Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins
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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

This recipe for Baked Goods was submitted by baseball27 on 9/13/2002. Click here to view the recipe.

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By The Beard

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We really enjoyed these muffins... every bite. Thanks! Much obliged.

Comment submitted: 1/30/2014 (#17286)

By Spazzz

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I used butter instead of margarine and I did do the optional Streusel topping. The muffins turned out great (lots of flavor). The only thing I didn't like was that making the topping was messy (stuck to my fingers), but I dolloped it on in tiny spoonfuls and it all worked out in the end.

Comment submitted: 9/6/2013 (#16408)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Matt Kittoe (Team Breakfast Member)

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Substituted 1/2 cup of the flour for oat bran, added two scoops of protein powder, reduced sugar to 1/2 cup and increased the milk to 3/4 cup. Used dark chocolate chips and natural peanut butter. Delicious!

Comment submitted: 9/14/2011 (#12905)

By Julie

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OMG they are so yummy :D I adjusted the ingredients a bit and OMG :D amazing, thx for the recipe.

Comment submitted: 2/17/2011 (#12138)

By pancakelover

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Yuck yuck yuck. The only redeeming quality of this recipe is the chocolate chips and I'm sad that I wasted them in this!! It is mega bland (and I even added a bit more peanut butter) and it has a grainy texture. Possibly my peanut butter, but I've never had issues with that peanut butter before. I don't know why in the world people like these...maybe they have never actually had a truly good muffin! I'm really so sad I wasted chocolate chips on this when there are so many other muffin recipes out there that are actually phenomenal.

Comment submitted: 12/4/2010 (#11663)

By BakerBooj

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It's my fault that I had to rate so low... I substituted sugar for splenda and my muffins were very bland:( I will try again with real sugar!

Comment submitted: 11/4/2010 (#11498)

By cookinmamma101

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They are not done yet but they smell and look delicious!!!! I added a lil bit of cinnamon just for some kick of flavor. They seem to be doing great!!

Comment submitted: 4/24/2010 (#10372)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy mshivji (Team Breakfast Member)

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Just made. Used hnvoss's advice about whole wheat flour and cutting sugar and they were great. I'm sure better without the substitutions, but very nice overall.

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I used nut oil rather than margarine (which is, after all, hardened vegetable oil). Also buttermilk to get a really good rise. Delicious!

Comment submitted: 4/5/2010 (#10239)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy hnvoss (Team Breakfast Member)

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In an effort to make breakfast goodies a bit healthier I substituted 1/2 cup ww flour for 1/2 cup white flour and cut the sugar to 1/2 cup. I also used crunchy peanut butter and milk chocolate chips. Very Good!!!

Comment submitted: 2/22/2010 (#9880)

By M.B.E.A.

I haven't made these muffins yet, but I really am looking forward in doing so, I'm sure my four little guinea pigs (Molly, Beth, Evie and Archie) can't wait to try them as well.

Comment submitted: 2/20/2010 (#9868)

By TN fan

Thanks Sophie You rock thx for the tip.

Comment submitted: 2/16/2010 (#9759)

By Family Fav

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These are so good! My family loves them. This is one of my favorite recipes.

Comment submitted: 2/6/2010 (#9639)

By Sophie

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Quick and easy to make with fantastic results! I used dark chocolate chips and they worked a treat. My only suggestion would be to state that it's 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or 180 degrees Celsius) for your overseas readers.

Comment submitted: 5/26/2009 (#8179)

By kublakon

Used whole wheat flour which must have been my mistake. Dry as a bone.

Comment submitted: 3/31/2009 (#7875)

By Brenna

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The best muffins I've ever made! I started with the batter, and couldn't stop sticking my finger in it! I added an extra egg to make the muffins extra cake like, I really think that extra egg did something! Perfectly moist and chocolatey. I'm only 15 and I made them perfectly:]

Comment submitted: 1/27/2009 (#7467)

By Katie

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Comment submitted: 1/22/2009 (#7434)

By MandyC

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Have a big glass of milk ready when you eat these!! They are really REALLY good. The peanut butter is subtle, but it is there just enough to make your lips smack while you eat them!

Comment submitted: 5/4/2008 (#5191)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy neonheart (Team Breakfast Member)

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These muffins are delicious!! The peanut butter is subtle, but the subtlety works perfectly with the chocolate chips and the moistness of the muffins.

Comment submitted: 3/2/2008 (#4730)

By Nat Dee

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These muffins are delicious; so moist they melted in my mouth. I think I enjoyed them more than my children! Thanks!!!

Comment submitted: 1/10/2008 (#4349)

By Nem

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Great recipe! I tried making it yesterday and it turned out great, thank you!

Comment submitted: 11/8/2007 (#3955)

By Mountain Girl

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This was excellent - even at higher altitudes. I added chocolate chunks instead of chips and put 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour instead of regular flour.

Comment submitted: 9/18/2007 (#3596)

By Kids Love It!

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It was so good, the kids asked for another batch. So I had to make some more later! This is a really good recipe.

Comment submitted: 8/2/2007 (#3304)

By bee

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It was really great! :) Everyone in my family loved it and it smells really good when its baking. Thank you for the great recipe! :)

Comment submitted: 7/19/2007 (#3228)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Sugarplum (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is by far the best Peanut Butter Choc-Chip muffin recipe I've tried, it never fails to deliver. Lovely texture, perfectly balanced peanutty flavour. (I halve the recipe, makes 5) Really, bake these and you'll never look back!

Comment submitted: 7/3/2007 (#3153)

By Cashncon

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Just made this recipe!!!! And it is awesome. Great review's from my husband who was skeptical about a peanut butter muffin!!!

Comment submitted: 3/25/2007 (#1949)

By April

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Comment submitted: 3/16/2007 (#1845)

By Diane

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My family loves this recipe and it is so simple to bake. Thank you.

Comment submitted: 1/16/2007 (#1223)

By backdraft youth

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Our youth group baked these for our after service fellowship - the congregation LOVED them!!! It''s become a favorite of my own kids at home also!

Comment submitted: 11/20/2006 (#771)

By L.J. Taylor

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Quick and easy to make, and my kids love them.

Comment submitted: 10/1/2006 (#426)

By I. B. Hooked

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Very very good. I am hooked on this.

Comment submitted: 9/3/2006 (#264)

By Michael L.

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Very, very good, delicious, tasty and nice texture.

Comment submitted: 8/18/2006 (#73)

By Wendy

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I made this recipe using mini chocolate chips and sprinkled a few extra chips on top. People asked me where I bought them. Thanks for a great recipe!

Comment submitted: 8/2/2006 (#72)