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By Postman

Rating (out of 5):

Has anyone noticed that the Quaker man has been taken off the boxes of Captain Crunch and Life and probably all the Quaker cereals? Not sure why they did this. He is an icon and should be on the boxes.

Comment submitted: 3/6/2020 (#24964)

By BringBackHunny

Rating (out of 5):

Love this cereal. It's so good!

Comment submitted: 9/1/2019 (#24457)

By HepCat

Rating (out of 5):

A perfect cereal.

Comment submitted: 9/2/2018 (#23429)

By Crunch Fan 69

Rating (out of 5):

I love Cap'n Crunch. It is the greatest thing to ever happen to the world. I live off of Cap'n Crunch. I am Cap'n Crunch. That sweet angel will forever be mine and I'm going to eat him so hard that he won't ever see it coming. I'm going to travel the world with my sweet crunchy prince until his cereal gets soggy. I am going to take each of his limbs and crunch them like the beautiful crunchy branches they are. But like seriously that cereal is pretty good.

Comment submitted: 3/21/2018 (#22847)


Rating (out of 5):

Awesome cereal.

Comment submitted: 3/10/2018 (#22803)

By Pheobe

Rating (out of 5):

One of my favorites as a kid and I still like the occasional bowl as an adult. The taste has held up.

Comment submitted: 11/9/2017 (#22412)

By Nemo38

Rating (out of 5):

Captain Crunch cereal is definitely one of the best. Why isn't Cap'n Crunch's Cinnamon Crunch listed here? I know many people didn't like it because it would get soggy too fast but I loved that cereal too!

Comment submitted: 10/20/2017 (#22357)

By jenny w.

Rating (out of 5):

Me and my mom Love Cap'n Crunch!!

Comment submitted: 11/21/2016 (#21061)

By Used 2B Better

Rating (out of 5):

It was much better when I had this growing up in the 70's. Back then the crunch berries weren't hard as rocks, they were softer and they had a very strong berry smell and taste. Now, they are almost like gravel and they have none of that strong berry taste and smell. I don't know when they changed the formula but they ruined it. Cheaper is not always better.

Comment submitted: 2/6/2016 (#19944)

By Joe

Rating (out of 5):

Classic, great cereal, but you have to let it soak in milk for ten minutes prior to eating. Otherwise, you'll tear to shreds the roof of your mouth!

Comment submitted: 5/19/2015 (#19033)

By Mooderator (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

The cereal is fine, but I don't like the new shading of the Cap'n Crunch cereal. Ever since the Roger Rabbit movie, animators/cartoonist have felt the need to make 2d characters look 3d and (in my book) it has a 0.0% success rate.

Comment submitted: 4/8/2015 (#18857)

By Captain Lover

Rating (out of 5):

I love Cap'n Crunch. More people on this earth love it than hate it. How could some of these commenters hate it? It's perfect.

Comment submitted: 3/10/2015 (#18712)

By Yumarama (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

This one goes back to the mid 60's in our house. It was an occasional purchase and I recall my brother insisted he get a box of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch which he had as his own. I liked the flavor of this cereal and the texture was interesting. And it did stay crunchy, even in milk. ("Even"? What else did people pour on it?) I will also admit that once in a very odd blue moon I have been known to binge out on a box over a couple of days. Not the healthiest diet but it happens only every few years. Cap'n Crunch or Froot Loops. There are worse things one could binge on, right?

Comment submitted: 11/3/2014 (#17954)

By momma

Have the pieces in Cap'n Crunch gotten smaller?

Comment submitted: 6/27/2014 (#17260)

By j3px1 (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

I might eat this if there's nothing else to eat, or in ice cream... but, sadly that's it.

Comment submitted: 3/5/2014 (#16263)

By Lyfe24

Rating (out of 5):

You would think with as much money as they've racked in over the years that they could at least change the back of the box more often. I'm gettin' tired of lookin' at these same kids holdin' up signs.

Comment submitted: 2/22/2014 (#16135)

By drury

For those who find it too sweet, you might try mixing it with bran flakes. Works for me. I love this cereal!

Comment submitted: 6/16/2013 (#12422)

By Mr. Happypants

Rating (out of 5):

I actually love mixing my Cap'n Crunch in with ice cream!

Comment submitted: 5/12/2013 (#12009)

By Alexapoda (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

Most sweet cereals are tolerable, but oh GAWD is this one sweet. I can barely eat it. The first bite or so is okay, but after that... The combination of a mouth rubbed raw and the sweetness leaves a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the day.

Comment submitted: 2/3/2013 (#10626)

By Ethan

Love Cap'n Crunch cereal but who took the peanut butter out of the Peanut Butter Crunch variety. I've been eating these cereal for years. I fell in love with them because of the favor of peanut butter. I still love all the other favors. I personally wish they were still made the old fashion. Anyway keep up the good job.

Comment submitted: 2/1/2013 (#10608)

By dyson

Rating (out of 5):

I've suffered many mouth lacerations as a child and adult as a result of this cereal - but I keep eating it!

Comment submitted: 12/2/2012 (#10075)

By Postman

Rating (out of 5):

I agree. I think the pieces are smaller.

Comment submitted: 9/7/2012 (#9060)

By smaller?

Have they changed the size of the cereal? The pieces appear to be much smaller then 30 years ago.

Comment submitted: 9/1/2012 (#8985)

By Ernie

Rating (out of 5):

I've loved the sweet taste of Cap'n Crunch for years, and still buy it whenever it's on sale.

Comment submitted: 8/6/2012 (#8756)

By Jim 56

Is the story about Captain Crunch whistles having the the perfect tone to tie into AT&T's long distance service for free when you blew the whistle next to the phone's mouth piece true? If it is true, was there a recall on the whistles?

Comment submitted: 6/22/2012 (#8149)

By Taco T.

Rating (out of 5):

This is a great, classic cereal! All hail the Cap'n! One of my very favorites!

Comment submitted: 5/9/2012 (#7610)

By Drury

Rating (out of 5):

A classic. It hasn't changed much since I was a kid... and it doesn't need to!

Comment submitted: 11/14/2011 (#5758)

By Col.

Rating (out of 5):

I love this cereal. Bring it to the U.K. Please!

Comment submitted: 10/9/2011 (#5449)

By George

I guess they don't have Cap'n Crunch in England - I've never even seen it before, let alone tried it...

Comment submitted: 3/2/2011 (#4034)

By Maye

Rating (out of 5):

By far the best cereal ever, it is so tasteful to the last spoon & if some people find it bland is obviously because they are slow eaters or they just let it sit in the table for 1/2 hour before enjoying it. The best, please don't change.

Comment submitted: 2/15/2011 (#3935)

By Tony

Rating (out of 5):

The KING of cereals.

Comment submitted: 1/27/2011 (#3739)

By LetoAtreides (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

This cereal is so bland, I'm surprised how highly rated it is. I thought the Crunch Berry version would be more popular.

Comment submitted: 12/2/2010 (#3373)

By apache

Rating (out of 5):

I salute Cap'n Crunch. It's the best and always will be!

Comment submitted: 11/26/2010 (#3340)

By Doogie

Rating (out of 5):

It's my favorite cereal next to Count Chocula.

Comment submitted: 10/29/2010 (#3169)

By joebacon (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

I still remember when Cap'n Crunch was introduced. Every kid in town had a box mailed to them. I thought it was a real cool gimmick! Then my sister kept wondering why she never got her box. I never let her know it came, but I ate it...

Comment submitted: 10/28/2010 (#3165)

By N. Green

Rating (out of 5):

Best cereal ever!

Comment submitted: 10/2/2010 (#2964)

By Postman

I bought Halloween Crunch at Wal Mart this morning. It is really good.

Comment submitted: 10/1/2010 (#2957)

By Postman

Do you have any idea if they will bring back Cinnamon Crunch?

Comment submitted: 9/1/2010 (#2774)

By Derekdespie (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

The 2011 artwork of three most-popular varieties of different Cap'n Crunch cereals - Original Crunch, Crunch Berries, and Peanut Butter Crunch - will each feature an image of the Cap'n Crunch character, except that he'll hold up to about five cereal pieces rather than four next year, because orange-flavoured crunch berries will be added to the existing four colourful flavors of crunch berry cereal puffs in pieces.

Comment submitted: 8/27/2010 (#2738)

By Postman

I just saw the Retro Captain Crunch boxes at Food Lion. I have not seen them in my area anywhere else. My daughter saw the Crunch Berry retro box and I bought it for her (me).

Comment submitted: 8/13/2010 (#2647)

By Brandiiiiii

Rating (out of 5):

I love Captain Crunch and always have my whole life. Every flavor I've tried has been good as far as I can remember. When I was little though I do remember not liking those yellow square thing as much as the berry puffs. Now I like to eat both just the same. What I usually do is eat all the squares and then color coordinate the berries.

I also remember buying a Captain Crunch cereal box with a Captain Crunch computer game and I'd play it all the time when I was little. I wish I still knew where that game was.

Comment submitted: 7/21/2010 (#2495)

By CaptainCrunchMe

Rating (out of 5):

This is my favorite cereal EVER!

Comment submitted: 6/25/2010 (#2346)

By grewup70s

Rating (out of 5):

Still one of the best cereals out there!

Comment submitted: 6/11/2010 (#2271)

By monster cereals (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

How do they make this cereal so good?

Comment submitted: 5/19/2010 (#2140)

By Bill L.

Rating (out of 5):

I won $100 from this contest (Where's The Cap'n?) back in 1985.

Comment submitted: 4/27/2010 (#1998)

By luvbfast

Rating (out of 5):

Classic go to cereal, but has the potential to destroy the roof of your mouth.

Comment submitted: 4/27/2010 (#1988)

By tyler

Rating (out of 5):

My favorite cereal ever! It's great!

Comment submitted: 3/20/2010 (#1651)

By stcharlesmayor (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

Best cereal ever made. Have a bowl every morning I can!!

Comment submitted: 3/11/2010 (#1595)

By joe

Ever have "Deep Sea Crunch"? That was good. Tasted a lot like the Rainbow Brite cereal.

Comment submitted: 2/22/2010 (#1468)

By B. Ford

Rating (out of 5):

Still the best after all these years. I prefer the original Cap'n Cruch to the versions with crunch berries - those are too sweet for me. The original is just perfect.

Comment submitted: 2/14/2010 (#1424)

By CreepysFan (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

Still one of the greatest cereals after all these years. My brother and me would argue about which kind of Capt. Crunch we wanted. Me - Regular. My brother - Crunch Berries. Which ever we ended up with, we both still won. I still eat regular Capt. Crunch to this day.

Comment submitted: 1/24/2010 (#1279)

By Sully

An American classic and one of the best cereals ever!

Comment submitted: 1/1/2010 (#1139)

By ficwriterpaul (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

I am with Leanna. It does tear up the roof of my mouth but that doesn't stop me from eating it.

Comment submitted: 11/21/2009 (#937)

By l e a n n a (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

The only reason I'm not giving it an AWESOME is that always hurts the top of my mouth! I distinctly remember the Cap'n Crunch Blueberry cereal -- the 80s. I remember one of the prizes was a little pinball maze. It smelled of blueberries!! Anyone remember this? Or have one/pics? I would love to reminiscence.

Comment submitted: 9/30/2009 (#661)

By ElectroBoy

Rating (out of 5):

O say can u see Cap'n Crunch in the cereal for me.

Comment submitted: 8/8/2009 (#298)

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