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Honey Nut Corn Flakes
From: Kellogg's

This cereal was described o the box as "crunchy flakes of corn with a touch of honey." We believe it was available from 1986 through 1996, and mostly just in Canada during the later years.

Known premiums: Cut out Star Wars Cards and a chance to enter a Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire sweepstakes.

A 1986 television commercial described the cereal like this:

"Kellogg's Honey Nut Corn Flakes... delicious golden, crunchy flakes of corn, sprinkled with nuts and lightly coated with honey... which makes them quite the most irresistible breakfast cereal imaginable. Kellogg's Honey Nut Corn Flakes... the trouble is they taste too good."

Company Description: Kellogg's was originally founded as the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company in 1906. The company's founder Will Keith Kellogg is credited with inventing corn flakes along with his brother John Harvey Kellogg. The company was renamed the Kellogg Company in 1922... Read on and see all cereals from Kellogg's

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Overall Average Rating = 5 (out of 5)

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By Honey

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Bring it back please!

Comment submitted: 4/19/2020 (#25084)

By Missing Link

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Best cereal ever! Wish it was still around.

Comment submitted: 8/28/2016 (#20766)

By Lab Rat

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

This was my favorite cereal and always will be. If they bring it back, I know a lot of my very large family would only by it. I so miss it. Yum yum...

Comment submitted: 4/23/2016 (#20213)

By Discomurf

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Good news... Kellogg's Crunchy Nut (currently available) is basically the same recipe re-branded. Go grab some! :)

Comment submitted: 4/5/2016 (#20162)

By Starlite

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Best cereal EVER! Please bring it back to Canada. Since I can't get it I have pretty much quit eating cereal.

Comment submitted: 3/18/2015 (#18764)

By memorylane

According to a letter from 1980 from my grandmother, Honey Nut Cornflakes were new and 'really good, especially if you put some bananas on'.

Comment submitted: 3/6/2015 (#18681)

By Cookie

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Hey #Speedy316, I'm in Mexico. At what store did you get them?

Comment submitted: 10/4/2014 (#17776)

By SadCanada

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

We love this cereal but cannot seem to find it in Canada anymore. Does anyone know where this cereal is sold in Canada?

Comment submitted: 9/19/2014 (#17702)

By Speedy316

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Recently bought Kellogg's Honey Nut Corn Flakes in Mexico. It was glorious! Please bring them back to Canada.

Comment submitted: 6/7/2014 (#17149)

By HoneyNutLuv

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Best cereal of all time. Me and my entire family love it. Bring it back please!

Comment submitted: 3/28/2014 (#16522)

View all 27 comments for this cereal.

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