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Olympic Lucky Charms
From: General Mills
Introduced in 1996

Special edition of Lucky Charms cereal with Olympic Game Marshmallows such as green and gold torches and orange and yellow medallions. The cereal was served at training facilities and in Olympic Village dining rooms leading up to and during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.

The front of the box described the product simply as a "frosted whole grain oat cereal with marshmallows" and indicated that is was an "official sponsor of the 1996 Olympic games."

Olympic Lucky Charms Cereal Profile

The side of the box had a much lengthier description. For some of the text to make sense, you'll need to remember that IZZY was the official Olympic mascot in 1996. He's pictured on the lower left on the front of the box. Here's the long description:

"New Olympic Edition Lucky Charms Captures the Spirit! Lucky is so excited about the Olympic Games being held in Atlanta, Georgia, he's decided to change his colorful marshmallow shapes in honor of the big event! Each of his special marshmallow shapes is a symbol in the Olympic Games.

"To carry on the tradition of the original torch (which is lit from the sun's rays in Olympia, Greece), Lucky's made special two-colored torch marshmallows. The 1996 Olympic Torch will travel with IZZY more than 15,000 miles, through 42 states, and will be carried by more than 10,000 people.

"To support the 750 members of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Team, Lucky's made red, white and blue marshmallow stars and rainbows. It's an All-American Idea and a tasty one, too!

"Did you know that 1,933 medals will be given out at the 1996 Olympic Games? IZZY and Lucky wanted to make sure you felt like a winner, too. That's why you'll find lots of gold-medal shaped marshmallows in every bowl of Olympic Edition Lucky Charms. They're a tribute to all Olympic medalists and lots of fun to eat!"

The back of the box had a game called "Scoring Big With Olympic Fun!" The instructions were to "choose three of your favorite countries, and keep track of them by filling in the correct medal won in each event." It wasn't so much a game as it was a way to tally up medals for the 100-meter dash, volleyball, basketball and diving.

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    1996 Olympic Lucky Charms Box
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    1996 Olympic Lucky Charms Box

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