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Introducing Trix Ad
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Title: Introducing Trix Ad

Submitted by radner on 4/29/2008

Comment from submitter:

A magazine ad for Trix Cereal from around 1954. The text reads, "Trix... world's first breakfast cereal with wholesome fruit-flavor sweetness... and bright fruit-colors! Gay little sugared corn puffs in a happy mixture of colors - red, yellow and orange. Fun to see! A joy to eat! A real honest-to-goodness body-building breakfast-food besides! No sugar needed! Just pour on milk or cream and it's ready to eat. The most exciting thing that ever happened to breakfast cereal. The most wonderful thing that ever happened to breakfast! A terrific between-meals snack, too... and wholesome. At your grocer's now! Get Trix... the fruit-flavor cereal!"