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Grape-Nuts Fixes The Liquor Habit (1903)
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Title: Grape-Nuts Fixes The Liquor Habit (1903)

Submitted by Mr Breakfast on 8/8/2008

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Text from this 1903 ad for Grape-Nuts:

Did you ever know that improper food often causes the liquor habit?

It's a great proposition to get rid of the taste for liquor by changing food...

The ad then goes on to tells the story of a well-known, yet unnamed business man from Lowry City, MO that used Grape-Nuts to help his alcohol problem...

"I have used Grape-Nuts now for more than a year and I am now entirely strong and robust, entirely cured from drink and able to work hard everyday. My gratitude for Grape-Nuts is unspeakable, as it has saved my life and my reputation."