Western Omelette
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Western Omelette

This recipe for Omelettes was submitted by baseball27 on 9/13/2002. Click here to view the recipe.

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By jackie2383

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I used to have this when I was a child, now I want one again. I wasn't sure exactly how to make it. Thank you for the recipe. It was always called a western omelette when I was a child :)

Comment submitted: 2/6/2016 (#19784)

By Birdie

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Also good as a patty on hamburger bun with mayo.

Comment submitted: 1/3/2016 (#19727)

By J-Wolf

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It was nice. Thanks for the recipe.

Comment submitted: 12/6/2014 (#19137)

By Spice Is Nice

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I made a Spicy Western Omelette by adding 1/4 of chopped jalapeno in with the onions and bell pepper and then I put shredded Pepper Jack Cheese in the middle. I'd recommend it especially if you like spicy foods.

Comment submitted: 3/6/2013 (#15311)

By Andi K.

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We loved this recipe. Thanks.

Comment submitted: 8/9/2012 (#14282)

By Karin720

Add a little sharp cheese to the mixture and it's so good.

Comment submitted: 6/11/2012 (#14050)

By A.D.H.

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We make a version of this, except we also add diced tomatoes:) Very yummy.

Comment submitted: 5/19/2012 (#13924)

By WestLA

How is this not a Denver omelette? Although, the picture shows browning which I don't think an omelette should ever have. Although, I have met some people who prefer it that way.

Comment submitted: 2/20/2012 (#13559)

By M.W.P.

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This recipe is so good. Simple, but superb.

Comment submitted: 10/24/2011 (#13066)

By SeanO

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Even though I live on the east coast. It's the best omelette all around! 5 out of 5!

Comment submitted: 10/9/2010 (#11358)

By pinkpepper

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Finish the directions like this and it turns out great: flip omelet over when almost set, place a slice of American cheese on one side, fold and serve.

Comment submitted: 7/22/2009 (#8438)

By Britt

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Its better with egg white... yum!

Comment submitted: 11/19/2008 (#6868)


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One year later, and I still find it very enjoyable.

Comment submitted: 7/28/2008 (#5983)

By cowboy buddy

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This was very good. I loved it.

Comment submitted: 7/5/2008 (#5834)

By Carmee

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I have to say, "it was very delicious."

Comment submitted: 1/20/2008 (#4426)

By blackbird (uk)

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We call this a Spanish omlette, never the less, very good. Thos.

Comment submitted: 9/15/2007 (#3562)

By AddCheese

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I made it for me and my dad... and I love it! I didn't add any onions but I added cheese and it tasted good.

Comment submitted: 8/5/2007 (#3329)

By Pete

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Exactly what I was looking for... GREAT!

Comment submitted: 12/10/2006 (#924)

By Very Great

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This recipe is so good! I love it! I served it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Comment submitted: 11/25/2006 (#807)

By lovely coffman

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Thanks! I was so hard to look this recipe. This kind of omelet is so good... my husband likes it. Thank you!

Comment submitted: 11/2/2006 (#628)

By Fluffykins

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I looked everywhere for how to make a western omlette! Finally found it here. As if no one knows what one is. Haven't had one since I was a kid...Could not remember what's in it, but now I remember this is how my mom made them. Thank you!

Comment submitted: 9/20/2006 (#353)