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1987 Crispy Critters Advertisement
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Title: 1987 Crispy Critters Advertisement

Submitted by Mr Breakfast on 10/26/2010

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From October 1987: "Don't let the smiles fool you. He's learning good eating habits... Now there's a cereal with the taste, the crunch and the fun your children want. And what you want for them - good, sound nutrition. New Crispy Critters cereal with little animal pals will teach your kids a lifetime of good nutrition. Kids love the animal shapes like rhinos, hippos, lions and camels. And the extra crunchy taste. You'll love the blend of three nutritious grains: wholesome oats, golden corn and hearty wheat. And Crispy Critters is light on the sugar. In fact, it has even less sugar than a quarter of an apple. New Post Crispy Critters cereal - Low in sugar, yet Indubitably Delicious."