Low-Carb French Toast
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Low-Carb French Toast

This recipe for French Toast was submitted by angseu on 9/16/2003. Click here to view the recipe.

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By tbird67

All people have to do is get low carb bread (4 carbs per slice) and just use 1 egg, a mix of splenda and cinnamon and then you have a low carb French toast!

Comment submitted: 11/13/2015 (#19647)

By cherylhale

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Very good recipe. I changed the water to Almond Breeze vanilla.

Comment submitted: 2/11/2015 (#19260)

By Larry V.

You have to use sprouted grain bread for this to be low carb. You should specify that in the ingredients.

Comment submitted: 9/14/2013 (#16487)

By Gels

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I hope this person never becomes diabetic. This is not low carb! It may represent low fat with the egg white but seriously, this recipe should be removed from the low carb link. A new diabetic may think it is legit.

Comment submitted: 12/29/2012 (#15011)

By debbie11

You're all missing what it says... It's LOW carb, not "no carb".

Comment submitted: 12/16/2012 (#14964)

By royspc

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By my count, this has 24 grams carbohydrates. Way to high to use.

Comment submitted: 3/20/2012 (#13698)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy bmaybmay (Team Breakfast Member)

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I use sprouted grain bread (mine is Cybros at 4 net carbs per slice) and just make regular french toast. I leave out the sugar sub. because it doesn't need it and I leave the yolk in the egg and omit the water. So basically scramble an egg dip in the sprouted grain bread and cook. Done and yummy!

Comment submitted: 1/5/2012 (#13390)

By annie

For those that say that this is not a low carb recipe because of the fact that it contains bread, if it said non-carb french toast then it would be hypocritical, but as they mentioned, using wheat bread and the other ingredients, it seems to me it is.

Comment submitted: 6/23/2011 (#12857)

By Britt

Y'all are crazy, it doesn't specify what bread... just find a low carb bread... duh.

Comment submitted: 5/11/2011 (#12672)

By V. Art

I have to agree with most of these comments. Tasty = maybe. Low carb = no. Anybody found a good one yet that is actually low carn?

Comment submitted: 4/19/2011 (#12475)

By hutch

The writer of this recipe obviously has not lost weight by eating lo carbs if they think this is lo carb. This is NOT lo carb. At all.

Comment submitted: 2/6/2011 (#12072)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy chshak14 (Team Breakfast Member)

How could this be low carb when you are using two white breads having an average 16 grams of carbs in each bread???

Comment submitted: 11/13/2010 (#11551)

By Joe Heller

Bread and egg doesn't sound very low carb to me. There's a better one at http://www.fitclick.com/weight_loss_tips.

Comment submitted: 7/19/2010 (#10924)

By soya

This recipe was great! I loved it (sigh :) - haven't had french toast in YEARS. Thanks.

Comment submitted: 6/3/2010 (#10603)

By Leslie

It's low in SIMPLE carbs. Complex, whole grain carbs are good like in this recipe.

Comment submitted: 3/31/2010 (#10210)

By smart-smart

Isn't wheat bread better then white though? Low Cholesterol is right, when you use egg whites you cut out 70% of your Cholesterol.

Comment submitted: 2/17/2010 (#9838)

By belle

Low carb means no bread.

Comment submitted: 1/17/2010 (#9481)

By Mimi

You would eat a whole egg, not just the white on a low carb diet. You would not have regular bread on low carb, even whole wheat... there are lots of great low carb breads with MANY less carbs.

Comment submitted: 12/30/2009 (#9336)

By Just Joan

Definitely not low carb. Maybe it should be in the low cholesterol category.

Comment submitted: 12/30/2009 (#9332)

By Joy

Two pieces of whole wheat bread is not low carb.

Comment submitted: 12/13/2009 (#9225)

By jerry

Instead of water, I would suggest little milk.

Comment submitted: 9/8/2009 (#8665)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Tincey66 (Team Breakfast Member)

I agree with the comments above. Should have the carb amounts.

Comment submitted: 8/16/2009 (#8555)

By spacegoddess460

Needs to have Carb entries.

Comment submitted: 6/4/2009 (#8206)

By Getty

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I used low carb bread which has 6 grams a slice, 2 eggs, splenda and cinn. Really good this way... no water! Yuck.

Comment submitted: 1/12/2009 (#7344)

By ss0522

If these are low carb recipes, then the amount of carbs should be shown with them, don't you think?

Comment submitted: 1/8/2009 (#7303)

By Great But Not Low Carb

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Surprisingly tasty for what it is. I'd suggest, as written above, not calling it low-carb though. And even though it's not low carb, it IS about as healthy as French toast can get and still taste decent. Splenda, only egg whites, and wheat bread. Really not a bad combination.

Comment submitted: 8/31/2007 (#3473)

By Big Daddy D

Whole Wheat Bread is not necessarily low-carb! But there are many low-carb breads out there. Panara makes a great flax pumkin seed loaf.

I use Hood Calorie Countdown with an egg and vanilla. Water sounds aweful.

Comment submitted: 6/19/2007 (#3061)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Ptrcmcc6 (Team Breakfast Member)

When I make non-low carb french toast, I usually just use egg & milk to dip the bread into. Of course, the bread is usually white bread as that is the only bread my children will eat.

Anyway, I thought if you are allowing yourself to use bread.....why not just substitute the milk with heavy cream and use low-carb bread. I like to add some cinnamon and vanilla extract sometimes also. I usually top it off, when cooked, with some Smart Balance spread and sugar-free raspberry preserves.

Comment submitted: 1/17/2007 (#1226)

By alternative

Use low carb bread, immitation vanilla, egg, splenda and cinnamon + low sugar/low carb syrup.

Comment submitted: 9/20/2006 (#349)