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Golden Raisin Crisp
From: Post
Introduced in 1995

The back of the introductory box described the cereal like this: "Finally... a raisin cereal where the cereal is as exciting as the raisins. With most raisin cereals, the raisins are the best part. But with Post Golden Raisin Crisp... you'll love the delicious, crispy, crunchy cereal as much as the raisins! That's because Golden Raisin Crisp starts with plump, juicy raisins but then mixes in golden cornflakes, tasty toasted wheat flakes, and plenty of honey-roasted oat clusters. It's a whole new taste in raisin cereals! Enjoy new Golden Raisin Crisp... You'll love the cereal as much as the raisins!

On September 5, 1995, the New York Times - through an article by Stuart Elliot - wondered, "Was the Kraft Foods division of the Philip Morris Companies inspired to call new Post Golden Raisin Crisp cereal "G.R.C." because a corporate sibling, the Miller Brewing Company, has successfully promoted Miller Genuine Draft beer as "M.G.D."?

Golden Raisin Crisp Cereal Box

The commercial jingle for the cereal went like this:

I like my dog. I like my mamma. But I love my G.R.C. - New Golden Raisin Crisp
I like Montana... like Alabama... but I LOVE new G.R.C.
New Golden Raisin Crisp... crispy flakes and clusters
finally... a raisin cereal with more to love than just raisins
G.R.C. has got crisp and crunch - it tastes so good I'd eat it for lunch
Post Golden Raisin Crisp
Wanna raisin cereal you're gonna love?
Well, go get your spoon... it's gotta be G.R.C.
Get it? New Golden Raisin Crisp

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Golden Raisin Crisp Cereal Theater

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By Kelly

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

This was the greatest cereal EVER made. I wish they would bring it back.

Comment submitted: 4/24/2009 (#147)

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