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By sullivan6nj (Team Breakfast Member)

Thanks for all of the positive reviews for Nabisco Fruit Wheats! I was the original product developer for this product back in the middle '80s. As someone mentioned, Nabisco sold its cereal business to Post in 1990. After that, I lost track of what happened to Fruit Wheats. It was a fun project as we tried to get as much fruit in the middle as we could!

Comment submitted: 3/29/2020 (#25022)

By cereal guy

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I hope that Fruit Wheats and Post Toasties will return on Saturday March 7th, 2020, National Cereal Day - the day to bring back discontinued cereals like Clusters cereal, Total Raisin Bran, Total Corn Flakes, Wheaties Honey Gold, original Oatmeal Crisp, Oatmeal Raisin Crisp and Triples cereal from General Mills.

Comment submitted: 2/21/2020 (#24913)

By cereal guy

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Hey guys... since Essential Waitrose Blueberry Wheats is the closest that we can get to see Fruit Wheats cereal again, get a box of Essential Waitrose Blueberry Wheats cereal from the United Kingdom today.

Comment submitted: 11/30/2019 (#24690)

By FruitWheatLove

Rating (out of 5):

Strawberry Fruit Wheats still ranks with me, even though I haven't had it in 20+ years. When did they discontinue it? I loved it.

Comment submitted: 10/4/2019 (#24576)

By cereal guy

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Fruit Wheats came in five flavors: strawberry, apple, raisin, blueberry and raspberry. I still have a coupon for Fruit Wheats. Nabisco doesn't make cereals anymore. Please Post and Malt-O-Meal bring back Fruit Wheats.

Comment submitted: 9/28/2019 (#24559)

By cereal guy

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My prediction is Post and Malt-O-Meal is rebooting Fruit Wheats and Post Toasties.

Comment submitted: 3/27/2019 (#24057)

By cereal guy

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What's the recipe for Fruit Wheats cereal? Since Nabisco don't make cereals anymore maybe Post and Malt O Meal will make off brand versions and bring back Fruit Wheats cereal.

Comment submitted: 7/12/2018 (#23259)

By cereal guy

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There's an email us on the contact page on the Post consumer brands website to bring back both Nabisco's Frosted Wheat Squares and Fruit Wheats cereals from the cereal graveyard.

Comment submitted: 5/10/2018 (#23043)

By cerealguy14

Rating (out of 5):

I used to like to watch their commercials. Nabisco - please bring back Fruit Wheats.

Comment submitted: 10/19/2017 (#22352)

By S.F.W.

Rating (out of 5):

I remember eating the strawberry Fruit Wheats straight out of the box everyday after school. They were so delicious! Bring them back, Nabisco! *ding!*

Comment submitted: 7/23/2016 (#20605)

By S.T.L.

Rating (out of 5):

So good! The raisin-filled Mini Wheats are the closest thing nowadays, but nothing beats apple-filled!

Comment submitted: 8/25/2014 (#17552)

By Lala

Rating (out of 5):

I was so sad when Fruit Wheats stopped being produced! I called the company... And I was only in high school! I would happily buy endless boxes if it were around today, and gladly gain strawberry filled weight!

Comment submitted: 1/11/2014 (#15701)

By Shushina

Rating (out of 5):

I love them... LOVE them! Not a cereal eater but I love these. My 3 year old loves them too. I was so angry when they took them away. Please don't ever do that again. Was not happy. lol.

Comment submitted: 9/14/2013 (#13986)

By ZJBull

Rating (out of 5):

Loved those Strawberry Fruit Wheats... I sort-of went crazy when they stopped producing them.... Bring 'em Back!

Comment submitted: 5/28/2013 (#12216)

By SophieMae

Rating (out of 5):

Every time I eat Frosted Mini Wheats, I wish they were Fruit Wheats instead. The Fruit in the Middle Mini Wheats are good but not the same. They only have a little bit of fruit in them. I remember when I was a kid - my sister and I would eat the strawberry Fruit Wheats straight out of the box. They were our favorite cereal. If they brought Fruit Wheats back, I would buy a box in a heartbeat.

Comment submitted: 12/18/2011 (#5986)

By CralFan

Loved the Fruit Wheats cereal! Bring it back Nabisco!

Comment submitted: 11/28/2011 (#5835)

By mixem

Rating (out of 5):

Nabisco made really good cereals back in the day. I see that Kellogg's has a sort-of version of this cereal called fruit in the middle. Has anyone tried that yet? Is it as similar to this one as it looks?

Comment submitted: 6/20/2011 (#5165)

By childofthe80s

Rating (out of 5):

Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats now makes "Touch of Fruit" mixed berry flavor. Very similar to Fruit Wheats. Just got myself a box and they are very good indeed.

Comment submitted: 1/22/2011 (#3684)

By La ra

Rating (out of 5):

I would buy this regularly if it was made today!!

Comment submitted: 12/12/2010 (#3429)

By celt42

Rating (out of 5):

Bring it back!

Comment submitted: 7/30/2010 (#2548)

By B.I.B.

Rating (out of 5):

Please bring back fruit wheat cereal. I really enjoyed this cereal with the varieties. I have not seen anything close to it since. I miss it!!!!

Comment submitted: 6/30/2010 (#2380)

By mr.fruity

Rating (out of 5):

Please please bring the strawberry fruit wheats back!!! Frosted mini wheats aren't even in the same ballpark as strawberry fruit wheats... Fruit wheats are way yummy!!!

Comment submitted: 6/21/2010 (#2329)

By Jaci

Rating (out of 5):

I love strawberry fruit wheats! You'd make a killing if you brought them back now, with all of the other "fruity cereals" that are available. This cereal was way better than all of the new ones!

Comment submitted: 4/8/2010 (#1867)

By othfan

Rating (out of 5):

BRING THEM BACK!!!! Every time I eat other mini wheats I want this kind instead!!! With the strawberry!!!!!

Comment submitted: 3/5/2010 (#1553)

By anon

Rating (out of 5):

Bring back Fruit Wheats!!!

Comment submitted: 1/13/2010 (#1206)

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