367 Ways To Enjoy Toast

367 Ways To Enjoy Toast

By Mr Breakfast

Toast. Is there any comfort food easier to make? You pull it out of the toaster and plop on your favorite topping. Presto! Breakfast!

Let's face facts. The whole low-carb craze is playing itself out. (I'll expect to get some angry mail from low-carb fanatics for that statement.) The USDA recommends that everyday we eat 6 to 11 servings of bread, cereal, rice, pasta, and other foods containing grains, especially whole grains. Bread is not the enemy of a healthy body, if you select the right bread.

The American Dietetic Association recommends a minimum of three servings of whole grains per day and goes so far as to recommend whole-wheat toast with peanut butter as a quick and healthy breakfast option.

Ways To Enjoy Toast

At the Breakfast Institute, the research division of Mr Breakfast.com currently headquartered in my mind and several notebooks, we (I) suggest using whole-grain bread for all toast applications. For those of you who don't care for the harder-textured brown breads, take note that "white wheat bread" (made from a relatively new class of wheat called "hard white wheat") should begin to appear more regularly in your bread aisle over the next year.

I know what many of you are thinking... "Dude, get to the recipes." With that said? I now present you with... toast!
  1. Topped with butter (or a butter substitute)
  2. Topped with your favorite jam
  3. Topped with peanut butter
  4. Topped with butter and sprinkled with a 30/70 mixture of cinnamon and sugar
  5. Broken into bite sized pieces, placed in a bowl and topped with milk and sugar (known as milk toast)
  6. Topped with butter and honey (or just honey)
  7. Topped with gravy (as in Chipped Beef On Toast)
  8. Topped with Vegemite (A thick brown paste made mostly from yeast extract, most commonly used in Australia by spreading thinly on toast or sandwiches.) Breakfast lover J.G. wrote us to say, "Butter or a substitute must be used with Vegemite in nearly every case. It's too salty otherwise. My wife, who had no idea what the stuff was, thought it vile when she first tried it. After I gave her a slice of fresh bread well buttered and spread with a little Vegemite, she was hooked!"
  9. Topped with Marmite - the U.K. equivalent of Vegemite. Richard of Waipukurau, New Zealand wrote in to say, "I prefer my toast spread with Marmite (New Zealand Marmite, not UK Marmite. The UK version is much sweeter). On top of that I like several slices of avocado. On top of the avocado I like several slices of tomato. Freshly ground black pepper tops it off. Variations include an addition of grilled bacon or ham." Thanks Richard. Your comments on Marmite were dyno-mite!
  10. Sprinkled with salt (an unusual variation recently brought to public attention in England by "Marco" a contestant on their version of the "Big Brother" reality television program)
  11. Topped with a combination of cream cheese and your favorite jam
  12. Topped with pineapple-flavored cream cheese and banana slices
  13. Topped with Nutella, a creamy, chocolaty hazelnut spread sold in most grocery stores
  14. Topped with honey butter (either store-bought or homemade)
  15. Topped with a combination of mashed banana and chopped almonds (see recipe)
  16. Topped with butter and dipped into hot cocoa
  17. Topped with butter and dipped into coffee
  18. Topped with Marshmallow Fluff of similar marshmallow spread (also try in combination with melted chocolate or grated chocolate for "s'mores toast")
  19. Topped with cinnamon raisin spread (see recipe)
  20. Topped with butter and slices tomatoes
  21. Topped with butter and slices of bacon
  22. Spread with butter or mayonnaise and topped with a combination of tomato, bacon and lettuce for an open-faced BLT sandwich
  23. Topped with egg - alone or in combination with cheese and or a breakfast meat - to form an open-face McMuffin style sandwich
  24. Topped with baked beans (see recipe) - common in England and Ireland where baked beans are a common breakfast side dish
  25. Topped with butter and drizzled with maple syrup to create a "Poor Man's French Toast" (tastes similar to traditional French toast but toast becomes soggy much quicker)
  26. Topped with store-bought or homemade lemon curd
  27. Topped with homemade fluffy lemon butter (see recipe)
  28. Topped with almond butter (see recipe)
  29. Topped with maple walnut raisin cream cheese (see recipe)
  30. Topped with strawberry butter (see recipe)
  31. Anders A. of Jacksonville says he likes Nutella and thinly sliced banana on toast.
  32. Lorraine N. emailed us that she tops her toast with butter, torn up string cheese and sliced tomatoes.
  33. Topped with a unique butterscotch topping (see recipe)
  34. Topped with pizza, spaghetti or bruschetta sauce for a quick breakfast pizza (try adding bacon or breakfast sausage to make it more breakfast-specific)
  35. Topped with salsa for a Mexican toast pizza
  36. Rubbed with a sliced garlic clove and spread lightly with butter to create instant garlic toast (Breakfast garlic toast?)
  37. Topped with a light spread of butter and a half teaspoon of finely grated orange or grapefruit rind. Sprinkle lightly with sugar to offset the slight bitterness that comes with the rind.
  38. Topped with applesauce ("I'll never forget apple season. My mother would bake bread and then we'd toast it and top it with warm homemade applesauce mixed with cinnamon." - Breakfast Lover Missy N.)
  39. Topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon
  40. Topped with Hawaiian coconut spread (see recipe)
  41. Topped with store-bought or homemade apple butter
  42. Wonderful or Weird: Topped with apple pie filling
  43. Wonderful or Weird: Topped with pumpkin pie filling and a sprinkling of brown sugar
  44. Topped with pear spread (see recipe)
  45. Drizzled stylishly with an easy to prepare icing (In a plastic baggie, combine 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract, a dash of salt and 1 Tablespoon of water. Seal baggie and squeeze and smoosh until ingredients are well combined. Cut a small whole in the corner of the baggie and squeeze over toast to make line patterns.)
  46. Topped with cottage cheese and your favorite jam
  47. Wonderful or Weird: Topped with cottage cheese and prune baby food (Breakfast Lover Rosie C. writes "...it's great on pancakes... a variation on an old Czech recipe my mother used to make... also nice on toast for a quick treat")
  48. Breakfast or Appetizer: Broken into bite sized pieces and topped with melted cheese and crumbled crisp bacon
  49. Topped with cream cheese and chives
  50. Topped with cream cheese and chopped olives
  51. Wonderful or Weird: Topped with a high-quality ice cream such as vanilla, strawberry or lemon (a sweeter bread is recommended)
  52. Topped with Mascarpone cheese, covered with fresh raspberries and drizzled with honey
  53. Brunch or Lunch? Topped with hummus for a savory Mediterranean-themed breakfast
  54. Topped with cream cheese and tomato paste from a tube ("My sister's favorite on a bagel, actually" says Breakfast Lover Laurel L.)
  55. Topped with cashew butter
  56. Topped with cream cheese, capers and olives
  57. Topped with fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese
  58. Feeling Adventurous? Topped with liverwurst
  59. Topped with ham pieces and pineapple chunks
  60. Brunch or Lunch? Topped with feta cheese and olives and/or tomatoes
  61. Brunch or Lunch? Topped with pesto paste
  62. "Plain toast is good with a cup of tea," says Breakfast Lover Rachel G.
  63. Topped with peanut butter and banana. Lorna from Whitianga, New Zealand says she's "on a health jag". She prefers whole meal bread, crunchy peanut butter with no added salt or sugar, and thickly sliced banana.
  64. "Open-faced peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are great," adds Rachel G.
  65. Topped with mushed bananas and cinnamon
  66. Topped with avocado and cheese
  67. Topped with sun-dried tomato, cream cheese and sliced onions
  68. Topped with cream cheese and fresh blueberries
  69. Topped with butter, honey and strawberries
  70. "Mayonnaise! I've seen people in a bunch of movies eating white bread with just mayo," comments Breakfast Lover Suzi L.
  71. Topped with strawberry preserves and whip cream to create "strawberry shortcake toast"
  72. Feeling weird? Topped with peanut butter and cheese
  73. Feeling weirder? Topped with peanut butter and sliced onion
  74. I swear these are real submissions! Topped with peanut butter and bacon (Clare of Denver, Colorado)
  75. Just plain insane? Topped with peanut butter and dill pickle. It's not insane according to Rebecca in Montreal, Quebec: "HOW CAN YOU SAY THIS?! Peanut butter with dill pickle is perhaps the greatest food combination of all time. Try it, Mr. Breakfast, and you'll understand. You don't even have to toast the bread, although I do prefer it that way."
  76. Lest we forget... Topped with Spam
  77. Hot Breakfast! Topped with jalapeno peppers and either butter or cream cheese
  78. Topped with brie cheese, sweet cherries and pecan pieces and sprinkled lightly with baker's sugar
  79. Topped with tangy lime butter (see recipe)
  80. "On the day after Thanksgiving, you gotta try left-over cranberry sauce on toast. The jiggly from-the-can-kind. You know?" writes Breakfast Lover Jeanie K.
  81. Strange Bedfellows: Topped with cucumber and pineapple
  82. Topped with caramelized bacon: dip uncooked bacon in brown sugar and bake in oven for 10 minutes at 375 degrees
  83. Breakfast lover Evelyn says, "My children call this 'Put Down Egg On Toast': Mash a soft cooked egg on toast (buttered or not) and season with salt and pepper. Cut into bite-sized pieces."
  84. Donna from Denver suggests this: "Toast your first piece of bread and spread some peanut butter over it while still warm... pop 2nd piece into toaster and while it's toasting, sprinkle milk-chocolate chips on the first piece... top with HOT 2nd piece of toast, wrap up in a paper towel... viola. Reese-Toast-Sandwich. MMMMMMM."
  85. Breakfast Lover Sasha likes to top toast with butter, peanut butter and maple syrup. Her kids always called this "Old Fashioned French Toast". Breakfast Lover Rob emailed us to say he likes this one... but hold the maple syrup.
  86. Breakfast Lover "Y143too" sends us this concoction which we'll call Savory Mock Croutons: "Chop bread into bite-sizes pieces. Toss into a hot lightly buttered (SOY) skillet to toast. Then blend in saute onions, garlic and herbs of choice (dill seeds, sage, or thyme). Delicious!!"
  87. Susan P. writes in to suggest sweet pickle and peanut butter on toast: "Peanut butter and pickle can be quite good if the peanut butter is of good quality, ie mostly just ground peanuts. The pickle cuts the richness of the peanuts. We loved this as kids, when we used to get government surplus foods, but usually with sweet pickle rather than dill. Homemade dill works better than storebought because the flavor is milder and less acidic."
  88. Ashley B. has a crazy idea: "Cheese Wizz on toast!! Mmmmm. Actually, my boyfriend's family has a tendency to combine jam AND Cheese Wizz on a piece of toast, but I think that's kinda crazy."
  89. Rachel P. wrote us a letter with four ways that see enjoys toast. The first is topped with melted cheese
  90. Topped with cream cheese and walnuts (Rachel P.)
  91. Topped with blue cheese and fig spread (Rachel P.)
  92. Topped with butter and grated parmesan cheese (Rachel P.)
  93. Cherlyn H. likes to whip up her own toppings: "Top toast with a mixture of butter and syrup whipped together"
  94. "Topped with a mixture of peanut butter and syrup whipped together" (Cherlyn H.)
  95. Ever heard of Lone Ranger Bread? Us either... until Kellie D. wrote to us: "My dad has a family recipe since he was like 6 years old, called "Lone Ranger Bread". You take UNtoasted bread, butter it, sprinkle with brown sugar, liberally, and put in a toaster oven until melted. It's sooooo yummy. My dad used to always eat it while watching, of course, the Lone Ranger. It's one of my fondest childhood memories." It doesn't really count as toast from a toaster, but we added it the list because Kellie warmed the cockles of our hearts with her cute story.
  96. Topped with Kalle's Kaviar - a pale pink fish-egg spread that comes in a toothpaste tube. This is actually a fairly popular product in Sweden. Kids like squeezing it out in squiggly lines on the bread. Those nutty Swedes!
  97. Kristian W. from Sweden wrote us to say "The obvious improvement for the Kalle's Kaviar toast is to add sliced boiled eggs, then top the eggs with Kalle's."
  98. "Here is how I love my toast," writes Monica V., "Once the toast is a little cool, I spread half of it with mint chutney and half with a thin layer of ketchup, and fold and eat!
  99. Breakfast lover Kristen G. is crazy for toast and sent us 7 new ideas. The first is peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.
  100. Topped with cream cheese and kiwi (Kristen G.)
  101. Topped with cream cheese and strawberries (Kristen G.)
  102. Topped with Laughing Cow cheese spread (Kristen G.)
  103. Topped with peanut butter and raisins (Kristen G.)
  104. Topped with peanut butter and apple slices (Kristen G.)
  105. Topped with cream cheese, apple & cinnamon (Kristen G.)
  106. Mr Breakfast site user "Mikmot80" says "Try this: spread on peanut butter then top with crumbled cinnamon graham cracker. It's really good!"
  107. Our friend Crystal has a wiz of an idea: Top with cheese whiz and apple jelly.
  108. "For a yummy snack, try drizzling condensed milk over your toast! It's great! A childhood favorite!" a friend named Vanessa emailed us.
  109. Jonathan S. of Santa Monica, CA sent us a recipe and a favorite memory, "Hi - one of my fondest foods growing up was My Dad's Cheese Toast on Saturday mornings. Take a slice of sourdough, toast it, then butter it, put fresh tomatoes on it, and top it with sharp cheddar cheese. Pop in the toaster-oven on broil (or broiler if you don't have one) until cheese melts (about 2-4 minutes). Dee-licious - you won't believe it."
  110. Julie heard Mr Breakfast on the radio and decided she had to share her great idea: top your toast with raw tahine (sesame seed spread) mixed with maple syrup - about a 20 to 80 ratio.
  111. Topped with Nutella and thin slices of pear (Dorli B.)
  112. Michele from the U.K. likes fishy toppings like tuna mayonnaise, tinned mackerel and taramasalata.
  113. Is England's Phoebe M. a genius or just plain crazy? She puts Cheesy Wotsits (or Cheetos in the USA) on top of her toast.
  114. Farah of San Diego has a sweet idea: "I like to take toast from the toaster oven, put peanut butter on it and then put marshmallows on it and put it back in the toaster oven on broil. The marshmellows get golden and it just melts in your mouth."
  115. Our U.K. pal Lucy says, "Top with Brie (or Camembert) and drizzle with maple syrup - I first tasted this in a cafe in Madrid and, despite initital scepticism, have been hooked ever since!"
  116. Site user Joanne likes this: toast topped with hummus, slices of tomato, a bit of sliced and a sprinkle of salt and pepper
  117. Breakfast buddy Jon recommends topping toast with butter and thinly sliced avocado
  118. Braden M. likes to drizzle the yolk from an over-easy egg on his (sometimes buttered) toast
  119. A diverse fellow, Braden M. also wrote in to say "another great combo for toast is vinegar and olive oil" on toast
  120. Breakfast lover "bacondebaker" says "Treehouse Berry Farm in Kansas makes really great cranberry-jalapeno jam - you take a morning wake up call on warm toast. It's killer."
  121. Shanti A. of Wellington, New Zealand and her husband Don sent us a recipe for sauted mushroom on toast: "Saute your mushroom with butter and seasoning with ground blackpepper until done on your own preferrence. Toast your bread on your liking then spread them with butter and top it with sauted mushroom and fresh finely cut chives herbs. Yum. You can make them more yummy if you could replace the butter with either marmite/vegemite." Thanks Shanti!
  122. International Breakfast Lover Chantal, emailed us to say "I'm from Australia... I know it sounds crazy but I love my toast with cream cheese, peanut butter and honey. Mmm delicious!" Technical Consultant Mark D. wrote us and said he likes this one, but with cream cheese and honey only.
  123. Ben W. of the U.K. has a suggestion: "It's always nice to grind a bit of Montreal steak seasoning up with a mortar and pestle or in a pepper grinder or something and then sprinkle it over hot buttered toast. Dill is good in general, but it works REALLY well here."
  124. Our Baltimore Breakfast Friend J.R.M. has two interesting ideas, "Hot Buttered Toast spread with Patum Peperium? (Patum Peperium? is a fermented & salted relish made from Anchovies) -- this is from the UK and is definitely an acquired taste... you have to like saltiness. This is also excellent topped with scrambled eggs."
  125. And the second idea from the internationally-inspired J.R.M.: "Hot Buttered Toast with Chocolate Vermicelli (also know as Chocolate Sprinkles or Chocolate Jimmies) -- this I learned to like in Holland and in Switzerland... the only two places that will serve you chocolate for breakfast without an apology. LOL!!"
  126. No foreigner to a great breafast, Pernille from Denmark says we should try a sort of Banana Split Toast: "Spread mashed banana on toast ? decorate with stripes of chocolate-syrup ? sprinkle shredded coconut on top. Yum. For the REALLY unhealthy version ? add a layer of whipped cream on top of the mashed banana before you pour on chocolate-syrup and shredded coconut."
  127. Breakfast lover Shawna better keep an eye on her waste line, "I like to top my toast with peanut butter first and then put chocolate frosting on it.... not very diet conscious but it tastes like the peanut butter cups candy."
  128. J.P. wrote in to suggest toast dipped in coca cola with some whipped cream. Hey J.P.! You're insane dude!
  129. John from Somerset, U.K. emailed us to say, "Old fogies like me enjoy toast with beef dripping - best is to toast on an open fire then let your dripping ooze before getting your knashers round." Whoa! I hope Knashers aren't what I think they are.
  130. Our recent pen-pal from Sweden Kristan W. has a thing for fish: "(boiled) egg toast can't be mentioned without recommending egg and pickled herring. Slice the egg, then top the egg with thin slices of pickled herring." (also see #94).
  131. Lisa from Southern California tells us, "I grew up having a Sunday morning treat for breakfast. Toast with peanut butter and brown sugar sprinkled on top. I still make it on occasion, but more as a late-night snack."
  132. Lisa from Southern California (see previous #) also has a freaky side: You've really got my creative juices flowing and my taste buds! I enjoy pizza toast with Monterey Jack cheese, green onions, and sliced hot dog. Pop it in the toaster oven to melt it all together. Yum!
  133. Linda K. wrote us with a unique delicacy you may (or may not) want to try: "Pilchards on Toast: Open small can of pilchards in tomato sauce. Extract two pilchards and remove bones. Flake the fish. Toast a slice of bread on both sides. Butter the toast. Place fish on the toast, season and consume." Pilchards are small fatty saltwater fish found off the European Atlantic coast from Scandinavia to Portugal.
  134. Allan M. came though with three ideas that weren't yet on the list. His first was chipped beef in cream sauce on toast, otherwise known as S. O. S. Here's a nice fairly low-fat recipe.
  135. Topped with tinned salmon and creamed peas (Allan M.)
  136. Topped with artichoke dip (Allan M.)
  137. Lindsay from Illinois has a great idea for you, "Toasted whole wheat bread topped with cream cheese, thin slices of ripe pear and just a drizzle of maple syrup provides one of the most unique and delicious breakfasts you will ever try.
  138. Jean H. has taken two favorites to make one very interesting breakfast: "The best toast recipe is topped with Cheese Whiz and slices of fried spam!!! Not a good thing if you have a cholesterol problem, but once in a while it is great! Especially during a cold Green Bay WI morning!!!"
  139. Breakfast Lover Nisa writes, "I like boiled-egg and grape jelly on my toast."
  140. You may want to go camping with Marsha A. of Gaithersburg, MD. She writes, "Spread toast with butter and sprinkle with either cocoa powder mixed with a little sugar or with hot chocolate mix, similar to the way you'd make cinnamon toast. We used to do this on camping trips with the Girl Scouts when I was a kid. Mm-mm good!" Renae Z. wrote to say she prefers Nestle Quick chocolate milk mix on top of toast.
  141. Barb C. needs your help! She writes, "I used to have a recipe for painter's toast. It was a mixture of frozen orange juice concentrate, butter and brown sugar that you painted on warm toast. I have lost the recipe. I wondered if you had heard of it."
  142. Peanut butter aficionado Janelle from New York served up two fun ideas in her email. "Toast with peanut butter, hot applesauce and whipped cream."
  143. Topped with peanut butter, hot blueberry sauce and whipped cream (Janelle from New York)
  144. Talk about being nuts for peanuts: Meg M. writes, "Top a piece of whole wheat toast with creamy peanut butter AND peanuts. It's great when you're not too fond of regular crunchy peanut butter but still want a little more of a crunch--or if you don't have any crunchy peanut butter in the house!"
  145. Toast-Lover Dawna R. has an idea you might relish: "Top a slice of whole wheat toast with slices of (not processed) cheddar cheese and sweet relish (or dill pickle slices)." If you're in a pickle because you have no pickles or relish, don't fret. Dawna included one more idea....
  146. "Topped with a thin layer of black olive tapenade - and, if you like, a layer of hummus on top of that." - Dawna R.
  147. Our pal Liz S. wrote us to say, "Here's a recipe I love: Whole wheat toast topped with hummus AND cottage cheese. MUCH better than it sounds:)"
  148. Amanda, a toast lover from Los Angeles, came through with four additions to the list. The first one is toast topped "Blue Cheese and honey... (My favorite cheeses to use are) Matag or Stilton."
  149. Topped with tuna salad, cucumbers and olives (Amanda from L.A.)
  150. Topped with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil - a caprice on toast! Olives are also good on this one. (Amanda from L.A.)
  151. Topped with Chevre (goat cheese) and jam. Any kind of jam works, but you have to try raspberry and strawberry. (Amanda from L.A.)
  152. Colleen R. wrote us to say, "I too am a toast aficionado!! It's amazing what you can come up with when you're a bored college student on a budget! Toast can be highly economical!" This amazing toast aficionado contributes the following ten additions to our list, starting with toast topped with "butter, jam and cooked plain oatmeal. This is also excellent with cinnamon and sugar used in place of the jam."
  153. Topped with peanut butter and chopped dates (Colleen R.)
  154. Topped with peanut butter and chocolate covered raisins (Colleen R.)
  155. Topped with peanut butter and the very last bit of cereal out of the bag that's too crushed to eat properly with milk, lol! Honey cornflakes are the best! (Colleen R.)
  156. Rocky Road Style: Topped with a layer of chocolate icing, mini marshmallows and chopped toasted nuts (Colleen R.)
  157. Topped with honey mustard salad dressing (Colleen R.)
  158. Dipped in chocolate milk. Also excellent when spread with peanut butter. (Colleen R.)
  159. "Monster Toast": On special mornings my mom used to let my brother and I make this. Just take plain bread, and use melted butter mixed with different food colorings to "paint" monster faces (or whatever) on the bread before toasting. Red and blue work the best. (Colleen R.)
  160. Topped with a thin layer of peanut butter, chopped toasted pecans, and a drizzle of maple syrup (Colleen R.)
  161. Topped with cream cheese drizzled with hershey's chocolate syrup (Colleen R.)
  162. Savory toast lover Dan P. wrote to us with three interesting ideas. The first is to top toast with blue cheese and brie.
  163. Topped with Bovril. Bovril is a thick, salty, beef-infused yeast extract. (Dan P.)
  164. Spaghetti Toast: simply top your toast with spaghetti from a can (Dan P.)
  165. Marlene F. from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has a doggone strange suggestion, "My brother Doug used to make something my mum called "Dog's Breakfast". Put a piece of toast on the bottom of a bowl, top with 2 fried eggs, and spread ketchup on top. Use a knife and fork to cut into pieces, stir, and eat. Tastes much better than it looks!"
  166. Our pal Angela M. wrote in and said when she was in college "one of (her) British boyfriends" got her hooked on baked beans and cheese on toast. Angela prefers cheddar.
  167. Angela M., Nazrin S. (from Russia) and Anne M. all wrote in about Toast Soldiers. It's the same as a previous entry where the toast is dipped into the yolk of a soft-cooked egg. But these people rip their toast into vertical sticks to create soldier-shaped pieces - in as much as long rectangles look like soldiers.
  168. Linda J. emailed us her idea for a grilled cheese sandwich that requires no grilling. "Melt sliced cheese on 2 pieces of toast in the microwave. Once melted, spread one side with Miracle Whip or mayonnaise. Place sliced tomatoes on the other side. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Put together for a delicious breakfast sandwich."
  169. Breakfast lover Terence Q. likes toast with a egg done sunny-side up and luncheon meat with liberal amounts of pepper and some salt. He writes, "Hope some ppl read and try this out!" Thks T.Q!. U r our knd of ppl!
  170. Katherine McE. Has a very fun idea, "As kid, I remember eating toast sprinkled with strawberry flavored Jell-O at my aunt's house. It was delicious!!"
  171. Breakfast Lover Elaine emailed us to say, "My absolute favorite kind of toast is topped with Kaya aka egg jam! It's commonly found in Singapore. It's a delicious mixture of eggs, coconut milk and sugar." She was kind enough to send us this recipe for Kaya. Thanks Elaine!
  172. Why not try Kami D.'s favorite: "I love to eat my toast with melted American cheese and dipped in applesauce."
  173. Heather B. wrote in with an interesting idea for Hot Cocoa Toast: "Toast bread, spread with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar, and cut into cubes. Place toast in a bowl and pour hot cocoa (real from-scratch cocoa, not instant hot chocolate) over. Eat with a spoon." That's a hot (cocoa) idea Heather!
  174. Tara F. from London, Ontario, Canada came to us with two savory ideas: "I love to top my toast with cottage cheese and some oregano. Pop it in the toaster oven to make it all melty."
  175. Our Northern friend Tara F. also says, "Caesar Salad dressing is also great on toast -- it tastes like croutons in a caesar salad!" Nick from the U.K. wrote in with the same idea. Thanks Nick. You should marry Tara and have little toast babies!
  176. Breakfast Lover "GingerTexas" wrote to say, "My girls and I love fresh sliced apples and cinnamon on buttered toast.
  177. We should all eat as healthy as the "GingerTexas" family. They also love oatmeal on toast.
  178. The personal favorite of "GingerTexas" is fresh strawberries with a little sugar on buttered toast.
  179. Jessica from St. Louis found a recipe in Madrid, Spain that she liked, "whole wheat toast with olive oil and salt (especially kosher salt)."
  180. Jennifer C. says that her favorite toast toppings make her husband nauseous, "toast topped with a mush made of canned sardines, Pickapeppa sauce and finely diced onions." Pickapeppa sauce is made from aged cane vinegar and has been called Jamaican Ketchup.
  181. The second toast favorite of Jennifer C. that make her husband sick is "Hot buttered slices of white toast slathered in delicate Jamaican ackee and salt fish. My grandma's specialty!" Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica. It actually tastes like scrambled eggs when cooked and it can kill you if you eat it before it is ripened.
  182. "Texas Chickeee" said she likes pimento cheese spread on her toast.
  183. Nick from the U.K. likes to dip his toast in Thousand Island dressing. "In fact, all dressings and dips are good," says Nick.
  184. Our breakfast pal Liz sent us a couple ideas. She likes to butter a slice of toast put slices of cheese and a ring of pineapple on top.
  185. Top toast with marmite and scrambled eggs (Liz)
  186. J.D. wrote in to say, "Growing up in a French-Canadian family, it's impossible to have never tried toast topped with Cretons de Quebec and mustard. It's REALLY good, you wouldn't believe it!!!!" Cretons de Quebec is a breakfast spread made from pork, onions, milk and assorted spices. J.D. likes a variation made with turkey. Check out this recipe.
  187. Here's wild idea from a breakfast lover named Nina, "One way I enjoy my toast is with bananas and shredded mozzarella cheese! Right after the toast comes out of the toaster, butter it and sprinkle the cheese on it. Then, top that with thinly sliced bananas."
  188. Our breakfast pal Liz has a simple one she could believe didn't make the list earlier. She likes piece of toast with ham and cheese.
  189. Our buddy Asha N. from Australia sent us a couple of her favorites. She likes toast topped with vegemite and grated cheese and microwaves it until the cheese melts. Kerry Jane G. of Auckland, New Zealand says the trick is to bake it until it's crisp.
  190. Asha also likes toast spread with butter and sprinkled with colorful 100's and 1000's. 100's and 1000's are what Australians call sugar sprinkles. 100's are more like traditional sprinkles and 1000's are like tiny ball-type sprinkles. Suzie from Australia says her kids like their toast and 100s & 1000s with a little Nutella. Australians rock!
  191. Kharina S. from the U.K. is a toast gourmet. She "loves" her toast buttered with slices of cheddar cheese and orange marmalade. But insists on "mature cheese and proper bitter orange marmalade". "It makes my tastebuds sing," she was quoted as saying on MrBreakfast.com - the greatest website in the world.
  192. Breakfast gourmet Kharina also likes her toast with poached egg, slices of gravad lax and hovmastarsas. Gravad lax is a Swedish cured salmon. Hovmastarsas is similar to a mustard sauce with dill. Kharina says that this one is "great for breakfasts in bed with your beloved one". Mr Breakfast says, "Wow, I'd like to sleep with her some night."
  193. Breakfast Buddy Stephanie F. enjoys toast with strawberry jam and mild cheddar cheese.
  194. Is Daphne C. of Laurel, Maryland pulling our toast-loving legs. She likes her toast with tuna fish and cranberry sauce.
  195. A true experimentalist, Daphne C. also likes toast with a wedge of Laughing Cow, egg, Canadian bacon and cucumber slices.
  196. Shell G. likes a homemade pork puree on toast. "Put leftover pork with sage and onion stuffing in a food processor and blitz. Add a bit of double cream until it gets to a paste. Spread some butter on cold toast and spread your paste on top of it. Sprinkle with a bit of black pepper. Golden rule - You must leave teeth marks at least an inch deep!"
  197. Breakfast Lover "Rlewaldsq" says, "My neighbor swears by peanut butter and mayonnaise on toast. I haven't been adventurous enough to try it yet!" Granville H. emailed us to say he has tried it... and he loves it!
  198. James B. emailed us his favorite: toast topped with Marmite and mushed bananas.
  199. Mike S. sent us a couple ideas. He likes tuna salad and pineapple chunks on his toast.
  200. Our buddy Mike also enjoys his toast topped with meat-in-a-can (specifically ham) with a bit of mayo and some powdered mustard.
  201. Dipped in ketchup (from "Loen")
  202. Topped with butter and ketchup (from "MGirard")
  203. Topped with jam and a fried egg (from "Loen")
  204. Topped with peanut butter and crumbled Cap'n Crunch cereal (from "Loen")
  205. Topped with Cheese Whiz and sliced apple (from "Loen")
  206. Topped with a homemade vanilla sugar spread - mix vanilla, sugar and margarine together to form a paste (from "Loen")
  207. Diane S. is an Italian chef who loves avocados. Her great suggestion if for toast topped with mashed ripe avocado, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Lea S. concurred with Diana in a separate email, but left out the olive oil. Robert S. of Los Angeles recommends that you give the avocado a squirt of lemon juice.
  208. I "hope" you'll try this idea from Hope E. of San Diego, CA: "toast dipped in hot, buttered grits!"
  209. Lucy K. from London is keeping her eye on this list and noticed that a Northern U.K. favorite was missing: chip-shop style mushy peas on toast. "(It) looks hideous but tastes divine," says Lucy.
  210. There's something fishy about Registered Nurse Marie L. from Los Angeles. She likes toast topped with cream cheese and sardines. Suzie from Australia says screw the cream cheese, "I like tinned sardines mashed into the toast".
  211. Breakfast Lover Martha N. likes toast topped with a fried egg and tomatoes. As a side note, Marie also mentioned that as a kid she'd only eat French toast if it had salt and pastrami on it.
  212. Topped with low-fat ricotta cheese, raisins and cinnamon (from Lea S.)
  213. Kimberly from Chicago tops her 12-grain toast with Chef Boyardee Beefaroni and low fat small curd cottage cheese. "Makes it taste a little like lasagna. Yum!!!!" says Kimberly.
  214. Ron C. noticed that a simple favorite hadn't made the list yet: toast topped with a poached egg. He and his wife like to add a little cayenne pepper and sometime even cinnamon.
  215. Amanda C. from Indiana likes warm toast with peanut butter, honey and granola. "If you like, you can add brown sugar and/or replace the granola with nuts or dried banana chips," says Amanda.
  216. Sheryl R. Ottawa, Ontario Canada wrote to say she liked my hense of soomer (whoops! I mean "sense of humor"). Her favorite toast is topped with peanut butter and Nutella. She likes to dunk it in cold milk while the toast is still warm.
  217. Ray and Vanessa S. enjoy toast topped with pear preserves and a little butter. "Always delicious!" shouts Vanessa.
  218. Spread with butter and topped with thin chips of radishes and a little salt (Robert S. of Los Angeles)
  219. Topped with raw almond butter and dates (Jenna C.)
  220. Breakfast Lover Tom likes chopped green olives and cream cheese on his toast. Mr Breakfast's mother likes this one too.
  221. Topped with creamed cheese and chopped dried chipped beef (Tom)
  222. Marie P. from South Dakota is gonna blow your mind. She likes toast topped with garlic spray and applesauce.
  223. Breakfast Lover Stacy sent us a bunch of really great ideas. The first was toast topped with mustard and tomato slices.
  224. Topped with hot mango slices and sprinkled with brown sugar (Stacy)
  225. Topped with cherries and chocolate sauce (Stacy)
  226. Topped with a spoonful of Ranch or Italian-style salad dressing (Stacy)
  227. Topped with cream cheese and chopped carrots and cucumbers (Stacy)
  228. Topped with melted cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and Kalamata olives (Stacy)
  229. Topped with cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts (Stacy)
  230. Our Russian friend Nazrin S. spares no expense when it comes to toast, " You take lightly toasted bread, spread butter on it, then spread some black caviar on it. Hmmm, tasty." Spasibo, Nazrin, Spasibo!
  231. Topped with cottage cheese, pepper and salt (Paula R.)
  232. Topped with bacon bits (Kevin M.)
  233. Amy M., a Kiwi in London, calls this one her Mexican special. She tops toast with mashed up avocado, crushed tortilla chips and salsa.
  234. Topped with chocolate syrup or chocolate gravy (Pam T.)
  235. Topped with marmite and marmalade (I call it "marmalite" writes Mike D.)
  236. Breakfast Lover Richard was on holiday in Greece when he stumbled upon his new favourite toast variation: topped with butter and honey with walnuts.
  237. Topped with cottage cheese and cinnamon and sugar (Susan R)
  238. Scott and Margie K. have a wild side, "How about (toast topped) with apple pie filling, shredded cheddar and crushed red hot candies!!! YUMMY!"
  239. Topped with sour cream and salt and pepper ("smu2")
  240. Simplicity rules at the breakfast table of "igna272001". He or she likes his or her toast with only butter and sugar. Catherine Z. emailed us and said this was her favorite too... with either "granulated or powdered sugar".
  241. Topped with butter and French mustard (Jane C.)
  242. Butter and Maggi liquid seasoning. Maggi is a high quality Asian seasoning. Some people add it to dark beer. (Jane C.)
  243. Topped with fried mushrooms (Jane C.)
  244. Topped with peanut butter, mayonnaise, and lettuce (Bill S.)
  245. Topped with bacon, peanut butter and cheese. John M. writes, "Bacon and peanut butter was so popular in the USA at one time that Oscar Meyer packaged them together. I like to add a sharp cheese or creamy havarti to balance the flavors and textures."
  246. Culture Clash! Steph M. submitted this interesting idea, "My father is from the South and my mother is Japanese. My brother and I grew up on toast topped with grits, a sunny-side-up egg and soy sauce."
  247. Maggie B. loves tofu, specifically whole wheat buttered toast topped with slabs of firm tofu that have been saut?ed in a pan in olive oil doused with tamari soy.
  248. Darla K. asks, "Have you ever tried toast with liverwurst and jelly? I think the best jelly to use is grape, but strawberry, blueberry and raspberry are great too. I hope you try it. It is a yummy breakfast - a little salty and a little sweet."
  249. Topped with caramel spread and peanut butter (Garry and Dorothy)
  250. Breakfast Lover Dave makes what he calls an open-faced Franco-Asian-Mexican sandwich. The recipe: top toast with brie cheese, papaya and mild chiles.
  251. Topped with frosting from a can
  252. LaVerne R. likes toast topped with pan-fried sardines, onions and mustard. Mr Breakfast suggests a fourth ingredient... a toothbrush!
  253. Technical Consultant Mark D. tells us his family "always had whole grain toast with butter, honey and slices of cheddar cheese. There is an internal debate about whether sharp or mild cheese is better, but I think that is a personal preference."
  254. Mikki from England says, "I like to have tinned creamed mushrooms on toast with a little bit of Tony Chacheres spicy seasoning sprinkled on top."
  255. We avoid placing toaster oven suggestions on this list, but T.J. from U.K. has a suggestion that's too delicious not to include, "Toast one side of bread and remove from toaster, add tinned tuna and sliced banana and top with sliced cheese (mature cheddar is best) and pop back under toaster to melt cheese - delish!!" Thanks T.J.! Replace that banana with salt and you may be onto something.
  256. "Heya (Mr Breakfast), another peanut butter variation here! Ever had Chinese satay? It's chicken or prawn in a yummy peanut butter sauce. So I don't think there's anything crazy about (having) a few slices of chicken or turkey and peanut butter (on toast). Dee-lish!" Thanks Emma from England!
  257. Breakfast lover Charles says, "When I was a kid I, liked to put cheese wiz and condensed cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup (on toast)" You were a weird kid Charles.
  258. Suzie from Australia likes Irish stew on toast. She says just about any canned meal works on toast.
  259. "I love toast with a fried egg, Mrs. Dash (seasoning salt) and ketchup," says Miriam from Israel. Todah Rabah Miriam! That's "thank you" in Hebrew, Miriam!
  260. Michael K. from the Philippines says he loves cooking and "experimenting on food". His recipe for tasty toast: "top with a lightly scrambled egg with milk, drizzled with a spoonful of what I call a 'mayo-mustard sauce' (mayonnaise and yellow mustard mixed together)."
  261. Ame and Kris of the U.K. take their toast with cooked mushrooms and fried onions. Thanks for writing chaps!
  262. Maria emailed us this idea: toast topped with thinly sliced onions, cheese (provolone & brie are good) and pepper.
  263. Maria also likes "a piece of toast with good (preferably unsalted sweet cream) butter and thin slices of cucumber. Very refreshing. Good for a hot summer day."
  264. Tandy is pretty low-maintenance with her toast: "I like just plain yellow mustard, nothing else."
  265. Breakfast lover Gordy enjoys toast topped with ketchup and raw onions.
  266. Jake B. submitted a simple toast with a fancy name, Cr?me Brule Toast: "Gently melt some sugar on your toast to create a crunchy sweet toast (nice to dip into your chocolate sauce or custard)." Thanks Jake. We've been wondering what to dip in our chocolate custard.
  267. Jake B. Toast Idea II: If you're frying bacon, put your half-toasted bread into the pan and soak up the bacon fat - nice with tomatoes."
  268. Lyle W. "just stumbled upon (MrBreakfast.com) and (he) ADORE(s) it." This is his story: "The food court of a posh shopping mall near us in Bangkok has a stall selling thickly sliced toast topped with scores of toppings, but my kids' and my hands-down favorite is buttered toast, drizzled with sweetened condensed milk and then liberally sprinkled with chocolate-flavored Ovaltine. It's absolutely divine!" Our friend Ming from Malaysia wrote in to say you don't need Ovaltine. He says sweetened condensed milk works fine on it's own.
  269. Our pal Lizjen emailed us to say she likes toast topped with BOTH apple butter and almond butter.
  270. Rachel H. says toast with avocado, diced tomato and a sprinkle of salt is her favorite.
  271. Gwen in NC likes white sauce. Now don't be dirty. Her toast recipe is "creamed eggs on toast... that's basically a white sauce with hard boiled eggs chopped up in it."
  272. Gwen from NC also goes for toast with scrapple and apple butter, but she warns, "Not all scrapple is created equal. Ya gotta have the good kind that actually has a decent amount of pork in it."
  273. Breakfast lover Vickie emailed us to say, "Toast tastes great spread with Italian dressing and parmesan cheese on top."
  274. Fancy-pants breakfast lover James said he likes, "toast covered with crab meat in a white sauce. Just the thing to use up left over crab from a party." I'd like to go to your parties James - said Mr Breakfast eating toast with stale peanuts and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  275. "7-girlie" emailed us her favorite and said, "this kind of tastes like tiramisu." It's toast topped with cream cheese and splenda dipped into espresso.
  276. Breakfast lover Scherilyn J. takes her toast with butter, grape jelly and oatmeal.
  277. Bobbie (aka ThatBobbieGirl; aka The Grocery Cart Poet) admitted in her letter that she's a little weird. She says her favorite toast is the reason she has a garden. Her recipe: a slice of toast (preferably rye) topped with peanut butter, tomatoes slices, pepper and salt.
  278. George from Las Vegas calls his favorite Kosher Toast. His topping is a little smear of cream cheese, raw salmon and a sliver of red onion.
  279. Breakfast lover Andy enjoys his toast with macaroni and cheese. He says, "(It) tastes similar to grilled cheese... a delectable addition to an old favorite."
  280. Steve from Wallasey, England (near Liverpool) takes his toast with avocado and French mustard.
  281. Steve's Friend Tin from Wallasey, England likes toast with butter, mild cheddar cheese and a splash of soy sauce. He or she does two slices smashed together and says it's like a "toastie".
  282. Steve and Tin's friend Barbara from Wallasey, England tops her toast with smushed banana and salad cream. Salad cream is a creamy, yellow condiment similar to mayonnaise. Thanks to everyone from Wallasey, England!
  283. Rosie G. emailed us a tasty idea: toast with slices of brie or camembert, cranberry sauce and bacon. Her son Theo's favorite is a mixture of mashed bananas, crunchy peanut butter and honey.
  284. Gill of Wales, UK tops his toast with melted cheese and slices of pear.
  285. French Canadian Carol likes her toast topped with head cheese. Interestingly, head cheese is not actually a cheese. It's terrine of meat from the head of a calf or pig. It may also include meat from the feet and heart. Mmmmmm.
  286. Topped with Swiss cheese and raspberry jam (French Canadian Carol)
  287. Topped with cream cheese and applesauce (French Canadian Carol)
  288. Topped with with cheeze whiz and sweet pickles (French Canadian Carol)
  289. Topped with crunchy peanut butter and a little hot fudge sauce (Linda H.)
  290. Topped with apple butter amd French vanilla coffee flavoring (Linda H.)
  291. Susie S. from Wales rubs her toast with garlic, spreads a little butter on it and tops it off with fresh, chopped coriander leaf and a sprinkle of lemon juice. She says, "Not as much of a faff as it sounds and it's really delicious!" Faff (verb): to dither, futz, diddle or potter about uselessly.
  292. Susie S. from Wales submitted three more ideas and turned Mr Breakfast on with the sentence, "You see, I love it hot and buttered, then anything goes with it!" Her second idea: toast topped with butter and sautéed chicken livers.
  293. Susie S. from Wales Toast Idea #3: topped with butter and pate
  294. Susie S. from Wales Toast Idea #4: topped with butter and curry paste
  295. "The Duke" emailed us a recipe he calls "Peach and Cream Toast": Top toast with with margarine, sliced peaches and half 'n half "The Duke" says "try not to get too much of the half 'n half on the bread or you will get soggy toast.
  296. Jessica B. calls her favorite "S'mores Toast". Just take your toast and top it with marshmallow fluff and chocolate syrup.
  297. Ang from Davis, CA spreads her toast with peanut butter and dips it in old fashioned Campbell's Tomato Soup. Ang says "I used to eat this as a child at my Grammas' house and absolutely loved it! Thanks, love your site, especially the Breakfast with Jesus article!" Thanks Ang!
  298. "H" from Texas takes his toast with bacon and catsup.
  299. Dorothy B. from Newark, Ohio says, "For my daughters, I spread their toast with a little butter and some peanut butter; then I sprinkle it with Carnation Instant Breakfast Powder (Chocolate is best)... The girls call it their yummy toast."
  300. Kimberly S-K from Chicago says, "I didn't see egg salad listed. I like my egg salad with a shmear of black caviar and a sprinkle of fresh dill. Sometimes with a little red pepper added for some zing. That one really wakes you up! Love your website. So many ways to eat toast! And Oatmeal... Thanks for your dedication to breakfast... you rule!" Thanks Kimberly. I think you rule!
  301. Susan M. said, "I can't believe no one's written in creamed corn on toast yet! Straight from the can and onto hot toast, best stuff..." Melissa B. likes to mix a little maple syrup into her creamed corn before topping her toast.
  302. Breakfast lover Ashley Z. spreads ricotta cheese and orange marmalade on her toast. "Odd - but truly yummy!!" says Ashley.
  303. Mikki loves marmite and sliced banana. She says, "It's lovely but my boyfriend thinks I'm really weird."
  304. Fabien (who my or may not be the 1960's teen idol) likes his toast with Cenovis (the Swiss version of Vegemite). He mixes it up with Swiss cheeese, cottage cheese or butter. He calls the spread "quiet healthy for sporty people."
  305. "lray1" had a couple favorites that hadn't yet made the list. Toast with Indian Lime Pickle (aka Pataks Pickles) anyone?
  306. Topped with peanut butter and hummus (lray1)
  307. Topped with a touch of anchovie paste (lray1)
  308. Topped with leftover Chinese food like mu-shu pork (lray1)
  309. Nadine from Canada says that everyone thinks her favorite is gross. She "loves" toast topped with strawberry jam and ketchup. Thanks Nadine.
  310. Anna from Birmingham, UK is also krazy for ketchup. She takes her toast with tomato ketchup and dry-roasted peanuts ("a small sprinkling"). She says it's "delicious!" with an exclamation point.
  311. Conrad B. gets his citrus toppings fix in the morning eating toast topped with both lemon curd and orange marmalade.
  312. Ping from the North Borneo of Malaysia likes his toast with a simple mixture of butter and fine white sugar. He also goes for curry sauce and toast, but that's covered earlier in the list under curry paste. Thanks Ping!
  313. Melanie for Virginia Beach, VA went a different direction with the idea she sent. "I used to eat my toast as a kid: flat. I had a thing about flattening things... especially my toast... a plain piece of toast flattened out between your hands (or a rolling pin) for some reason tastes better than just a plain piece of toast straight out the toaster."
  314. Melanie also sent this idea, "cottage cheese and strawberry jelly on wheat toast was my new best friend for awhile." Wow, just imagine if she flattened it!
  315. Sarah B. wrote to say she likes her toast drizzled with Worcestershire sauce.
  316. "Chuck" sent us this recipe: Mix tuna and cream of celery soup (one can of each). Heat it up in a sauce pan and spoon it over toast. Thanks "Chuck".
  317. Sammi K. from NYC said, "I love my toast with crunchy peanut butter, honey and cinnamon. Thanks Sammi (for bringing some sanity back to our list)!
  318. Bevin from Kamloops, Canada likes buttered toast topped with any kind of yogurt (especially peach).
  319. Breakfast lover "Lava" takes her toast topped with real mayonnaise, American cheese, sweet pickle and sliced onion.
  320. A. C. Ristia wrote to tell us, "A very famous way to eat toast in Indonesia is topped with chocolate sprinkles and grated cheddar cheese It's an Indonesian classic!" Thanks A.C. - I missed that recipe in my Indonesian cookbook.
  321. Topped with corned beef or corned beef with cheese (A. C. Ristia)
  322. Magdelene tops her toast with banana, peanut butter, chocolate syrup and cocoa powder.
  323. Two great tastes that taste great together? You decide. Carole in Mississippi takes her toast topped with peanut butter and yellow mustard. "Sometimes I add a thin slice of purple onion," added Carole in her email.
  324. Clinton from Moab, Utah has a spicy toast idea to share. Top it with butter, garlic powder, paprika and parsley flakes. Clinton says, "To top it all off, I add honey to my taste. The unique contrast between the garlic and the honey is perfect to get your day going." Thanks for the idea . I officially name you President Clinton... of the United States of Strange American Toast Ideas.
  325. Way back at #194, we introduced you to peanut butter and mayonnaise. Now comes an emailed suggestion from Steve W. to take it even farther. He takes his toast with chunky peanut butter, mayonnaise and banana slices. "You should have this with coffee or tea," wrote Steve.
  326. Mary from Salem, Oregon loves her toast topped with ranch dressing, shredded cheddar cheese, garlic powder and tomato slices. Add salt and pepper to your taste.
  327. Topped with peanut butter and hot chocolate mix (Mary from Salem, Oregon)
  328. Breakfast lover Nashta is all about topping her toast with cashew butter, applesauce and a sprinkle of cinnamon. "It's even better if the cashew butter is warmed up," says Nashta
  329. Annaliese of Canberra, Australia discovered her favorite topping in Japan: toast topped with tomato sauce, sliced cheese and a slice of green capsicum (green pepper).
  330. Katie B. wrote to say she loves hot sauce on her toast... "let it soak in a bit, just enough so it doesn't get all sloppy when I eat it. It's really good for when I have hot sauce cravings."
  331. Kristi G. believes oatmeal is the secret ingredient for toast topping success. "I make oatmeal and add butter and lots of sugar. Spoon the sweet oatmeal on each bite (of toast) you take!"
  332. Melissa B. goes for French onion chip dip on her toast.
  333. Pickles again?! This time "zoka in the uk" writes, "I love buttered toast topped with sandwich pickle slices & ritz crackers, sometimes I add a smear of cream cheese."
  334. "Meg W." takes her toast topped with sliced hotdog & salted potato chips and "maybe some cheese or ketchup if your up to it."
  335. Holy mackerel! "takniteaz" likes his or her toast topped with mashed avocado & sardines, seasoned to taste with a squeeze of lemon.
  336. Milli B. says her favorite topping is garlic butter & diced tomatoes.
  337. Peter W. signed his email, "My name is Peter, and I am a toast addict." His favorite: Marmite & peanut butter. "With all the mentions of Marmite and peanut butter on your page, I'm amazed that no-one has thought to put them together," says the amazed toast addict Peter.
  338. Eric S. likes his toast with butter or margarine, then promite and basil pesto. Promite is a dark brown, salty food paste better known Vegemite or Marmite.
  339. Angie C. takes scrambled eggs and marinara sauce (with a sprinkle of cheese) on her toast.
  340. Susan from Wellington goes for a topping of mashed avocado and blue cheese.
  341. Aristea T. emailed me a sweet idea: "hot toast with melted chaloumi cheese (cyprus product), honey and cinnamon :)"
  342. Beca was kind enough to send five new toast ideas. Number one on her list was "Tofu, spread with vegemite, and mashed into the toast with or without a little hummus."
  343. Topped with Beet root and cream cheese - "thinly sliced beetroot with the beet root juice and the cream cheese mixed together to make a spread." (Beca)
  344. Topped with Kefir cheese - "It can also be nice to dip pieces of toast in fresh kefir so that they are slightly mushy with a bit of zing to the taste." (Beca)
  345. Topped with honey and a sprinkling of ovaltine or horlicks, a commercial mix used to make a hot malted milk drink popular in the U.K. and Asia (Beca)
  346. Topped with chocolate spread and apple sauce (Beca)
  347. Mmmm or Hmmm? Amee C. emailed this idea: buttered toast with grape jam, fried egg and ketchup. "It's like eating your whole breakfast all at once!" says Amee.
  348. Laurie R. can't believe we missed this one: Molasses on toast. She says, "My grandmother used to mash up a pat of cold butter into a tablespoon or two of Grandma's Molasses and spread on her warm toast. It's really delicious..."
  349. Phillip L. wrote in his email, "No, I am not on pot." His favorite is toast topped with grape jelly, potato chips and Nutella. Who believes Phillip is not on pot? Anyone? Silence. Chirp. Chirp.
  350. Madison H. sent us a bunch of ideas starting with avocado and bacon.
  351. Topped with Cheddar cheese with orange slices (Madison H.)
  352. Topped with butter and ham (Madison H.)
  353. Topped with feta cheese, apple slices and a sprinkle of vinaigrette (Madison H.)
  354. Charmaine N. emailed that she like white toast with butter and dry Nestum. Nestum is a kind of granulated infant cereal that's meant to be mixed with water like Cream of Wheat.
  355. Olivia from Indonesia says she has been "in love with toast all (my) life." She likes hers with crumbled feta cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds.
  356. Olivia (above) tells us that her grandpapa takes his toast with bacon and strawberry jam. Olivia says, "I haven't had the guts to try it myself."
  357. Gretchen M. wrote in saying she was surprised no one mentioned Veganaise (aka egg-free mayonnaise). She likes "the kind made with grapeseed oil topped with slices of avocado and tomato."
  358. Erika B. from Atlanta likes toasted sesame seeds on toast that's been buttered or spread with cream cheese.
  359. Jordanne S. emailed us saying her favorite is buttered toast with Parmesan cheese dipped in condensed milk. In related news, marijuana is now legal in 23 states (as of May 2015.)
  360. Karen J. mixes two unlikely partners on her toast: avocado and jam.
  361. Charlotte B. from South England says, "I always love cream cheese with lettuce on toast. It's especially good when I'm ill."
  362. Kim B. emailed to say toast with "peanut butter and fresh grapes is absolutely amazing!"
  363. Loretta from UK says here favorite toast tastes like cheesecake. She tops it with lemon butter, lemon zest, cream cheese, coconut and crushed-up gingernut biscuits (known in the U.S. as crushed cookies.)
  364. Katie N. of Brisbane, Australia likes hot buttered toast with corn relish. She says, "I used to love it as a kid, much to my parents' bafflement."
  365. Eden F. who is also from Australia likes beetroot with sliced cheese on toast.
  366. Clearly a toast innovator, Eden F. (above) also enjoys buttered toast topped with leftover stuffing from a roasted chicken.
  367. Keri K. discovered her favorite toast when she was pregnant. She tops her toast with peanut butter and Tim's Cascade Jalapeno chips. Thanks to all the pregnant women who have contibuted to this list. Thanks to you and people on pot, I believe we can keep this list growing for years.
  368. Jane K. likes her toast topped with tomato puree and vegan basil pesto with grated vegan cheese and one or two black olives. Heat up in microwave and voila… instant leftover pizza toast!

A Special Request From Mr Breakfast:

Candace K. wrote in with a great idea, "I think you should definitely try for 365 ways to prepare toast so that you have a new way every day." Let's go for it. Keep those toast ideas coming. Please send me a note about any way that you enjoy toast (direct from the toaster; no fancy-pants French or baked toast for this article). Huge thanks to all of you who have helped make this list grow so large. You guys rule! Thanks!

Awesome Update:

As of June 2015, the list surpassed 365 ideas. The new goal is 2 years worth of toast topping ideas... 730. I can't wait to hear about your favorites.

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