Chocolate Chip Muffins
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Chocolate Chip Muffins

This recipe for Baked Goods was submitted by BethH on 5/7/2002. Click here to view the recipe.

Recipe number 239.

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By Funzo

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love this recipe! It's awesome!

Comment submitted: 10/12/2018 (#20648)

By Joya

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

OMG! First time making them. I'd say they are almost better than chocolate chip cookies!

Comment submitted: 12/6/2015 (#19683)

By Momma T.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Yum! So good. My new favorite muffin recipe!

Comment submitted: 11/27/2015 (#19670)

By Babz

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My coworkers and family love them.

Comment submitted: 7/1/2014 (#18917)

By Momof2

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Love this recipe. I make them in mini muffin pans. Then I wrap up 3 in a bag and give to the kids for a school snack. Cheaper and better tasting than the store bought.

Comment submitted: 1/2/2014 (#17235)

By UNC Mom

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I've been using this recipe for 10 years. It never gets old with my family!

Comment submitted: 9/7/2013 (#16420)

By NeverBakedB4

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It's perfect. It's the first time for me to bake and I was so afraid. I didn't add any extra to it, but I think more walnut will be great. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe... all the family enjoyed it.

Comment submitted: 5/5/2013 (#15825)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy dandh (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Best Muffins Ever!!!

Comment submitted: 3/19/2013 (#15428)

By MamaGene

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very good. Grandpa (my husband) and the grand-kids all give it a great big thumbs up. I understand the people who think it has too many chocolate chips. I'm sure you could reduce that to 9 ounces and they'd still be good. But, we thought it was wonderful just as you wrote it. Thanks!

Comment submitted: 3/2/2013 (#15292)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy khaefs2008 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I thought that this recipe had too much of a vanilla taste to it. Maybe a little less vanilla and they'd be perfect.

Comment submitted: 10/13/2012 (#14617)

By David J.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Making this for about my 5th time now. Turns out great every time.

Comment submitted: 9/13/2012 (#14400)

By blythe

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Worked great for us. Didn't use nuts. Added 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon to the dry ingredient. Success!

Comment submitted: 8/21/2012 (#14315)

By Emma & Dakota

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Me and my friend wanted a snack as our breakfast, and came across these. We figured that they would be good as mini-muffins. It made around 50. Delicious for the whole family.

Comment submitted: 7/27/2012 (#14194)

By goalie

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

OMG! They were so good. I didn't even know how they were going to turn out but... wow :)

Comment submitted: 6/30/2012 (#14092)

By Maow

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Made these into jumbo muffins on Mother's Day! Replaced the chocolate chips with cinnamon chips, and they turned out lovely! Delicious!

Comment submitted: 5/13/2012 (#13904)

By Emily

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I am NOT a regular baker, but I decided to be a little daring and make these for treats at work. I was pretty scared putting them into the oven because I had never made them before . . . I checked on them after 15 minutes and had to close the oven door immediately and hold on to my heart. They looked AMAZING! So amazing, in fact, that my roommates and I gobbled them all up and I ended up making a brownie mix for work. Delicious!

Comment submitted: 4/8/2012 (#13760)

By wayland

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This muffin recipe was so good!!! A huge hit with my family. I did not add the nuts and the muffins turned out great. This is definitely a keeper!

Comment submitted: 3/25/2012 (#13719)

By LL Cool

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used 2 teaspoons of salt and more chocolate chips with raisins, that's also a delicious alternative!

Comment submitted: 1/27/2012 (#13475)

By Rachel

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used the exact recipe and the muffins came out more like scones - hard as rocks. Any tips? Add more milk, sour cream or eggs?

Comment submitted: 1/5/2012 (#13396)

By I. Chew

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins were a big hit with my friends. One even asked for the recipe. Thanks Mr B!

Comment submitted: 12/21/2011 (#13331)

By ryder

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love it. I am always coming here for recipes. If I was the mayor, I would give y'all a hundred dollars so you can make me some of your recipes. 5 stars for this one!

Comment submitted: 12/11/2011 (#13305)

By Mama J.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

We loved them. This is probably the best muffin recipe that I've used all year. Thanks.

Comment submitted: 11/13/2011 (#13187)

By katie9

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are amazing. I love them and so do my sisters. I'm only 9 and I can make them. Awesome!

Comment submitted: 11/4/2011 (#13112)

By MarshDarsh

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

That was easy and everyone raved. Thanks for a really good recipe.

Comment submitted: 10/16/2011 (#13033)

By simone

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Easy way to cook and I feel happy to have tried it. Thanks.

Comment submitted: 10/3/2011 (#12976)

By smiles

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They are amazing. Thanks for the recipe! I agree with all the favorable comments... except, come on... how can you have too much chocolate. It's impossible. Smile.

Comment submitted: 10/1/2011 (#12963)

By Chocolate

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

YUM! There is no such thing as too much chocolate.

Comment submitted: 10/1/2011 (#12960)

By Nikki

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

We love them - I only use 1 cup of chocolate chips and they are still fantastic - should be rated 10 eggs they are that easy and that good.

Comment submitted: 9/23/2011 (#12934)

By Elaine

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Fabulous recipe... very easy! It was extra special with the smashed banana. I made them twice in one week; my family could not stop eating them. - Elaine

Comment submitted: 6/16/2011 (#12809)

By nutzo

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This was a very good recipe and I can use it more and more again.

Comment submitted: 6/12/2011 (#12784)

By DaMan99

These look great! I'm going to try and cook these for my dad... since he's not really into cooking that much anymore.. :P

Comment submitted: 5/12/2011 (#12676)

By Great Muffin

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I never liked muffins and now I do!!!!!

Comment submitted: 4/28/2011 (#12602)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy callie789 (Team Breakfast Member)

These muffins look really good. I think I will try them soon! Thanks for the recipe!

Comment submitted: 4/26/2011 (#12545)

By MaryP

After trying 3 different recipes, these were the best! I made them for the teachers at school and they love them.

Comment submitted: 4/23/2011 (#12488)

By DeeDee

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Yum, used 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour, 1 1/2 c. all purpose flour, some ground flax seeds, cinnamon and my family loved it, couldn't even tell it had some healthy ingredients in it. Going to try recipe with blueberries next time, no chocolate chips.

Comment submitted: 4/17/2011 (#12466)

By Krystal

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins were amazing! I made the recipe exactly how it says, but then added 2 smashed bananas; which made it more delicious. They came out so moist in the inside, and a trick to make sure the chocolate chips stay throughout the muffins; put some flour over them and mix it together before you add to the batter. It keeps it from sinking to the bottom.

I will defiantly be making these again, and they are so simple :)

Comment submitted: 4/16/2011 (#12465)

By Lauren

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Oh my word! I just made these and they're awesome. I made a little change... I only did 1/2 bag of choc. chips and I added 2 bananas, mashed. Love them!

Comment submitted: 4/3/2011 (#12389)

By Girlygirl

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Delicious muffins. The batter was delicious too!!

Comment submitted: 3/8/2011 (#12269)

By fantastico

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Couldn't afford the nuts but apart from that... fantastico!!

Comment submitted: 3/6/2011 (#12248)

By silly c.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Easy and very tasty but too much chocolate but hey great overall.

Comment submitted: 2/22/2011 (#12186)

By fluffer j.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very easy and very good!!

Comment submitted: 2/12/2011 (#12112)

By Penny

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I have been adapting this recipe by replacing half the butter with plain yogurt and using half the chocolate chips called for. These are very well-liked and more suitable for everyday family breakfasts.

Comment submitted: 1/30/2011 (#12031)

By tintotao

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

OMG! Wow! Great recipe!

Comment submitted: 1/29/2011 (#12020)

By jjhere

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are REALLY good!

Comment submitted: 1/18/2011 (#11931)

By LisaBea

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Followed recipe to the letter and found the batter came out like cookie dough. Had to add more milk to get it to a batter consistency. I didn't find them to have a whole lot of flavor although they did come out light and fluffy. Feeling a little mixed on this one.

Comment submitted: 1/17/2011 (#11928)

By muffinhunter

Very very good! The best I've found online yet. I have a nut allergy in the house and they came out great without nuts too. Next I'm going to try making these with cocoa powder and white chocolate chips. Mmm!

Comment submitted: 12/27/2010 (#11791)

By gadaga

Do you have to have the nuts?

Comment submitted: 12/21/2010 (#11761)

By nysalon

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Best muffin recipe. People - if you haven't tried this one you are missing out. Deeee-licious!

Comment submitted: 12/18/2010 (#11737)

By aj42

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This recipe was great. They turned out perfect. Just a side note: if you have an older conventional oven, you may want to start the muffins off in the oven for only 10 minutes and then check them every couple minutes from there. They burn easily. Whoever's recipe this is, I love it :)

Comment submitted: 12/13/2010 (#11711)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy cynlea (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The recipe is deliciously awesome! I would definitely use this again. However, I would suggest 1 cup of milk instead of 2/3 cup because both wet and dry ingredients were too dry to blend. Other than that, it's great.

Comment submitted: 12/13/2010 (#11706)

By Vada B.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is a great recipe.

Comment submitted: 12/6/2010 (#11674)

By chezz

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Turned out awesome! Could use a bit more sugar... but I just have a sweet tooth.

Comment submitted: 11/30/2010 (#11646)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Tenalia98 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Best muffins ever! Woot! Woot!

Comment submitted: 11/29/2010 (#11641)

By joe bob

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Good! I will make them and freeze them and in the mornings I will microwave them. They are great with self rising flour.

Comment submitted: 11/27/2010 (#11624)

By Famous Nick

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very good.

Comment submitted: 11/20/2010 (#11589)

By hector liria

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I just made them for my coworkers,they look goooooood. I added more chocolate chips. I like them a lot, thanks for the recipe. - Hector Liria

Comment submitted: 11/14/2010 (#11561)

By Ulima

I made those muffins. They are delicious. My only problem is that I think that 400 degrees can be changed to 350.

Comment submitted: 11/13/2010 (#11555)

By inquo

Hey Nancy LR: 12 ounces is 1 1/2 cups.

Comment submitted: 11/12/2010 (#11550)

By W.R.D.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I would advise putting in extra chocolate chips. Mine lacked that so my muffins tasted more like cupcake then a muffin. None-the-less still a very good recipe, and I was pleased.

Comment submitted: 11/11/2010 (#11538)

By Nancy LR

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Delicious, very quick and easy to throw together. I used about 1 and 1/2 cups chocolate chips.

Comment submitted: 10/31/2010 (#11488)

By rolly

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very tasty - a little hard to make but worth it - I would make it every day if I could.

Comment submitted: 10/26/2010 (#11459)

By Tal Lee

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are so good. I love them.

Comment submitted: 10/23/2010 (#11443)

By Cat

Way to much chocolate for a little muffin. I did not even put the whole bag. Maybe about 3/4. Not quite a 1/2 cup would do next time.

Comment submitted: 10/21/2010 (#11429)

By Cheri V.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Amazing. Tasty. Easy. Fun. Lovely. Yeah.

Comment submitted: 10/14/2010 (#11384)

By Nick N.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The muffins tasted great. My family LOVED them! They had a lot of chocolate chips, though.

Comment submitted: 10/6/2010 (#11346)

By windy

I made this for cooking class, and everyone in my group liked it, they are much better served warm though, so don't even think about serving it cold.

Comment submitted: 10/4/2010 (#11331)

By anna1lol

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The muffins were good but they had a little bit to much chocolate chips to me. So, I added a half of a bag and not a whole bag and it is DELICIOUS!!:) They are so so so good and ya you need to try them. Please tell me how they work for you.

your friend Anna

Comment submitted: 10/3/2010 (#11321)

By Michael A.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The chocolate chip muffins were very tasty. Everyone in my class enjoyed them. I would recommend this receipe.

Comment submitted: 10/1/2010 (#11315)

By one2six

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It was great. I added a sprinkle on cinnamon to the mix. And it was so good.

Comment submitted: 9/21/2010 (#11263)

By Lindsey

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are easy to make and extremely yummy! I added 1/3 cup of margarine instead of the 1/2 of butter but it still came out wonderful. Not to mention this is the first recipe that came out to the same number of muffins that it said it would.

Comment submitted: 9/14/2010 (#11222)

By MySharona

When baking small amounts use a book for "small Batch Baking" rather than try to adjust a full size one. It works better and everyone is happy.

Comment submitted: 9/14/2010 (#11221)

By Elanor

Can you tell me how to adjust your recipe to make 3 muffinss only. I tried other recipes by dividing the proportions, but the muffins came out hard. My daughter needs to make 3 muffins for her class project. Thanks.

Comment submitted: 9/13/2010 (#11213)

By keith

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I've made this for my culinary class My classmates loves this. ^_^

Comment submitted: 9/12/2010 (#11210)

By Doggy Lover

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Easy recipe. I love it. My dog loves chocolate chips.

Comment submitted: 9/10/2010 (#11192)

By keri

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these last week for my family and I'm making them again today for friends! They are delicious!!! Make sure you mix everything well and you shouldn't have any issue with this easy delicious recipe!!!

Comment submitted: 9/5/2010 (#11168)

By GracieMae

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

For chocolate lovers, use the whole amount of chips! They are scrumptious. I reserved a small handful of chips to sprinkle on the tops - 8 or 10 per muffin - and they look fabulous. I used the full amount of butter and whole wheat flour, and they were nicely moist. Perfect!

Comment submitted: 9/5/2010 (#11167)

By ilikemuffins

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Ooooooooooh my gawd, those dang muffins rock.

Comment submitted: 9/2/2010 (#11157)

By Jackie

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins were awesome!!!! My kids and daycare kids devoured them and begged for more. Have to make them at least once a week now for after school snack.

Comment submitted: 8/31/2010 (#11149)

By Little Darling

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I replaced some of the milk with plain yogurt and reduced the amount of chocolate chips to a bit over a cup. They turned out great, and were really popular among my friends at a recent potluck. :)

Comment submitted: 8/16/2010 (#11078)

By Carebear

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very Yummy, and so easy to make :)

Comment submitted: 8/13/2010 (#11059)


Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These were so good and so easy. They turned out tender. I made them into jumbo muffins for my husband.

Comment submitted: 8/3/2010 (#11009)

By Melody

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I have used this recipe before and it came out great! Use the recommended amount of chips if you like chocolate!

Comment submitted: 8/2/2010 (#11004)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy callie789 (Team Breakfast Member)

Since it's like the most famous recipe on the site, it must be delicious!! Looks pretty good!! Thanks 4 the recipe!!! (:

Comment submitted: 8/2/2010 (#11003)

By Mommy Holmes

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

AMAZING-easy and perfect DON'T cut chips in half use-them all. SO SO SO good.

Comment submitted: 7/31/2010 (#10991)

By momfromMaine

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Just cut the amount of chocolate chips in half and they are great!

Comment submitted: 7/27/2010 (#10970)

By LuvMuffin

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

BEST. MUFFIN. EVER. AND yeah right Starbuck's cant top this one. I used to make it every weekend and now that I stopped because I'm trying to lose weight, my mom always saying "I'm craving muffins"

Comment submitted: 7/26/2010 (#10967)

By UpUpAway

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Amazing!! I got a lot of complements. Thanks!!

Comment submitted: 7/25/2010 (#10962)

By Molyneux

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is the best muffin I've ever made at home. I've had better ones at Starbucks, but this is a very close second.

Comment submitted: 7/20/2010 (#10935)

By natalka

A little too sweet and too dense for me.

Comment submitted: 7/19/2010 (#10923)

By Giana, age 7

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The muffins were so delicious!!!

Comment submitted: 7/18/2010 (#10914)

By Kristen

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

So delicious! I sprinkled sugar on top before baking them and it was soooo yummy!

Comment submitted: 7/18/2010 (#10912)

By Liv

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The only ingredient they missed was a big glass of milk! They were really good, thanks!

Comment submitted: 7/17/2010 (#10900)

By Sarah

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It was so good! Best recipe I've come upon!

Comment submitted: 7/12/2010 (#10872)

By K.D.A.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Excellent muffins and easy to make.

Comment submitted: 7/11/2010 (#10869)

By seniorritaz

Recipe Rating (out of 5):


Comment submitted: 7/11/2010 (#10868)

By saulj

These look delicious but I haven't actually made them yet and I am about to go try them out.

Comment submitted: 7/10/2010 (#10865)

By BounceBack

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Insanely good muffins.

Comment submitted: 7/5/2010 (#10835)

By MiniMaker

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Makes great mini muffins too! Makes 48 mini muffins though...

Comment submitted: 7/4/2010 (#10823)

By The Walkins

My whole family loves these muffins. Very good recipe.

Comment submitted: 6/29/2010 (#10798)

By Meeka

Recipe Rating (out of 5):


Comment submitted: 6/25/2010 (#10765)

By linnytay

This recipe takes longer than 15-20 minutes. I've had mine in for about 25-27.

Comment submitted: 6/24/2010 (#10760)

By G-Rajput

Does anyone have suggestions for an egg-less version?

Comment submitted: 6/23/2010 (#10756)

By ugogrl

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

So easy and fast. Love it. Thank you.

Comment submitted: 6/21/2010 (#10741)

By grandpa1

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Really enjoyed Baking these with my grandkids! They just ate them right up!

Comment submitted: 6/19/2010 (#10719)

By Carolina

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Perfect every time. Love this one.

Comment submitted: 6/16/2010 (#10705)

By MrBee

These Muffins are Awesome... I added a crushed banana cos the the kids love banana muffins too... I halved the recipe too which turned out great cos had I made 12, we would have eaten 12 right there at breakfast... Another great recipe from Mr Breakfast... We Luv ya Mr Breakfast...

Comment submitted: 6/13/2010 (#10675)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Lheartsl (Team Breakfast Member)

Great muffins, easy to make and the kids love them... and so do the adults!

Comment submitted: 6/9/2010 (#10653)

By charlbabes09

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I am 12 and they were easy to make but do you need the butter melted ?

Comment submitted: 6/9/2010 (#10650)

By SlickNic

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Excellent! I did them without nuts or pecans and my friends loved them!

Comment submitted: 6/8/2010 (#10648)

By Lumens

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were great to have for a sweet treat!! One of my favorite muffin recipes of all time.

Comment submitted: 6/8/2010 (#10643)

By HyDRO-7

It was GREAT!! Those pecans tasted amazing with the chocolate chips!

Comment submitted: 6/6/2010 (#10629)

By My Way

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I did this recipe with whole wheat flour, white sugar and pumpkin seeds instead of walnut, it's good!

Comment submitted: 5/31/2010 (#10592)

By Mickey

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Great muffins! I made with 1/2 the chips and no nuts. Still really good!!

Comment submitted: 5/30/2010 (#10580)

By beans11

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I may be eleven but weafter I made this recipe my tongue started to dance it woz absolutly amazing!

Comment submitted: 5/25/2010 (#10556)

By Devika CN

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were very good. I made them minus the nuts and they were a hit with the kids.

Comment submitted: 5/22/2010 (#10540)

By Bowman SC

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Wow! Best muffins ever!!!!!

Comment submitted: 5/22/2010 (#10539)

By jawbone

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

OMG - this was the best muffin breakfast I have ever had I made them and they are awesome.

Comment submitted: 5/16/2010 (#10508)

By Nifty

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very good! We loved it(:

Comment submitted: 5/9/2010 (#10474)

By Hoshi

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Mother's day muffins for me and my mom... Mmmm.

Comment submitted: 5/9/2010 (#10470)

By breakfast-yum

Too many chocolate chips. They were alright but not my favorite. They were good though, don't get me wrong.

Comment submitted: 5/8/2010 (#10466)

By Philippa

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were light and fluffy and a hit with the kids :)

Comment submitted: 5/2/2010 (#10427)

By Midge

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I took them to work 5 minutes ago and they are all gone now! Everyone loves them. The only change I made was to reduce the amount of chips to 3/4 of the package as suggested. This recipe is a keeper.

Comment submitted: 4/28/2010 (#10402)

By soccergal

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins were amazing!

Comment submitted: 4/26/2010 (#10389)

By peep

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were great. Nothing was wrong!!!

Comment submitted: 4/18/2010 (#10336)

By katwazhere

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This was amazing!!! I highly recommend this to others!!!

Comment submitted: 4/18/2010 (#10333)

By Boricua

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very yummy! I used rice flour instead of all purpose flour because it was what I had on hand. I also used the suggestion of using 1/4 cup vegetable oil instead of butter and using 1/2 the amount of chocolate chips, and they came out delicious!

Comment submitted: 4/17/2010 (#10327)

By morph

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It tasted awesome. I loved the melted chips that I used on my muffins.

Comment submitted: 4/17/2010 (#10324)


Recipe Rating (out of 5):

OMGGG - It was sooo gooood. I want more!

Comment submitted: 4/14/2010 (#10304)

By ccc

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are delicious. There a little dry but I think that was my fault for using too much flour but there wonderful !! They only last a day in our house and I always have 2 double the batch.

Comment submitted: 4/11/2010 (#10286)

By T.T.Y.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Oh, wow! Absolutely delicious!!

Comment submitted: 4/8/2010 (#10260)

By anita

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Really big hit at my work. Will make again 4 sure.

Comment submitted: 4/6/2010 (#10242)

By Aaron Farand

I love this recipe. This is about my 5th time using it. Perfect every time. Oh yeah!!

Comment submitted: 3/30/2010 (#10201)

By lala:)

AHH, these muffins are orgasmic! :D

Comment submitted: 3/26/2010 (#10158)

By J. Mountain

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I really like this Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe!! They am out great and really fresh!!!!!!

Comment submitted: 3/25/2010 (#10150)

By Danni

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Amazing, even with out butter!! Amazing!!

Comment submitted: 3/24/2010 (#10142)

By bakingbabe

These muffins were amazing I have never tried anything better in my life! :D

Comment submitted: 3/22/2010 (#10125)

By Avid Baker

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I saw all the five star reviews and couldn't wait to try this recipe. I'm always excited to try a new recipe. Three people ate the muffins and said they were okay. I'm not saying they were bad, but in my opinion, just okay. I am an avid baker and will not be keeping this recipe.

Comment submitted: 3/14/2010 (#10062)

By L.P.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Oh my, these were excellent muffins. :)

Comment submitted: 3/13/2010 (#10052)

By Dana R.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made them and they were easy and delicious! The family loved them so much I only got one :)

Comment submitted: 3/11/2010 (#10031)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy ecostain (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Didn't add the nuts but followed all the other steps and ingredients. Cooked for 15 minutes and these yummy muffins are just perfect! Thanks!!

Comment submitted: 3/9/2010 (#10006)

By checkers

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Fantastic muffins!

Comment submitted: 3/6/2010 (#9986)

By siren

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Love it! Great recipe!

Comment submitted: 3/3/2010 (#9965)

By Aimee

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Love It!!! :DD

Comment submitted: 3/2/2010 (#9960)

By b. brophy

It was very g-o-o-o-o-o-d-d-d-d-d! Yummy! I want to make this recipe everyday! Oh how great was it mmm mmmm.

Comment submitted: 2/26/2010 (#9920)

By Angeliz742

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Love this recipe. The muffins are so moist and rich. Not fluffy and light like some recipes. I didn't use all 12 oz of the chips. The first time I made this recipe I did and it was just TOO MUCH chocolate... I know I know you can never have enough but I used only 6 oz this time and they were perfect. :) Thanks!!!

Comment submitted: 2/25/2010 (#9912)

By Yah Baby

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Dang yummy yummy in my tummy... it was the best of the best great recipe :)

Comment submitted: 2/24/2010 (#9903)

By B.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used just two ounces of choc chips and a handful of raisins and they were lovely. They don't need any more sugar in them! Its a great batter though. I made mini ones and the recipe gave loads (about 50!)

Comment submitted: 2/24/2010 (#9899)

By Lovington

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Wow! Mr. Breakfast you're my hero! The batter alone made me swoon! Also the recipe halved very nicely... to keep me from devouring an entire dozen!

Comment submitted: 2/24/2010 (#9898)

By Skyee

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Good :) Yuumm!

Comment submitted: 2/24/2010 (#9896)

By Sexxii

This soundzz radical!!!! I'll rate after I make!

Comment submitted: 2/21/2010 (#9877)

By MariaSpain

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Amazing recipe!! I just made it for breakfast and it is yummi!!

Comment submitted: 2/21/2010 (#9869)

By kateprd

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Just made these for lunch!!! They are delicious. Great recipe that I will be using for a long time! Thank you.

Comment submitted: 2/18/2010 (#9842)

By Jill90

This sounds great! Can not wait to try it out!!

Comment submitted: 2/16/2010 (#9744)

By Tina Newmark

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are so delicious and they even sound delightful! What a great recipe!

Comment submitted: 2/16/2010 (#9727)

By Lin

On a Snowy Saturday I made these muffins. I doubled the recipe and followed the directions to a "T". They turn out awful! I have no idea what went wrong! Very upset... Any ideas on what I could have possibly done? Only thing different I used was "brown" eggs but I wouldn't think this would have anything to do with them turning out soooo bad.

Comment submitted: 2/16/2010 (#9721)

By Jan

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It's very delicious.

Comment submitted: 2/12/2010 (#9696)

By freebird

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Great. It was so good and it was all gone in 3 days!!!

Comment submitted: 2/8/2010 (#9659)

By i <3 baking

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This recipe was very impressive! I am 16 years old and I love baking! This morning was the first time I had ever made them, and well being obsessed with cinnamon I had to add 1 tablespoon of it with the flour mixture. The cinnamon made it FANTASTIC! I add cinnamon in almost everything. I will say there are too many chocolate chips but other than that this is one fine recipe! I couldnt help myself but to lick out the bowl so when they were done i only had room for one muffin! I took other peoples advice and didnt use the paper cups. I just sprayed the pan with lots of pam. And one last thing i will add is 17 minutes is PERFECT. Thank you for creating these muffins Mr. Breakast my family loves them :)

Comment submitted: 2/8/2010 (#9655)

By nardo22

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these muffins and they turned out very well. The recipe calls for too many chocolate chips though. I used less than half the suggested amount of them and it turned out great. Also, it tastes good if you use half semi-sweet chips and half white chocolate chips!

Comment submitted: 2/8/2010 (#9653)

By (0alex0)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Super good! I wouldn't use as much chocolate chips, but other than that they are super duperly delectable!!!! :)

Comment submitted: 2/6/2010 (#9637)

By cashback

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These Chocolate chip muffins are YOOMY!!

Comment submitted: 2/3/2010 (#9610)

By summerniteowl

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Wonderful!!! My 4 children and I all made this recipe this morning to surprise their Dad when he stopped back home =) They are moist and very tasty. However, we did cut the amount of chocolate chips suggested almost in half.

Comment submitted: 2/3/2010 (#9605)

By snackers

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My kids loved them.

Comment submitted: 2/2/2010 (#9596)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy lynprans (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very good. A great recipe to do together with your granddaughter. They were very tasty. I agree with Yumaroo and used less cho chips. Thanks for the recipe.

Comment submitted: 1/30/2010 (#9569)

By Yumaroo

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It wasn't that moist though it had a great taste that everyone liked. Though I would add less chocolate chips and walnuts.

Comment submitted: 1/25/2010 (#9545)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy pashunitboutfoo (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are fantastic, my picky 2 year old grandson gobbled them up.

Comment submitted: 1/21/2010 (#9502)

By 66faster

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It was so good.

Comment submitted: 1/20/2010 (#9501)

By vicky

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Great recipe! Made these for my grandchildren and they loved them!

Comment submitted: 1/15/2010 (#9467)

By Lily-CostaRica

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

AMAZING!!! I absolutely LOVE these muffins. Thanks for the recipe!! :)

Comment submitted: 1/11/2010 (#9440)

By Teresa

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were really floury. I tried to make it so it had less flour so the taste would be less, but it didn't work.

Comment submitted: 1/10/2010 (#9434)

By Vermont

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Excellent. Made these for my daughter's 14th birthday breakfast. Usually, I make them from a box. She LOVED these. Much Much better than from a box.

Comment submitted: 1/8/2010 (#9418)

By Brenda99

Yummy - going to make another batch right now.

Comment submitted: 1/7/2010 (#9416)


Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were very good. I think I will make them again but more!!!!

Comment submitted: 1/7/2010 (#9411)

By G. Silver

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Delicious and so easy! This will become a regular at our house.

Comment submitted: 1/7/2010 (#9408)

By Dover

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Theses were really yummy!

Comment submitted: 1/5/2010 (#9399)

By Arcticfish

Instead of using chocolate chips, can I just cover them in frosting?

Comment submitted: 1/4/2010 (#9384)

By Toby

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used these muffins for a school project:) Great!

Comment submitted: 1/2/2010 (#9359)

By Slice Of Heaven

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I actually made this into a loaf and cut into slices and was yummy!!

Comment submitted: 1/1/2010 (#9353)

By Love Chocolate

Anyone know how to add pumpkin to the recipe and keep the texture/batter the same?

Comment submitted: 1/1/2010 (#9346)

By dancer15

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Absolutely delicious!

Comment submitted: 12/31/2009 (#9340)

By nuttynuggets

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Outstanding! If you want a good tasting muffin that doesn't take long to make then make this one for sure.

Comment submitted: 12/28/2009 (#9319)

By taster

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Good taste, a little crisper than I would like. Don't use paper cups b/c the muffins stick to the wrapper.

Comment submitted: 12/26/2009 (#9294)

By petron

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are addicting!

Comment submitted: 12/23/2009 (#9274)

By stubbs

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very good muffins. Will make again 4 sure.

Comment submitted: 12/21/2009 (#9266)

By Rachel

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They have a nice taste. I love them. Thank you so much. Yummy! -Rachel

Comment submitted: 12/21/2009 (#9264)

By P. Retty

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are wonderful! Thank you so much Mr. Breakfast! Your the best!

Comment submitted: 12/17/2009 (#9243)

By Reed

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They taste really nice. I tried it at school!

Comment submitted: 12/12/2009 (#9214)

By blondie

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is the best muffin I've ever made. Thanks Mr. Breakfast!

Comment submitted: 12/12/2009 (#9213)

By man-made muffin

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They taste amazing!

Comment submitted: 12/9/2009 (#9202)

By amanda song

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Amazing! I loved it!

Comment submitted: 12/7/2009 (#9188)

By I. M. Sandy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is amazing:) Thank you!

Comment submitted: 12/5/2009 (#9163)

By Good Family

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love this recipe, I've been making them for my husband and family for a few years now and they're always a fav. and I usually hate muffins!!

Comment submitted: 12/4/2009 (#9156)

By Destynee Sterds

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Thank u for this recipe. My mum made them the other day and I would like to try them too. Good job well done. Well, my mum's waiting for me in the kitchen to make these again so ok thank you!

Comment submitted: 11/30/2009 (#9133)

By Michele

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These were delicious! Thank you!

Comment submitted: 11/23/2009 (#9089)

By Piickle

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I didn't really like these muffins. They were very bland in taste and didn't really look like muffins... just blobs of chocolate muffin really. If I were to try this recipe again I would add in some spices and not as many chocolate chips and nuts.

Comment submitted: 11/22/2009 (#9079)

By flippydoo chick

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

So, I made these for my daughters gymnastics party. They all loved them, but there was one problem. There are about 20 girls so I thought that I would double the recipe because the recipe said it only made 12. What I didn't realize is that the recipe meant 12 LARGE muffins and 24 small muffins. So I ended up with about 48 small muffins.

Comment submitted: 11/21/2009 (#9067)

By Snapper

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

So yummy right out of the oven!

Comment submitted: 11/19/2009 (#9059)

By MeemsBeams

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

So simple and delicious!

Comment submitted: 11/14/2009 (#9039)

By baker

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Omitted the nuts, worked just as well. Quick and easy to make, just what I was looking for texture-wise. Do not over-mix - secret to any good muffin.

Comment submitted: 11/13/2009 (#9037)

By Comp Sci

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They are so good! We ate them in computer class and they didn't fall apart! Yummy!

Comment submitted: 11/13/2009 (#9032)

By Amber

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I rate this recipe 5 out of 5. It was awesome, as stated above the chips didn't sink to the bottom, they were so easy to make. I already had all the ingredients in my pantry. This recipe is a keeper! Thanks!

Comment submitted: 11/9/2009 (#9009)

By Cherry

I'm searching for the recipe of chocolate choc. chip muffin when I stumbled upon your recipe. I'm tempted to try your recipe out, however, I'm also wondering if I could make chocolate muffin by adding in cocoa powder to your recipe? How much of cocoa powder should I add and if I should be making any adjustments to the ingredients in your original recipe? Appreciate your advise.

Comment submitted: 11/9/2009 (#9006)

By buzz12345

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They are very good. We love them. I think their better than the one I had at Perkins the other night. And I thought that one was the best one ever. I think everyone should eat them!

Comment submitted: 11/8/2009 (#9004)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy hillrain (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I also only used about half a bag of chocolate chips. The muffins were still bursting with chocolate. I can't imagine using a whole bag. Also, I only had unsalted butter, so I doubled the salt. These are super easy to make and taste fantastic. I agree that the batter supports the chips really well. No chips sinking to the bottom in these muffins!!!

Comment submitted: 11/8/2009 (#9001)

By I_luv_muffins!

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are amazing!!! These muffins are amazing!!! These muffins are amazing!!!

Comment submitted: 11/6/2009 (#8982)

By wesnlani

This is a yummy recipe. I did use 1/4 cup vegetable oil instead of butter and about 1/2 the amount of chips. It was plenty:) My daughter has a dairy allergy and these muffins held up to the soy milk addition instead of cow milk.

Comment submitted: 11/4/2009 (#8964)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Sunniebgi (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

What a most wonderful recipe. Outstanding. The batter holds up to the chips and the taste is really good.

Comment submitted: 10/30/2009 (#8932)

By m. m. m.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The best chocolate muffins I ever tasted!!

Comment submitted: 10/27/2009 (#8913)

By scooterstore

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Loved this. My son enjoyed them as well.

Comment submitted: 10/26/2009 (#8906)

By bakelaxball:)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Veryy nicee! :))

Comment submitted: 10/23/2009 (#8883)

By 4tune8

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Sweet success!!! If anything, these have too much chocolate. I'll make them again, bit probably won't use entire package of chocolate chips.

Comment submitted: 10/18/2009 (#8860)

By Muff-o

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

OMG! This is awesome. I can eat it all day and nite lol... well thanks for this wonderful recipeee! :D

Comment submitted: 10/14/2009 (#8846)

By Need4Class

I really hope this works! But I think it will because in my home and carrers class I need a recipe (and I'm not much of a cook) but I have faith in your muffin recipe!!

Comment submitted: 10/12/2009 (#8832)

By soledad

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I liked it. Thanks!

Comment submitted: 10/8/2009 (#8808)

By Carol

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Baked this morning to serve to my Bible Study Class. Very good results. Yummy taste! This recipe I will save! Thanks!

Comment submitted: 10/7/2009 (#8799)

By JayJay123

It was precise! The most delicious muffins I have ever had.

Comment submitted: 10/4/2009 (#8791)

By i8it4u

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love this recipe A LOT. Thank you 4 putting it on the net.

Comment submitted: 10/2/2009 (#8785)

By SammyJO

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these for a food day at work. They went over very well. The receipe is easy enough for me to remeber so I will probably make them again for brunch and such.

Comment submitted: 10/2/2009 (#8784)

By johna

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Bravo! That's what they're saying about these muffins. Just brought them to work and I'm am Miss Popularity for the rest of the day.

Comment submitted: 9/30/2009 (#8779)

By :(happyteen:)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Mmm(: These are so good, I made my best friend go back and make more because I ate them all before she got a chance to have one(:

Comment submitted: 9/28/2009 (#8763)

By Denise

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Made these twice now and were a big hit!

Comment submitted: 9/27/2009 (#8758)

By Muffin Lover <3

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I THINK this recipe is awesome! It is just perfect enough.

Comment submitted: 9/26/2009 (#8756)

By Nancy D.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

There are three very happy children eating these right now. My daughter and her friends love these muffins.

Comment submitted: 9/21/2009 (#8731)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy jodygates (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Made these with my daughter, very easy and they were very good.

Comment submitted: 9/19/2009 (#8720)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy mothership (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I thought they were ok. Next time will use vegetable oil which makes for a very moist muffin. These muffins were like a biscuit in a muffin tin soft but of a coarse substance. Don't get me wrong my kids like them but they like anything with chocolate in them. I would make them again but maybe 1 egg and vegetable oil instead of butter.

Comment submitted: 9/17/2009 (#8709)

By Working Mom

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The chocolate chips did not all sink to the bottom but stayed well incorporated throughout the batter. Really good. I took 12 to a meeting of 9 and they all disappeared.

Comment submitted: 9/15/2009 (#8697)

By Denise

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Easy to make! Tasted great!!!

Comment submitted: 9/11/2009 (#8676)

By dabuddy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I think it's perfect!

Comment submitted: 8/30/2009 (#8617)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy cupcakeconsumer (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These were delicious! They were soft and sweet! I cooked mine for 10 minutes, and they came out light brown around the edges, also being lactose intolerant, I used vanilla soy milk, and they came out very rich, so one fills you up really well!

Comment submitted: 8/26/2009 (#8601)

By busterbuddy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are SUPER great. Made exactly as directed by the recipe. Perfect. Thanks.

Comment submitted: 8/23/2009 (#8592)

By amanda

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

We have problems with this recipe rising. I suggest using less butter, as there is so much it will not rise properly. But the taste is really good.

Comment submitted: 8/22/2009 (#8587)

By joyjoy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My husband loved them!! Really easy to make and really soft inside!!!

Comment submitted: 8/19/2009 (#8566)

By kvirrueta

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used mini chocolate chips instead and cut the chocolate chip amount in half (half a package). Then I used the other half of the bag to make a second batch of these great muffins! Now each muffin has less fat and still tons of chocolate chips!

Comment submitted: 8/18/2009 (#8565)

By cocoaface

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

We added 1/8 cup applesauce and 2 Tablespoons cocoa powder. YUM! It was pretty yummy.

Comment submitted: 8/14/2009 (#8547)

By Louise

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Really good muffins! Easy to make! Ended up with 5 super huge muffins (like those sold in cafes)!

Comment submitted: 8/14/2009 (#8543)

By SuperFriend

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is the single most requested item I make from friends and family. The best muffin ever. I increase the butter to 2/3 cups and decrease the chips a bit. You will not be disappointed...

Comment submitted: 8/12/2009 (#8535)

By owlsrule

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These chocolate chip muffins were divine!!! So great and so al dente.

Comment submitted: 8/12/2009 (#8534)

By muffingirl101

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The ultimate muffin. My quest is complete.

Comment submitted: 8/11/2009 (#8529)

By sous chef

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I loved them. They turned out great.

Comment submitted: 8/11/2009 (#8525)

By ChocolateLover

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love this recipe!!!! It is sooo delicious!!!

Comment submitted: 8/10/2009 (#8522)

By Mouse

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Best chocolate chip muffins ever! <3

Comment submitted: 8/10/2009 (#8520)

By Nathan

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The absolute best. Made exactly as stated. Muffins turned out perfect. Thanks. - Nathan P.

Comment submitted: 8/5/2009 (#8496)

By mama~2~4

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They are very good. I book marked the page :) I do agree WATCH the baking time.

Comment submitted: 8/2/2009 (#8489)

By coco

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Oh. My. God. These are amazing. Like the best eva. Me and my friend had a baking party and made these. They are just wonderful. Wow. Wonderful.

Comment submitted: 7/30/2009 (#8473)

By BlueDog

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Really, really, really good. I would recommend that people keep a close eye on the cooking time. Ours were done at 14 minutes. Great recipe Beth H.

Comment submitted: 7/23/2009 (#8447)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy wrippeon (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This recipe is so easy & quick. I had my 3 kids ages 9, 7 & 3 help make them. They are very good. Very addicting:)

Comment submitted: 7/22/2009 (#8439)

By funnyjello

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Yep, I agree... these are fab. I used a sugar substitute for the white sugar and they are yum-o!

Comment submitted: 7/14/2009 (#8400)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy KDHoffman (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Added 1/2 cup mini marshmallows for S'Mores muffins. My girls loved them!

Comment submitted: 7/7/2009 (#8369)

By cookieale

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These cupcakes/muffins are delicious... my sister and I tried them with merengue whih cravings of lemons and poured it in a plastic bag, cut a little whole at the edge and put them on top the muffins.

Comment submitted: 7/5/2009 (#8365)

By Louisecanada

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The kids loved this recipe. It's a keeper.

Comment submitted: 7/5/2009 (#8363)

By K.C. Masters

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I make this all the time. It's great.

Comment submitted: 7/3/2009 (#8356)

By cool ppl

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

A group of us just made them (hi denise, julie, crisell, laura, gerene, and me - charlyn!) and hopefully they taste good. We walked in the rain to get milk. HAHAHAH. And got batter everywhere...

Comment submitted: 6/30/2009 (#8348)

By Pat

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I thought they were so moist and sweet at the same time, they did take about a half an hour, but they were great!!! Best recipe is here!!

Comment submitted: 6/26/2009 (#8336)

By From Malaysia

I just put my batch into this oven and hope that it turns out great!

Comment submitted: 6/20/2009 (#8320)

By tarzey_girl

They were yum. I am 14 and I made them YUM.

Comment submitted: 6/20/2009 (#8317)

By anxious baker

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They are very delicious! I can't wait to bake them again!

Comment submitted: 6/18/2009 (#8309)

By Crystal H.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These were amazing! Thanks!

Comment submitted: 6/17/2009 (#8305)

By Lil

These look sooo yummy I'm using it for my birthday snack!

Comment submitted: 6/15/2009 (#8293)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy umaymahd (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Googled, got print out n made instantly.... ssooooo easy yet great tasting. Thanks for a wonderful treat.

Comment submitted: 6/13/2009 (#8269)

By Twilight two

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I tried it and it came out great

Comment submitted: 6/12/2009 (#8265)

By baking Mom

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made the recipe exactly as stated and they turned out terrific!

Comment submitted: 6/12/2009 (#8264)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Tiffany14 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They Are Great!!! Yumm!!

Comment submitted: 6/11/2009 (#8256)

By Burges

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Yummy!! Thanx.

Comment submitted: 6/9/2009 (#8246)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy mahoney (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made muffins for the first time, serched alot of recipes and chose this one, great taste, and texture, I also added brown, and white sugar to the top before cooking. They turned out great... Thanks Eileen

Comment submitted: 6/7/2009 (#8237)

By HoneyPie3

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They tasted really good. I replace 1/2 the flour with whole wheat flour and they still taste bakery sweet.

Comment submitted: 6/7/2009 (#8235)

By nermie

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It was really good!!!!

Comment submitted: 6/7/2009 (#8231)

By Kawa

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are sweet and fluffy muffins, pretty tasty. Being allergic to eggs, I used two tablespoons of flax seed and a little less than half a cup of water instead. I also used dark brown sugar instead of light brown, since that's what I had on hand. The batter was very easy to make.

I slightly underfilled my cups so I had 18 little muffins without too much top instead of 12 normal muffins. If you actually like this effect, using a ice cream scoop is a good way to fill the muffin tins.

Comment submitted: 6/5/2009 (#8222)

By Harmony Gold

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I loved this recipe!!!!!

Comment submitted: 6/4/2009 (#8218)

By FeeFee

I'm just about to make this, I'm excited - they sound really good :)

Comment submitted: 5/26/2009 (#8176)

By Moog

15 minutes is too long - mine were burnt.

Comment submitted: 5/24/2009 (#8162)

By muffinlover

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They are in the oven now and the batter was delicious!!!

Comment submitted: 5/24/2009 (#8160)

By Happy Happy Joy Joy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Yummi. I just made dem.

Comment submitted: 5/18/2009 (#8129)

By Good News

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I LOVE these muffins! They are so delicious.

Comment submitted: 5/16/2009 (#8119)

By m.m. yummy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Good lord!! Best muffins I've ever made!! I read over these comments and whoever doesn't like them either likes muffins moist or didn't cook them right!

Comment submitted: 5/15/2009 (#8112)

By Ronit

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Great Muffins!! I bake it with my kids and it's always delicious!

Comment submitted: 5/13/2009 (#8105)

By TrudyTT

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Hey! Good recipe. But even better with white chocolate.

Comment submitted: 5/7/2009 (#8071)

By The Tool

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It takes like heaven!

Comment submitted: 5/4/2009 (#8057)

By cam123steelers1

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Hi. I'm 11. I made these for my family. They loved them. You should really try it. But try them when they come out of the oven.

Comment submitted: 4/26/2009 (#8022)

By turf builder

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Good taste, LOL.

Comment submitted: 4/21/2009 (#7998)

By Chocolate Lover

Very gooood ! Chocolate the best part of these muffins!! Heat them up in microwave for 10 seconds. Heavenly!

Comment submitted: 4/20/2009 (#7997)


Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are my life. If I could live on them, I would. That's a reason why I am 326 pounds. Advice: don't eat these muffins everyday.

Comment submitted: 4/12/2009 (#7948)

By Shoop Shoop

You should add a little applesauce. That's what I do.

Comment submitted: 4/10/2009 (#7933)

By Shelby

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love this recipe. I am apologizing too my team for quitting on them. Thank you!

Comment submitted: 4/4/2009 (#7900)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy CgBaker (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are amazing. My daughter loves them. Sometimes we take out the nuts but they are both really nice.

Comment submitted: 4/2/2009 (#7886)

By sweet tooth

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Gotta tell ya! These are super fantastic! Easy to make, sweet and moist. Best served warm as the chocolate chips are still gooey!

Comment submitted: 3/30/2009 (#7868)

By Izzac

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I'm 11 and I like this recipe but without the nuts.

Comment submitted: 3/26/2009 (#7840)

By Proud Mom

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My 13 year old son made this by himself for a project in school, and they were wonderful. He was so proud of himself. Great recipe. Thanks so much

Comment submitted: 3/22/2009 (#7817)

By Carlos Alhambra

Recipe Rating (out of 5):


Comment submitted: 3/19/2009 (#7802)

By St. Elmo

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are AMAZZING!!!

Comment submitted: 3/14/2009 (#7772)

By dd.valentine

Recipe Rating (out of 5):


Comment submitted: 3/10/2009 (#7746)


Recipe Rating (out of 5):

There are fantastic!!! I made 16 insted of 12.

Comment submitted: 3/10/2009 (#7745)

By Muffin Kid

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

We used 1 cup of whole wheat flour and a little less chips and baked at 375. Came out amazing. I am 11 years old and will make these for breakfast again and maybe add some banana.

Comment submitted: 3/7/2009 (#7716)

By A. Massing

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I just ate my first one! It is really tastey!

Comment submitted: 3/4/2009 (#7702)

By Magnifico

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very, very good. Thanks.

Comment submitted: 3/2/2009 (#7687)

By Harris Burris

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Awesome!!!! THANK YOU!!

Comment submitted: 2/15/2009 (#7582)

By Girly Girl

You're awesome Mr. Breakfast! This is the greatest website EVER!

Comment submitted: 2/12/2009 (#7566)

By W.W.E.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I added a little more flour to the final batter (before folding in the chips) because it seemed a little runny and everything turned out great. I might actually reduce the amount of chocolate chips next time. Also interested in one of the comments here that mentioned adding orange zest. But all in all, a terrific recipe.

Comment submitted: 2/10/2009 (#7555)


Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Awesome! My Family Loves These.

Comment submitted: 2/7/2009 (#7542)

By KSalem

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I decided to make these muffins instead of store bought muffins. Unfortunately, they were just okay. They are not fluffy or spongy like most muffins. I would recommend less butter, cooler cooking temp (375) and few chocolate chips to make the right balance.

Comment submitted: 2/3/2009 (#7521)

By M. M. Good

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Wow. These were just what I was craving!!

Comment submitted: 2/3/2009 (#7518)

By janelle r

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I couldn't get my muffins to rise. But they taste really good.

Comment submitted: 2/2/2009 (#7513)

By MaxMan

I haven't ever made muffins before and these sound amazing to me!!!

Comment submitted: 2/1/2009 (#7498)

By newbaker

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very good and moist, and VERY CHOCOLATE-Y! Best served with coffee. I think half a package of chocolate chips would be enough though, or maybe decrease chocolate and increase walnuts. :)

Comment submitted: 2/1/2009 (#7493)

By Marilyn

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Excellent recipe, very light, soft, fluffy muffins.

I added half a banana and used only 7 muffin cups to make big muffins. I also sprinkled brown sugar on top.

Comment submitted: 1/27/2009 (#7468)

By DeniseV

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very easy, moist, and chocolaty!

Comment submitted: 1/23/2009 (#7439)

By Boo83

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I think this recipe was fantastic. I'm 11 years old and I made it for my family and they adored it!!!!

Comment submitted: 1/19/2009 (#7408)

By Sarah

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins were amazing. I'm gonna make them with my friends and see what they think. Sarah - 13

Comment submitted: 1/18/2009 (#7400)

By lorimgarcia

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My batter was way to runny and all the chocolate chips sank to the bottom of the muffin tin. I increased the flour by a cup on the next set and the consistency was correct.

Comment submitted: 1/16/2009 (#7378)

By new baker

I made a lot of modifications on this recipe. I replaced the baking powder with 1/2 tbsp baking soda and a cup of rice vinegar (because I don't have any baking powder). I cut down on the sugar and chocolate chips. I also used oblong pyrex instead of muffin pan (because I don't have it). In the end, you can hardly call it "muffin", but what I want is the muffin texture, and I think the result was fine.

Comment submitted: 1/15/2009 (#7372)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy cookat13 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These were awesome... Only suggestion: Instead of mixing the brown sugar with the dry ingredients, mix it in with the wet... this makes for less clumps of sugar in your batter.

- Alex, Age 13

Comment submitted: 1/11/2009 (#7341)

By The Peters

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Four thumbs up on this on a rainy cold day. I cut down on the chocolate chips and we are still buzzing.

Comment submitted: 1/10/2009 (#7324)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy pug123 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

That was delicious!
- Sarah, Age 9

Comment submitted: 1/10/2009 (#7317)

By klewis112452

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

When I first took them out of the oven, they looked like they were going to be tough but they turned out great! Very soft and yummy. I will use this recipe again.

Comment submitted: 1/6/2009 (#7295)

By penny

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Ooh, this was a very good recipe. My kids loved it!

Comment submitted: 1/2/2009 (#7249)

By homeschooler007

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I doubled this recipe and it turned out great! I modified it by using unsweetened applesauce instead of butter, adding 1/3c. of brown sugar and using 1 package of chocolate chips total. I also only used 3 eggs, and added 1/4c. water to sub the liquid. The muffins turned out beautifully and I didn't have any trouble with the chocolate chips not distributing well. It made 2 1/2 dozen muffins! Will use again!

Comment submitted: 12/28/2008 (#7211)

By cooking mama

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are really great. I used dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar and they still turned out great!!!!!

Comment submitted: 12/26/2008 (#7200)

By Sammy Jean

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Absolutely awesome recipe! I added some honey to add some sweetness to offset the semi-sweet chocolate, which worked wonderfully. It also made them a little more moist.

As an extra little touch, I sprinkled some brown sugar on top (to replace the nuts). Perfect bit of crunchiness for people with nut allergies!!

Comment submitted: 12/21/2008 (#7174)

By Baking fool

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used the recipe but added zest of an orange and the fresh squeezed juice to modify it a little and they turned out delicious!

Comment submitted: 12/21/2008 (#7165)

By diggum

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are very good! Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, the perfect muffin. I had to use 1 cup white flour and 1 cup whole wheat, as I ran out of white, I also used mini chocolate chips.

Comment submitted: 12/13/2008 (#7101)

By lovie

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these muffins this morning for my son's and they just loved them. Best recipe I ever used the first time where the "proof was in the puddin" They were great!!!

Comment submitted: 12/9/2008 (#7065)

By mixed opinion

I found them very dry I didn't like them but my mother says there THE BEST muffins ever.

Comment submitted: 12/7/2008 (#7052)

By hobo-222

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My muffins turned out perfect. Do you know if I can freeze the extra ones?

Comment submitted: 12/5/2008 (#7033)

By play writer

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these for my English Class "muffin man" play - they were the show''s biggest hit!

Comment submitted: 12/4/2008 (#7030)


Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I am 11 and I made them with my dad. They're easy, fun, and the best muffins I ever had!

Comment submitted: 12/2/2008 (#7008)

By dotheska

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I am allergic to eggs so I substituted the eggs with four very ripe bananas and made them banana chocolate chip muffins and they are awesome, very good recipe.

This also transitions very well to gluten free with the bananas if you use rice flour, the consistency is good and it's not grainy like rice flour can sometimes make it.

Comment submitted: 12/1/2008 (#7001)

By super cool

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My friend and I are 12 AND WE MADE THESE WITH EASE!!!

Comment submitted: 11/29/2008 (#6984)

By hungry baker

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these for my family and I didn't get 2nd's :(

Comment submitted: 11/25/2008 (#6973)

By Jully

I personally think that you should maybe more specific and tell it in more steps or just not make it so short.

Comment submitted: 11/25/2008 (#6971)

By northfield

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are amazing. I work at a school and the class and I made them one day I definitely recommend them.

Comment submitted: 11/25/2008 (#6968)

By muffins

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these for breakfast one day and they were gone in 10 minutes! They are so good.

Comment submitted: 11/23/2008 (#6953)

By Baking Frenzy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I swear by these muffins, they are so good I usually bake a batch once a week!

Comment submitted: 11/16/2008 (#6833)

By Puppet

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They are great and they smell amazing.

Comment submitted: 11/11/2008 (#6783)

By Sarah18

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is a really good muffin recipe... I based myself on this recipe when I made my banana chocolate chip muffins, and they were so good... I mashed 2 bananas and put in less milk (I also used lactose free milk) and used dark chocolate chips instead.

Comment submitted: 11/11/2008 (#6782)

By Flee333

It sounds good. I'm going to tell my teachers this recipe because I'm going to use it in my project if that's okay...

Congrats on a good recipe!

Comment submitted: 11/7/2008 (#6760)

By Mgs_The-Fury

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Best muffins ever! My whole family enjoyed them.

Comment submitted: 11/1/2008 (#6726)

By black magic

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very good!! I'm 17 and it was my first time making chocolate muffins - thank you.

Comment submitted: 10/24/2008 (#6670)

By Nature Boy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Thanks. This is the best muffin recipe I have ever had and I have shared it with my whole family.

Comment submitted: 10/21/2008 (#6651)

By cmoore

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Tasted half muffin half cookie to thick chips didnt fall they stayed on top.

Comment submitted: 10/19/2008 (#6640)

By Debi Mc

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were very very good!! We will make recipe again and again.

Comment submitted: 10/19/2008 (#6639)

By resister

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It was amazing. I actually wanted to eat all of them!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment submitted: 10/19/2008 (#6635)


Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Muffins were awesome!

Comment submitted: 10/18/2008 (#6629)

By slayer

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It was so awesome! I love the choc chip muffins.

Comment submitted: 10/16/2008 (#6614)

By Smurfette

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These were terrific. Made as listed and I took a batch to work and got very good reviews. They want me to make them again right away.

Comment submitted: 10/15/2008 (#6603)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy mememe (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used caramel chips too. It was awesome.

Comment submitted: 10/13/2008 (#6587)

By degy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Awesome recipe - but I skipped out on the nut. I don't like nuts.

Comment submitted: 10/11/2008 (#6570)

By puddin'

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Made mini-muffins. Added a splash more milk because batter was heavy and skipped the nuts. They are choco-licious!

Comment submitted: 10/5/2008 (#6536)

By M. Finn

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are amazing; best ever ((=

Comment submitted: 10/2/2008 (#6529)

By Incognito

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is my second time this week making these, My son brought one to school and his bestfriend wanted one. Great recipe, I used milk chocolate chip instead and no nuts. This one's a keeper.

Comment submitted: 9/23/2008 (#6495)

By secret(:

This is the best muffin recipe!!

Comment submitted: 9/20/2008 (#6478)

By better now

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Thank you so much; I was feeling pretty down today but these muffins really did the trick.

Comment submitted: 9/19/2008 (#6477)

By Awesome-)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Thanks for the recipe. It's awesome!

Comment submitted: 9/18/2008 (#6472)

By breakfastgirl

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

For this recipe, I put the nuts in a blender & ground up until they were a very fine consistency & added pieces of dried cherries. Wow! They are soooo yummy! Thanks for a great recipe!

Comment submitted: 9/18/2008 (#6471)

By tinkerbell

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My people love these. They are so good!

Comment submitted: 9/15/2008 (#6462)

By C. Lover

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Yea man these are the best muffins in the world!!! Anyone out there that loves chocolate chip muffins needs to try this recipe!!!!

Comment submitted: 9/15/2008 (#6460)

By hypno

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These r the best muffins ever!!! U must make them!

Comment submitted: 9/10/2008 (#6429)

By Allison

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

yoyoyo this mufmufs are the biz! yea!

Comment submitted: 9/8/2008 (#6417)

By muffin makin mama

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Yummmmmm! I loved them.

Comment submitted: 9/6/2008 (#6404)

By kim

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The muffins were really good but it didn't look anything like the picture.

Comment submitted: 9/5/2008 (#6401)

By helen

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Good recipe..... yummy!

Comment submitted: 9/2/2008 (#6376)

By Huckleberry

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very good!I do not like nuts, so I did not add them. They turned out amazing!

Comment submitted: 8/27/2008 (#6335)

By hello

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The muffins turned out very good, I made the muffins in a regualar tin. The muffins were very heavy, next time I want to make them in a mini muffin container. All together, they very good.

Comment submitted: 8/26/2008 (#6323)

By David

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I have lost this recipe and found it again woohoo

p.s Muffins came out awesome

Comment submitted: 8/25/2008 (#6315)

By GooGoo

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

if you don't add nuts, they're awesome.

Comment submitted: 8/22/2008 (#6242)

By ms.nickjonas

I made these with out the nuts and they turned out AMAZING!

Comment submitted: 8/21/2008 (#6223)

By choppy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used 1/3 cup of bacel margarine and a splash more milk and they turned out great. A littlt bit heavy but the rose wonderfully and my three year old who barely eats anything loved them.

Comment submitted: 8/13/2008 (#6122)

By Chocoholic

I think they are delicious!!

Comment submitted: 8/7/2008 (#6068)

By bakemeacake

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Not very good... they were hard and dry... and definitely not light and fluffy as suggested... still looking for that perfect chocolate chip muffin... sigh...

Comment submitted: 8/6/2008 (#6053)

By Lauren

It sounds like this will be good! I'm making it now! (:

Comment submitted: 8/6/2008 (#6051)

By Muffin Lover

Ooohhh I have a Nintendog called Muffin! I'm sure she would love this recipe!

Comment submitted: 8/3/2008 (#6036)

By Margalot

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These came out perfectly moist and fluffy! I love them!

Comment submitted: 8/2/2008 (#6028)

By N.F.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made two batches; one just as the recipe says [excluding the butter- i used 1/4 cup, and not as much chocolate-chips], and the other with 1/3 cup of cocoa- and the choco-chips were white. The 'other' batch came out heavenly. Really. Highly recommend.

Comment submitted: 8/2/2008 (#6023)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy sacha555 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Well thanks to those of you who commented recently. Because of your comments I prepared the muffins just as you would a cake from scratch. Cream the butter, slowly add the sugar until creamy. Add the eggs one at a time mix well until mixture is fluffy. Add the flour mixture, blend well. The batter will be stiff (similar to cookie dough) so, to relax it a bit, I added approx 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup of heavy whipping cream. Lastly, add the chips and nuts of your choice.

I did not use 'cupcake cups" but instead, I placed the batter into the muffin cups directly filling to the top.

I reduced the cooking temp by 5 degrees and used the max cooking time of 20 min. The muffins are absoutely perfect in appearance (great golden color and high crowns), flavor(a perfect balance of sweetness between the sugars and chips) and texture (light,fluffy and nutty).

I would use this recipe again following the modications I made today.

Comment submitted: 7/29/2008 (#5993)

By Samaria

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My entire family, including extended family, devoured these muffins. Now they refer to me as the cook of the family. Shh, don't tell them i got it online. Thanks! This receipe is amazing. [just don't add nuts :(]

Comment submitted: 7/29/2008 (#5992)

By nicamanda

First batch flat... second rose nicely. Instead of filling cups 1/2 to 3/4 full, fill almost full. They will rise and have a nice crown.. and still be moist inside... I did add almost another 1/4 cup butter to the recipe. They were pretty good.

Comment submitted: 7/23/2008 (#5951)

By jelly

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I found that these muffins were ok. I would not use this recipe again. Will keep trying to find a good recipe.

Comment submitted: 7/23/2008 (#5946)

By newmommy413

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My kiddies and husband all love this recipe, I skip the nuts though. Today I added dried cranberries and they turned out delicious too. The first time I made them though they had a nice crown, but the next couple of times they have remained flat. I ran out of regular flour so I am using self-rising flour, but I thought this would make them RISE more not stay flat. Any thoughts?

Comment submitted: 7/17/2008 (#5911)

By Olivia

Recipe Rating (out of 5):


When I started making the batter for the muffins, I followed the directions thoroughly, it became kind of doughy. The only thing that I would have done differently was add a little more butter and sugar.

Overall, a great way to start the day!

Comment submitted: 7/17/2008 (#5902)

By Mishmish

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

OMG. SO good. Like amazingly good.
I love these muffins. Minus the
walnuts / pecans.

Comment submitted: 7/16/2008 (#5897)

By Tim

Recipe Rating (out of 5):


Comment submitted: 7/16/2008 (#5892)

By Alicia

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

OMG! Soooo amazing!

I started making them and realized after that i didnt have any muffin cups lol...oops

Comment submitted: 7/14/2008 (#5879)

By Bree =)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My whole family devoured this batch in two days! yumm =)

Comment submitted: 7/13/2008 (#5871)

By Jessica

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They taste great. Easy to make. Only issue I had is that they are really thick. I like more moist muffins. I think adding some vegetable oil might solve the problem. I just don't know how much. I would guess a third of a cup or less. In my opinion, the batter should have a consistency closer to that of cake batter. The batter for this was closer to cookie batter. I might read up on other recipes before I try this again to see if other recipes call for more milk or for adding vegetable oil. Great taste though.

Comment submitted: 7/9/2008 (#5857)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy donnag (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Donna G

Sooooo Good!

Comment submitted: 7/6/2008 (#5836)

By krife

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very chocolately, probably could just use half the chips. Otherwise tasted great!

Comment submitted: 7/5/2008 (#5827)

By peace

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Super Easy and Super Delicious and a much better value than the ones you buy in the store.

Comment submitted: 6/27/2008 (#5620)

By Topps

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love this recipe. It tastes so good!!!

Comment submitted: 6/25/2008 (#5597)

By Muffin Master

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Absolutely fabulous.

Comment submitted: 6/24/2008 (#5594)

By Kat

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I like um!!!

Comment submitted: 6/22/2008 (#5584)

By A.T.D.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Awesome turnoutt daughter enjoys baking this recipe!!!

Comment submitted: 6/19/2008 (#5574)

By s. daf

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Absolutely he best muffins I have ever had. I like having them for parties.

Comment submitted: 6/17/2008 (#5558)

By toasty

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Very, very good. Chocolaty. Wonderful. Kids were crazy for them.

Comment submitted: 6/16/2008 (#5552)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy yalkin4 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Everyone who has tried these muffins has LOVED them!!! I've added 3 ripe bananas mashed to the recipe and they turned out even better.

Comment submitted: 6/14/2008 (#5529)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy WonderMom (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

WOW! Awesome Recipe! And I have tried them all. I read several reviews before making. There are one or two bad or okay reviews. They might want to try again. There are several mistakes one can make with muffins. Most are due to over-mixing. Truly WONDERFUL recipe-will look for more from Mr. Breakfast soon.

Comment submitted: 6/12/2008 (#5512)

By Bev

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I asked a coworker what I should make for breaks at work, and he said, "Chocolate chip muffins." I didn't have a recipe, so I printed this one, and I'll look no further. I made these yesterday morning and took them to work. Everyone LOVED them and raved over how awesome they are. Thanks for the recipe! I'll be making them again and again!

Comment submitted: 5/31/2008 (#5415)

By drea

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Amazing, everyone loved the muffins so much that I had to make a second batch! Perfect recipe!

Comment submitted: 5/30/2008 (#5406)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy missyb (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Chocolate Chip Muffins are our signature breakfast for kids overnights. Usually I use a mix, but from now on I will be using this yummy recipe. I am going to premeasure the dry ingredients and label the outside of the bag with the wet ingredients and the baking instructions. Too wonderful! Thank You Beth H.

Comment submitted: 5/26/2008 (#5376)

By Tops

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Wonderful, cooked to perfection.

Comment submitted: 5/24/2008 (#5357)

By Taylor

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

if you toss the chips in a sifter with some flour, it keeps the chips from sinking to the bottom, its an amazing recipes i always use. thanks!

Comment submitted: 5/22/2008 (#5330)

By 6dots

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My muffins were DELICIOUS!! Thank you mr. breakfast!!

Comment submitted: 5/17/2008 (#5289)

By Antjack

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are awesome. Crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside. My son and his friend loved them.

Comment submitted: 5/17/2008 (#5285)

By SpecialPerson

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love them.

Comment submitted: 5/16/2008 (#5280)

By Plady

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These were very very good. I even had to substitute 1/2 t baking soda + 2/3 cup buttermilk (which was really milk and vinegar) and they still rose beautifully and tasted terrific. I'll definitely make them again. Oh, I also used 1/2 bittersweet chips and half semi-sweet which gave them a nice bite.

Comment submitted: 5/14/2008 (#5265)

By chocochipluver

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Thank you BEARY much! I had a recipe contest in my school and I won! They were delicious~!

Comment submitted: 5/10/2008 (#5239)

By jo shchmo

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I hated this recipe! The batter turned out like dough!!!! They forgot vegetable oil!!!! OMG!!! This recipe sucked!!! No joke!

Comment submitted: 5/10/2008 (#5235)

By Tabby

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I've been testing many chocolate chip muffin recipes recently. They are my daughter's favorite and we have a huge birthday party coming up. These were the best of about 5 different recipes I tried. Good consistency, fantastic taste and very good chocolate chip to batter ratio. I probably sound like a muffin fanatic now so I'll stop. In short... great recipe. Maximum stars! - T. Boulder

Comment submitted: 5/10/2008 (#5232)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy cmccam (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I did change the recipe a little the second time I made them. I used 1/3 c oil and half a bag of chips, and added a teaspoon of cinnamon. Awesome!

Comment submitted: 5/1/2008 (#5161)

By mama

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Great recipe! I made no adjustments for high altitude (we are at 10,200 ft) and they turned out great, rose fine. Used 1/2 the choc chips.

Comment submitted: 4/27/2008 (#5128)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy cuisinequeen (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Really good - not too sweet and the chip don't sink to the bottom!

Comment submitted: 4/26/2008 (#5117)

By La Flossy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Super good. I'm keeping this recipe forever and ever and ever.

Comment submitted: 4/21/2008 (#5100)

By Sharell

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Yummmmyyy! This is the best recipe EVER.

Comment submitted: 4/15/2008 (#5073)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy redhottrends (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Family and neighbors both loved these muffins. One taste tester requested more chocolate chips.

Comment submitted: 4/13/2008 (#5048)

By yeah

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is a very good recipe. At first, I wasn't too sure about but when I tasted them I knew they were excellent. I am totally panning to use this recipe again.

Comment submitted: 4/13/2008 (#5039)

By Axelrod

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The best muffins!

Comment submitted: 4/12/2008 (#5027)

By C. Lover

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I really loved them.

Comment submitted: 4/9/2008 (#5001)

By Annie

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

At first, the consistency of the liquid ingredients was strange. The butter refused to homogenize. However, once added to the dry ingredients, everything mixed evenly with very little effort. I also used dark brown sugar and the muffins still weren''t too dark. i plan to use this recipe again !!! :]

Comment submitted: 4/5/2008 (#4958)

By Blankert

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

5-Star Recipe! I didn't use the walnuts.

Comment submitted: 3/29/2008 (#4918)

By Joshua Reid

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Great! Excellent! Whoever invented this is a very lucky person.

Comment submitted: 3/29/2008 (#4917)

By Substitute

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used granola instead of walnuts.

Comment submitted: 3/15/2008 (#4824)

By courtney

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Love the reciepe!

Comment submitted: 3/11/2008 (#4801)

By Curly-Q

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They had so many choclatechips in them!! They were TERRIFIC!!!

Comment submitted: 3/8/2008 (#4779)

By Jennifer

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love this recipe! The muffins were delicious! Since I didn't have any nuts to throw in, I substituted them with 1/3C melted peanut butter. Excellent recipe!

Comment submitted: 3/7/2008 (#4777)

By chocolate lover

Recipe Rating (out of 5):


Comment submitted: 3/6/2008 (#4767)

By cinabear1809272

Yummmmmmmy. They r so good.

Comment submitted: 3/6/2008 (#4765)

By HealthNut

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were excellent but REDUCE THE BUTTER! I will make them again.

Comment submitted: 3/5/2008 (#4759)

By dickson

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Can you please make me cholate chip muffin recipe please mate.

Comment submitted: 3/3/2008 (#4741)

By BB9

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Hello. It was great!

Comment submitted: 3/2/2008 (#4731)

By Crispy Tasty

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The bottoms of my muffins were a little crispy but that was probably because my pans are black. I put in almost all the butter but not all the chocolate chips. They were very good but a little heavy.

Comment submitted: 2/23/2008 (#4688)

By Cooking Now

Very sticky dough. I added a little more flour and it was still sticky. I than decided sticky or not, I was going to add the chocolate chips. So I did and it turned out fine. Well they are cooking now so I will see what happens next.

Comment submitted: 2/12/2008 (#4618)

By Chocolate Student

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made some for my school project and I got an A+

Comment submitted: 2/12/2008 (#4617)

By Perfection

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Texture is just perfect. I only used 6oz of chocolate chips and 6oz butter & it was plenty.

Comment submitted: 2/7/2008 (#4582)

By Valentine

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Wow these muffins are great. I think that you should make more recipes.

Comment submitted: 2/6/2008 (#4567)

By pittypatty

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Ohhhhh lovely !

They're really fluffy and really really delicious, thank you so much for this recipe !

I didn't put any nuts in it, and put s-r flour instead of plain flour, but the result was gooooorgeous!

Comment submitted: 2/2/2008 (#4540)

By Lauren

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are decadently delicious - but be advised they are really rich. And by rich, I mean lots of fat. I substituted egg whites (3) and skim milk with excellent results, but this doesn't certainly doesn't make them light! These muffins satisfied my chocolate craving.

Comment submitted: 2/2/2008 (#4533)

By Juliahoolia

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My son says these are the best muffins ever. He gave it a thumbs up and he is a real connoisseur of chocolate chip muffins. I did use self raising flour though rather than plain but they rose fabulously.

Comment submitted: 1/31/2008 (#4523)

By Zampack

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Delicious! I used half white and half milk chocolate chips and omitted the nuts. Will make again!!!

Comment submitted: 1/26/2008 (#4489)

By G.O.B.

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were awesomely delicious.

Comment submitted: 1/23/2008 (#4471)

By Muffin Love

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Yumm!!! I love these muffins!!

Comment submitted: 1/20/2008 (#4429)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy MoonBeauty (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

REALLY good muffins! I would use less butter and get rid of the nuts, but they turned out light and fluffy and REALLY, REALLY good!

Comment submitted: 1/20/2008 (#4427)

By Andrea

WOW what a burst of chocolate flavor... I, too, made this as mini-muffins and sent them to school for M day at my son''s preschool... Rave reviews! Thanks Beth H.

Comment submitted: 1/15/2008 (#4385)

By Krisgianna

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Excellent Treat! You may want to reduce the amount of butter and the chocolate chips just a bit. Enjoy!

Comment submitted: 1/13/2008 (#4369)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy juliep (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Pretty good. My three kids liked them.

Comment submitted: 1/12/2008 (#4361)

By Jessica Chand

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Came out perfectly! These rise like a charm, and make a perfect crown. Loved the overload of chocolate. It's easy to subsstiute with this recipe. I made the batter, and halved it, making a batch of chocolate chip ones and blueberry ones.

Comment submitted: 1/2/2008 (#4297)

By Prettychik001

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They were moist and rose perfectly. I didn't have nuts and I used two different kinds of chocolate chips. Best muffins I've ever tasted.

Comment submitted: 1/1/2008 (#4291)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Baker222 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are soooo yummie! I followed the recipe exactly except for using mini chocolate chips and omitted the nuts. Rave reviews from my kids and their friends! Thanks for the best recipe. Got milk?

Comment submitted: 12/28/2007 (#4268)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Anna Hart (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I think these are very quick and easy, my 5 year old adores them, these are a very good muffin. Nice and moist and tender. I sifted the flour and dry ingredients, and used margarine instead of butter (it's what I had on hand) some semi sweet choc. chips left over from xmas baking and viola! I am very impressed w/ this recipe. Oh, and I didn't have nuts, but they're still very tasty minus the nuts.

Comment submitted: 12/28/2007 (#4265)

By suz

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Tasted good. Not too sweet. But they did not rise much and were on the denser side, not that fluffy. Why?

Comment submitted: 12/27/2007 (#4264)

By thea

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are AMAZING! I make them some often because they are gone within one day!

Comment submitted: 12/27/2007 (#4263)

By me

Too much chocolate chips!!

Comment submitted: 12/26/2007 (#4254)

By Butter Question

How much butter did you change it to?

Comment submitted: 12/26/2007 (#4251)

By mamagee

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love these muffins!

Comment submitted: 12/22/2007 (#4227)

By eanda

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

There was too much butter told, but we reduced the butter so then they tasted fine. (: The chocolate part was delish!

Comment submitted: 12/22/2007 (#4223)

By Good Muffin

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It was really good, and has a nice flavour.

Comment submitted: 12/17/2007 (#4195)

By Chocolate Approval

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This was so good... I mean DELICIOUS!!

Comment submitted: 12/3/2007 (#4104)

By wiked

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Nice flavour!

Comment submitted: 12/2/2007 (#4094)

By poppet

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Quick, easy and delicious!!! I reduced the amount of chips (used approx. 3/4 of the bag) and added a splash more of milk. Sprinkling the top with sugar gave it a nice crispy top. Looking forward to trying this recipe with different types of chips. And I agree, one muffin is just plenty!

Comment submitted: 12/1/2007 (#4088)

By Lovely

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Lovely just lovely!

Comment submitted: 11/25/2007 (#4067)

By Kat

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I've baked various muffins for 25+ years. These are as close to gourmet bakery style as you can get! Rich and delicious!

Comment submitted: 11/25/2007 (#4058)

By dgangula

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The recipe was quick and easy. I am vegetarian and don't eat eggs. I replaced eggs with egg replacements and the muffins were great. My husband liked them.

Comment submitted: 11/24/2007 (#4053)

By Short On Time

The butter was the toughest part since I had a short time to make and cook the muffins. Overall, the process was fun and I will probably enjoy eating them.

Comment submitted: 11/21/2007 (#4042)

By paulagail

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

One is all it takes to fill you up. I think i may have used too many chocolate chips. I think milk chocolate chips should be used instead of semi-sweet (the recipe did not state which kind). My little boys did nto care for the semi-sweet chips. They were great though.

Comment submitted: 11/21/2007 (#4040)

By Mulagra

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are rather dense, however they make you feel better about eating them because you only need to eat one to be satisfied. I loved making this recipe with my 3 year old, it was easy and she is learning important concepts. A great recipe to cook with your kids with!

Will make again :)

Comment submitted: 11/15/2007 (#4005)

By Shingai

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I was trying this recipe for food technology. I think I''m going to get a good grade or level for this. They're absolutely splendid.

Comment submitted: 11/7/2007 (#3943)

By Try Bananas

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These were great, I added Granola and also bananas and they turned out great as well thanks!

Comment submitted: 11/6/2007 (#3941)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy cookieracer (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I am a chef and they sell well let me say that.

Comment submitted: 11/4/2007 (#3919)

By Jen

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I am 6 months pregnant and have been dying to eat chocolate chip muffins... these absolutly satisfied my craving!!! I made over a hundred :-)

Comment submitted: 11/1/2007 (#3895)

By 1 Word 4 U

Recipe Rating (out of 5):


Comment submitted: 10/29/2007 (#3875)

By Muffin Magician

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

:D Very easy recipe. Highly recommended.

Comment submitted: 10/27/2007 (#3860)

By hkghjk

Looks yumaliciouse.

Comment submitted: 10/27/2007 (#3855)

By Fresh Baker

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I'm a newbie baker but this is so good it blew my pants.

Comment submitted: 10/23/2007 (#3827)

By A W E S O M E

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

A W E S O M E ! ! ! !

Comment submitted: 10/20/2007 (#3806)

By tsading

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I'm a newbie at baking, and this was the second recipe that I tried, and it came out really nice and tasted very good. Thanks!

Comment submitted: 10/17/2007 (#3782)

By Renata

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Easy and very delicious!!!! Excellent recipe, the best one I've tried yet!

Comment submitted: 10/17/2007 (#3780)

By Yum Muffin

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

It is just the best recipe. Fast and convenient. I add just a little less sugar and pump them full of caramel and serve it with ice cream, yummy!!!

Comment submitted: 10/6/2007 (#3701)

By Louisekoh

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Fantastic! Came out really fluffy and yummy!

Comment submitted: 9/30/2007 (#3666)

By Alagator

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I am a sophomore in high school and I made these a lot when I was a freshman. I have most of the same teachers this year that I had last year and they all begged me to make them again, as have all my friends. Its an amazing recipe, but I like to substitute the chocolate chips with chocolate caramel swirl chips. It makes them taste soo much better.

Comment submitted: 9/16/2007 (#3580)

By chocolatecrazed

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My 11-year old and I are chocoholics!! We both loved these. I would use a little less chocolate chips next time to convince myself that they are a breakfast food and not a dessert!!!

Comment submitted: 9/16/2007 (#3574)

By Amature Hour

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This is really the first thing I've baked from scratch, so I don't have all that much experience, and even so, all my friends beg me for these muffins. They are so unbelievably delicious, and the only people that don't want to see me pick up my print out sheet are on diets.

Comment submitted: 9/2/2007 (#3495)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy pnkl8ds (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I have made many chocolate chip muffin recipes and this is by far the very best. They are still very moist. And great warm with butter. I like to add cinnamon to taste for a little flair!!! Makes them extra yummy!!!! These muffins don't last and everyone begs me to make them!!

Comment submitted: 8/28/2007 (#3463)

By Thank U Mr B

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Awesome muffins :O)

Comment submitted: 8/16/2007 (#3385)

By Bakesale Success

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I'm Making these muffins for a Business Venture and WCC..!!! THEY SOLD EXCELLENTLY!! THANKS FOR THE RECIPE!!! Heaps of people bought them and everyone said they were great! THANKS AGAIN!

Comment submitted: 8/1/2007 (#3300)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy homeschoolmom (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Thanks for a great recipe! I made these for my two young daughters this morning because I didn't have any muffin mix to cheat with. They loved them! I only had about half the chocolate chips called for- but they still turned out great! Thanks again!

Comment submitted: 7/13/2007 (#3197)

By Instant Pro

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

OMG!! These muffins are soo delicious... I'm a horrible cook and even with my bad cooking, it tasted great!

Comment submitted: 7/8/2007 (#3175)

By Breakfast Kid

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I'm 13 and I loved eating. I'm a picky eater and I loved the taste! Good Job!! ;)

Comment submitted: 7/5/2007 (#3160)

By born to cook

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

By 2 chicks in the kitchen:

We were very successful with the muffins. They are very quick, easy and very yummy. If you are having a gloomy morning these muffins will sure brighten your day!

Comment submitted: 7/1/2007 (#3138)

By Lyssie

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made them with wholemeal flour but everyone still thinks they taste great! Thanx!

Comment submitted: 6/21/2007 (#3071)

By Choc-chip-charl

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The only way I could describe these muffins was... Delicious!!!! The best muffins I've ever made!!!!!!

Comment submitted: 5/30/2007 (#2557)

By MuffinLover

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Mmmm!!! Tasty. I made them with softasilk and swirl chips (half white/half milk chocolate)! and baked them as mini cupcakes! very good. I did just over 1/4 cup of butter as well!

Taste wonderful!

Comment submitted: 5/26/2007 (#2524)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy slauderman (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I used a package of Nestle's swirled chocolate/raspberry chips. Oh... my... God!!! were they ever good! This is definitely a keeper recipe!

Comment submitted: 5/24/2007 (#2498)

By carnygirl

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Great muffins. I reduced the butter as well and they were fantastic!

Comment submitted: 5/20/2007 (#2462)

By Tasha

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these and they were delicious!! I didn't add the nuts and still... yum!

Comment submitted: 5/19/2007 (#2453)


Recipe Rating (out of 5):

The recipe is great and I even changed it a bit by melting the chocolate chips and pouring it with the wet ingredients (making sure to add the right amount of milk), and it still work very well.. For extra credits, top it with whip cream and put a glazed cherry on top!.. YUMMM

Comment submitted: 5/2/2007 (#2319)

By Mace

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

"If this didn''t exist, I wouldn''t exist!" says my 8 year old son.

Comment submitted: 4/27/2007 (#2270)

By naomi

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

i am only 5 and my mummy helped me make this
i thought that my muffin was reli yummy so thank-you for the recipe it was very good.

Comment submitted: 4/22/2007 (#2224)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy DaniD (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These are yummy. I used 1/4 butter and they came out fine.

Comment submitted: 4/19/2007 (#2197)

By cashncon

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Made this recipe - just this morning. Hot out of the oven they are fantastic!!!! Did use the 1/2 cup of butter and reduced the choc chip's to 8 oz. They were not at all greasy, but light & fluffy with plenty of chocolate for my tastes. Will try them out on the gang at work tomorrow. But they definately get my vote.

Comment submitted: 4/15/2007 (#2164)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy mrbaker (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Baked as recipe called for except reduced temp to 385 and increased the time as my tins are dark and stick free. They turned out great, rose snd browned up well,tasted great. With 12 oz of chocolate, they are at the chocolate limit. I might reduce the chocolate to 8-10 oz next time. Butter amount seemed fine. If using milk chocolate, fat content of chocolate with butter called for could make these greasy. I used semi sweet.

Comment submitted: 4/9/2007 (#2118)

By Loving It

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I absolutely love these muffins, they're so easy to make!

Comment submitted: 4/8/2007 (#2093)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Ms.shawnna (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

My daughter and I just loved these muffins. Next time we will try chocolate chocolate chip miffins!!!

Comment submitted: 4/6/2007 (#2069)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy DaniD (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I use 1/4 cup melted butter or margarine and they come out perfect.

Comment submitted: 4/2/2007 (#2039)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Taz440 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are great. I've had to cook loads coz I'm going to a party. I added a bit of Cadburys drinking chocolate with the flour, they don't rise as good but still taste great. Give it a go!!!!

Comment submitted: 3/29/2007 (#1998)

By Geraldine

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I tried this recipe and it turned out great after my second attempt. Do go easy on the flour and add more milk so it isn't dry!

Also, try adding baking chocolate to get that extra oomph.

Comment submitted: 3/28/2007 (#1973)

By Kotor2Fanatic

Looks and sounds really good! I would prefer to leave out the nuts though.

Comment submitted: 3/20/2007 (#1898)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy heatherirene24 (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This was an awesome recipe. I love the muffins, I hope my husband will too! I am going to take some to work tonight and see if the ladies there love them too.

Comment submitted: 3/19/2007 (#1883)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy dumbi1 (Team Breakfast Member)

Could someone tell me if you use semi-sweet morsels or milk chocolate chips???? Thanks!

Comment submitted: 3/13/2007 (#1809)

By Laura

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I tried reducing the butter and it worked perfectly. Although, I used the mini-chocolate chips so it had too many. Make sure you use the reg. size.

Comment submitted: 3/10/2007 (#1782)

By jr. Chef

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I looved it... it was soo good... although, it was kinda thick so i recommend that you kinda decrease the butter, but only slightly. Otherwise five stars (eggs).

Comment submitted: 3/4/2007 (#1724)

By Luthe_N

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Great recipe! The muffins plumped up and were really good. I think I agree with muffinhead that they could use a little more sugar but the butter worked outfine for me. Great job!

Comment submitted: 3/3/2007 (#1714)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy shazxx (Team Breakfast Member)

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

Looks very nice... I'm going to make it in food at school for part of my exam.

Comment submitted: 2/25/2007 (#1632)

By kathy

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I tried this recipe and it was good... nice and light not heavy! Thanks.

Comment submitted: 2/23/2007 (#1612)

By 1 Smart Cookie

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these in the large cups (6 instead of 12) and they were so yummy. I stuck to the amount for butter, but substituted shedd's spread light country crock and it was perfect. I also sprinkled sweetened coconut on top before baking and it gave it a toasted coconut topping.... yummmmmmm!! You should try it!

Comment submitted: 2/18/2007 (#1562)

By kesajen

How much butter is less butter?

Comment submitted: 2/14/2007 (#1525)

By muffin Crazii

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

These muffins are so great. The best I eva tasted. They're so good we eat them every morning for breakfast and never get tired of them!!

Comment submitted: 2/7/2007 (#1455)

By muffinhead

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

They make nice muffins, but they aren't quite sweet enough for me. Next time I will probably add a bit more sugar.

Comment submitted: 2/3/2007 (#1415)

By MuffinLover

Recipe Rating (out of 5):


Comment submitted: 1/26/2007 (#1315)

By Super

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I love this recipe OMG!

Comment submitted: 1/19/2007 (#1254)

By JKMuffinCritics

I plan on making the muffins... soon. I will get back to you on how they taste. Unless they are yuck.

Comment submitted: 1/8/2007 (#1151)

By eva

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

This recipe is really good and when I made my muffins they were soooo lovely... the nicest.

Comment submitted: 9/7/2006 (#284)

By Favorite Muffins

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

When I made this recipe, I loved it and also decreased the butter. They baked very well and the mix was easy to make. I now enjoy it with my family and friends and always take a weekend to make my new favorite muffins.

Comment submitted: 8/30/2006 (#239)

By ChocolatE LoveR

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I made these muffins while babysitting my little brother who is 8. He was able to help out with everything and learned how to read and follow recipe directions. We both loved the muffins. We cut the recipe in half to make 6 muffins and did cut out a little bit of the butter as suggested. They turned out great!

Comment submitted: 8/23/2006 (#192)

By Jeannette

Recipe Rating (out of 5):

I was very impressed with this recipe. It actually made the 12 muffins the recipe stated that it would. I love baking, but it bothers me when a recipe states it will make 12 muffins/biscuits/cookies, and only gives me half the amount. Which means, I have to double the recipe. I also decreased the amount of butter this recipe called for like Jeannie commented on. Yes, decreasing the butter worked great. The muffins tastes very good. I have this recipe loaded on my "Favorites" list. I will continue to make these muffins and enjoy them with my family.

Comment submitted: 8/18/2006 (#57)