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Dinky Donuts Jersey Offer
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Title: Dinky Donuts Jersey Offer

Submitted by jeffrey on 10/10/2010

Comment from submitter:

From Ralston, a box of Dinky Donuts cereal with free Life Savers candy inside and an offer for a Dinky Donuts Born To Fly Jersey on the back. The promotional text for the jersey is very weird and dreamy: "Dinky Donuts Jersey. "Walking around can be such a chore. So I prefer to just sit around and soar. I love it up here so high in the sky. But I guess that's no wonder since I'm BORN TO FLY... It's Mr. Dinky soaring across the sky on a colorful 50% cotton / 50% polyester 3/4 sleeve jersey... They're as much fun to wear as Dinky Donuts are to eat!"