Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears
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Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears Cereal
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By JCL in Uniontow

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They were just a little smaller than regular Teddy Grahams and had a bit of a coating on them that slowed down how quick they got soggy. Tried just adding milk to regular Teddy Grahams, but they are not the same (still good though!).

Comment submitted: 1/6/2017 (#21226)

By Anastasia

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Teddy Grahams is among the best and most dear childhood memories. Is it still available?

Comment submitted: 5/19/2015 (#19029)

By FatsILLmatic (Team Breakfast Member)

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I remember my good old Breakfast Bears! All three of them were delicious. I loved the little bear mask they gave you. Lots of people I know that remember it say they loved it, they say "can't you just put regular Teddy Graham's in milk"! It gets soggy way too quick. Breakfast Bears was purposely designed to last longer in milk. They were a little thinner and crunchier than the regular TG's. Don't know about anyone else but my Breakfast Bears never lasted in my bowl long enough to get soggy! Honey was my favorite! Nabisco bring back these and Dizzy Grizzlies!

Comment submitted: 3/28/2014 (#16520)

By Bethie Pooh

Rating (out of 5):

I loved the chocolate Teddy Grahams cereal! I try to recreate it with the regular Teddy Grahams but it's not the same - please bring it back!

Comment submitted: 4/23/2013 (#11824)

By MaxStoliarov

Rating (out of 5):

The best breakfast cereal I ever tried.

Comment submitted: 11/21/2012 (#9988)

By NoleGirl

You can eat the cookies in milk - it's the same product as this cereal. I was obsessed with these as a kid.

Comment submitted: 11/18/2012 (#9963)

By fembot

Rating (out of 5):

This cereal was the best best cereal ever made!!

Comment submitted: 9/12/2011 (#5270)

By ken

I certainly remember Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears cereal so well, especially the "chocolate" kind. They looked and tasted exactly like Teddy Grahams cookies, which is what I'll buy one of these days.

Comment submitted: 1/19/2011 (#3656)

By J. K.

Rating (out of 5):

I remember the chocolate kind and it got so soggy it disintegrated in the bowl. I still had to eat it...

Comment submitted: 12/10/2010 (#3419)

By Irene Member

Rating (out of 5):

The flaw that this cereal had, was that it didn't have enough servings.

Comment submitted: 9/28/2010 (#2945)

By Brandiiiiii

Rating (out of 5):

These were delicious. I loved eating this cereal. I wonder if you can still get teddy grahams and just pour milk over them.

Comment submitted: 7/21/2010 (#2493)

By BooBoo

This was my favorite cereal ever! Is there any copycat tasting ones out there that I can find today (2009)?

Comment submitted: 8/28/2009 (#418)

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