast
    Uploaded: 4/26/2009

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    Dora Cereal Box Back - April 2009
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    Dora Cereal Box Back - April 2009

    Submitter: Mr Breakfast
    Uploaded: 4/26/2009

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    Dora The Explorer Cereal Box
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    Dora The Explorer Cereal Box

    Submitter: Mr Breakfast
    Uploaded: 10/12/2008

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    Comments About This Cereal
    What do you think of Dora The Explorer?

    Overall Average Rating = 4 (out of 5)

    Official Member: Team BreakfastBy DanaJ40 (Team Breakfast Member)

    Cereal Rating (out of 5):

    I work at a childcare center, and this cereal is on the federal food program's very short list of cereals that can be served. Problem is, I cannot find it to purchase in bulk from any of our grocery companies... Anyone know of any?

    Comment submitted: 1/18/2019 (#23858)

    Official Member: Team BreakfastBy GreatGazoo (Team Breakfast Member)

    I don't think you can find it at stores anymore.

    Comment submitted: 7/10/2018 (#23255)

    Official Member: Team BreakfastBy hkhitt (Team Breakfast Member)

    Where can I find this and the Diego General Mills cereal? I have been trying to find these for my two year old daughter and haven't had any luck unless I order online.

    Comment submitted: 11/13/2015 (#19659)

    By g-ma 2008

    Cereal Rating (out of 5):

    My granddaughters like to snack on this cereal without milk. I keep snack size bags filled for when they come over.

    Comment submitted: 9/9/2015 (#19435)

    Official Member: Team BreakfastBy j3px1 (Team Breakfast Member)

    Cereal Rating (out of 5):

    I picked 2 boxes of this up at a Grocery Outlet for $2 a box not too long ago. I was surprised to find it tasted alright. It has a lightly sweet taste that reminds me of sopapillas. I eat it in ice cream and especially yogurt, too.

    Comment submitted: 3/5/2014 (#16264)

    By Grandbaby K

    My 2.5 year old granddaughter would not eat her Dora cereal when I fixed it for her. I asked her, "Why aren't you eating your cereal K?" She responded, "Let Dora eat it."

    Comment submitted: 10/2/2012 (#9299)

    By Mark

    Cereal Rating (out of 5):

    Yes. You can get it at Walmart, as of April 2012 (which was when I got my first box). It's awesome cereal. Tastes good. Not too sugary. It has cinnamon (just a bit). It only uses corn and rice for its grains. The cereal bits are small (so they stay in the bowl). They don't get too soggy, but they won't hurt your gums. There's a lot of cereal per box. I hope this stuff stays around for a long time. I prefer it to Kix, currently.

    Comment submitted: 4/27/2012 (#7458)

    By Taylor 14

    Cereal Rating (out of 5):

    Dora is not my favorite Blues Clues - but her cereal is okay.

    Comment submitted: 11/19/2010 (#3301)

    By The Ranch

    My daughter LOVES Dora. Is this still being made? I would love to get her some.

    Comment submitted: 6/9/2010 (#2256)

    By coolie

    I use to love Dora when I was younger. Hola - my name is Coolie.

    Comment submitted: 8/23/2009 (#383)

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