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Abbott Nutrition This company began operations as the Moores & Ross Milk Company in 1903. In 1925, they entered the field of science-y nutritional products by marketing a milk-based infant formula which was to become Similac.

In 1928, the company was renamed M&R Dietetic Laboratories to reflect their new science-y approach to nutritional products. By the mid 1950's the company created their Ross Laboratories division to continue advancements on the infant formulas.

In 1964, the Ross division was acquired by Abbott Laboratories, one of the world's largest health care corporations. The division under Abbott would be known as Ross Products.

In the 70's, Ross began introducing science-y products aimed at the adult population including Ensure lactose-free products and Polycose high-carbohydrate products.

In 1988, they introduced their well-known PediaSure product line. In 1989, their Glucerna line was introduced to provide nutritional products for people with diabetes.

Almost 20 years later in 2007, Ross Products introduced breakfast cereals for diabetics under the Glucerna name. It was that same year that Ross Products changed their name to Abbott Nutrition.

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