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Sweet Home Farm
Sweet Home Farm Sweet Home Farm is a division of Golden Temple of Oregon, Inc., a company started by a community of Sikhs in 1972. In addition to the granolas produced by this division, Golden Temple also produces other cereals through their Peace Cereal Division. Other products under the Golden Temple umbrella include Yogi Tea, Wha Guru Chew, Soothing Touch and Herbal Gems.

A description of Golden Temple found at CareerBuilder.com addresses the new age philosophy behind the company and its products:

"Golden Temple is committed to providing the finest natural foods and health products possible. We strive to support the health of our customers by incorporating organic ingredients and yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom into all of our products. Our purchasing policies focus on supporting community and organic farms across the globe. We have more than 35 years of experience in natural foods, making organic teas, and natural and organic cereals. Find out more about our quality products below."

The following description of the Sweet Home Farm division can be found on Golden Temple's website:

"We've been making all natural granolas for over 15 years, celebrating the goodness of nature by choosing the purest ingredients. No preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors or genetically modified ingredients get anywhere near our granolas. These natural creations are packed in "milk cartons" to keep their down-home taste fresh. Try any of our 4 creations and enjoy a natural, delicious breakfast straight from the farm."

Sweet Home Farm Cereals:

For more about Sweet Home Farm, visit their official website.