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By jeebzus

Rating (out of 5):

Cap'n Crunch shaped like T's.

Comment submitted: 5/1/2020 (#25114)

By Chompchomp

Rating (out of 5):

My dad bought this cereal for me (we watched the A-Team together). I don't really remember what it tasted like. I got the stickers and both were the same style - I still have them!

Comment submitted: 2/19/2020 (#24910)

By jonny b

Does anyone remember getting Mr. T shoelaces if you sent in enough box tops? I had some.

Comment submitted: 1/14/2020 (#24799)

By aidenljv

Rating (out of 5):

Hi guys. I'm after a Mr. T Cereal box for quiet some time now. Any leads where I can find one will be much appreciated. My email address is aidenljv(at)bigpiond(dot)com.

Comment submitted: 5/14/2018 (#23055)

By Oaklahomea

I never got to try it. Sad face.

Comment submitted: 11/17/2017 (#22439)

By The Ritty

Rating (out of 5):

This is definitely in my top 5 all-time favorite cereals. Man, I loved this one.

Comment submitted: 1/2/2017 (#21195)

By james-123

Rating (out of 5):

It's cool.

Comment submitted: 9/22/2016 (#20854)

By maverick

Rating (out of 5):

This was my all-time favorite. To me, it was better than Crunch Berries. I have not been able to find any other cereal with that same taste as the Mr. T cereal. I was not even a huge fan of Mr. T when I was a kid but the cereal was awesome! The Donkey Kong cereal was similar but still not quite as good. But it was discontinued in the 1980s also.

Comment submitted: 12/10/2015 (#19742)

By Cicero

Rating (out of 5):

Bring. Back. Mr. T Cereal. Now. Please.

Comment submitted: 10/4/2015 (#19515)

By Aplus

Rating (out of 5):

Please bring this cereal back. It makes me think of life with Saturday cartoons and family.

Comment submitted: 7/28/2015 (#19255)

By Laura R.

Rating (out of 5):

I miss this cereal, and have ever since I was a kid and it was discontinued. I would start eating cereal again if they brought Mr T cereal back. I can dream!

Comment submitted: 4/23/2015 (#18936)

By shell45710 (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

Please bring this cereal back. I think it was the best cereal out there. Even better than Cap'n Crunch! I was a cereal expert in the early 80s and Mr T cereal tasted better than all the rest.

Comment submitted: 2/5/2015 (#18483)

By stylez911

Rating (out of 5):

I also join in pitying the fool who don't like this cereal!

Comment submitted: 11/30/2014 (#18085)

By Joey McRib

Rating (out of 5):

"I pity the fool that don't eat my cereal!" -- Pee Wee Herman (as Mr. T) from Pee Wee's Big Adventure

Comment submitted: 7/14/2014 (#17335)

By murk79 (Team Breakfast Member)

Please bring this cereal back. And not for a limited time. Every time I go to the store, I will buy a box. I love this cereal and grew up on this cereal. They are the o.g. Cap'n Crunch.

Comment submitted: 3/23/2014 (#16442)

By D.C. Cardoza

Rating (out of 5):

Please... bring Mr. T's cereal back to us! My brother and I loved this cereal when we were kids. Mr. T is a beloved idol of mine and it would be awesome to see this for a limited time. Kids today are indeed missing out on a lot of wholesome great stuff that we had available back then,when everything was made with love. A lot of you would agree with me when I say: I pity Quaker if it doesn't bring back Mr T's cereal to us!

Comment submitted: 3/20/2014 (#16421)

By Tyrone Biggums

Rating (out of 5):

This cereal was awesome when I was a kid. Who didn't sit around the table at breakfast doing their best I Pity The Fool Who... Remember when Sugar Bear got strong after eating Super Golden Crisp? Lol cereal is so disappointing since then. They should do a retro run of all the old TV cereals for a year. They would make billions.

Comment submitted: 2/24/2014 (#16152)

By Mr. JD

Rating (out of 5):

Note to Quaker: Please bring back Mr. T cereal as a limited edition. I know tons of people who would buy it.

Comment submitted: 2/16/2014 (#16066)

By Mr. Steve II

Rating (out of 5):

Bring Back Mr. T to me!

Comment submitted: 1/6/2014 (#15654)

By roller

Rating (out of 5):

I want to team up with Mr. T! How amazing and unexpected if Quaker brought this back for a limited time. I'd die.

Comment submitted: 7/8/2013 (#12709)

By Rougue Z.

Rating (out of 5):

This was nothing but a different version of Captain Crunch. But, since it's Mr. T... I loved it!

Comment submitted: 4/22/2013 (#11805)

By fudgy3

Rating (out of 5):

I wish they would bring this cereal back. I would totally eat it. I used to love it as a kid.

Comment submitted: 4/14/2013 (#11639)

By Kopalman

Rating (out of 5):

Put this cereal on the table right now... marvelous and incredible!

Comment submitted: 10/28/2012 (#9772)

By F.U.N. Memory

Rating (out of 5):

Why don't they make these kinds of cereal anymore? I'd get so excited as a kid to see Mr T cereal or Urkle cereal. Kids today are missing out.

Comment submitted: 10/8/2012 (#9396)

By Thing Vitamin

Rating (out of 5):

I agree - it tasted a lot like Quake cereal to me. I was so sad when it was discontinued.

Comment submitted: 9/25/2012 (#9227)

By Mr. F

Rating (out of 5):

Just truly terrible. Anyone who says they tasted similar to the Cap'n is insane.

Comment submitted: 9/14/2012 (#9114)

By McFlyJr1979 (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

"Eggs? For breakfast? What 'choo talkin' 'bout foo'? You have cereal. You have it NOW!" (I love Mr T!)

Comment submitted: 5/2/2012 (#7522)

By SuperDavo

Rating (out of 5):

Bring back this cereal! I also pity the fool who never got to try it. Check out iTunes for a new rap song about Mr. T.

Comment submitted: 4/3/2012 (#7039)

By sweetness2

Rating (out of 5):

All hail Mr. T! I have to pity myself that I never got to try his cereal. I was only 5 or 6 when it came out. I'm gonna call my mom now and ask her why she never bought me some. Why mom? Why!

Comment submitted: 1/11/2012 (#6168)

By pepardo

Rating (out of 5):

Bring back Mr. T cereal! Please!

Comment submitted: 9/3/2011 (#5220)

By Lionhearted

This TOON version of Mr T. said in the commercial,"it's cool"(not "KOOL" as in KOOL cigarettes, I don't smoke though).

Comment submitted: 6/3/2011 (#4987)

By sean j.

Rating (out of 5):

Bring Mr. T Cereal back! Classic from the most fun period of breakfast cereal. I still get excited when I see new cereals in grocery store, but never as excited as when I first saw Mr. T Cereal.

Comment submitted: 5/17/2011 (#4862)

By freetoyinside (Team Breakfast Member)

I tried MR. T once it was just Cap'N Crunch in the hood to me. it even was a tad like Quake, or Quisp.

Comment submitted: 4/16/2011 (#4683)

By Nosher

RE: lipkisser's comment: "My boyfriend really liked this cereal. Bring it back." What... the boyfriend?

Comment submitted: 8/23/2010 (#2703)

By c-loc

Rating (out of 5):

Wonderful cereal!! I miss it, but like most good things from the 80's - it's gone :(

Comment submitted: 7/10/2010 (#2423)

By Mr. Awesome

Rating (out of 5):

Pee-Wee Herman ate this awesomeness in his movie, FOOL!

Comment submitted: 6/8/2010 (#2247)

By lipkisser

Rating (out of 5):

My boyfriend really liked this cereal. Bring it back.

Comment submitted: 5/21/2010 (#2151)

By creeper

Rating (out of 5):

Mr. T. Cereal was the BEST!

Comment submitted: 4/26/2010 (#1985)

By mary

Rating (out of 5):

I loved Mr. T cereal. I wish they would bring it back.

Comment submitted: 4/19/2010 (#1931)

By renny

Rating (out of 5):

The new A-Team movie is coming out this summer. How incredible would it be if they brought back this cereal. Please, I pray, please.

Comment submitted: 4/12/2010 (#1886)

By Kewlaudia

Rating (out of 5):

This cereal is most like Grins Smiles Giggles and Laughs rather than Cap'n Crunch.

Comment submitted: 3/27/2010 (#1725)

By storm

I pity the fool who don't like this cereal too. I don't remember the taste, but I loved Mister T. and the A-Team!

Comment submitted: 1/19/2010 (#1238)

By Seckztime

Rating (out of 5):

I never got to try this cereal :(. Please bring it back Quaker.

Comment submitted: 1/6/2010 (#1161)

By Shasta

Rating (out of 5):

The Best Food! I pity the fool who never got to try this food.

Comment submitted: 1/4/2010 (#1156)

By Mr.T

Rating (out of 5):

Mr T Cereal is the only Cereal fortified with Vitamin T!

Comment submitted: 12/4/2009 (#1008)

By A.H.O.O.

Rating (out of 5):

I Pity the FOOL who don't eat Mr. T Cereal!!!! Quit your Jibba Jabba fool.

Comment submitted: 10/1/2009 (#670)

By Prime Time

Rating (out of 5):

Thanks for the memories of a great period piece! I remember my mom buying this cereal and I opened the box just to take out the prize of stickers (one remains, 25 years later, on my pencil sharpener). Boy, did that tick off my kid brother. Ah, the power of primogeniture.... The cereal was a Cap'n Crunch knock-off.

Comment submitted: 9/9/2009 (#530)

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