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Oat & Soy Crisp
From: Back To Nature

A quick look at the name of this product might make you think it was a snack cracker. It was actually an organic, granola-style cereal that was sweetened with juice and organic cane sugar with just a hint of dried coconut.

The cereal came in a "Zip Pack" with a "Fresh Slide" that "locks in freshness." According to text on the package, Oat & Soy Crisp cereal had 'no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors... 10g protein per serving... (and was a) good source of fiber."

The first six ingredients listed on the nutrition panel were organic rolled oats, organic white rice flour, organic soy protein, organic cane sugar, organic pear juice concentrate and organic soy grits. Hmmm.... do you think they emphasized "organic" enough?

This cereal was also available under a different name in a box as Energy Start Organic Oat & Soy Crisp.

Company Description: In 2010, the company's website described it history and philosophy: "It was 1960, in Pasadena, California when we decided the best way to move forward was to go back. Back to simplicity. Back to goodness. Back to what was real. Back to honest... Read on and see all cereals from Back To Nature

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This is a good cereal. I would recommend it to anybody.

Comment submitted: 1/24/2010 (#1275)

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