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Quaker Crackels
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Title: Quaker Crackels

Submitted by jeffrey on 1/19/2011

Comment from submitter:

Early 1930s Quaker Oats. 8"x10". Black & white printed fan photo on cardboard. This item was a premium from an early NBC Blue Network radio show. The photo features portrait of radio show host Phil Cook seated next to NBC microphone with ukulele. There is a facsimile inscription at bottom reading "See you Subsequently - Phil Cook - The Quakerman". Most notably, next to Mr. Cook is a large prop package of Quaker Oats "Quaker Crackels" cereal and a large Quaker Oats doll. Phil Cook was a jaunty, guitar-strumming comedian of early radio, best known as the "Quaker Oats Man" who could play as many as 13 different parts on one show in a baffling variety of voices.