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Perky O's: Original
From: Perky's 100% Natural

This cereal consisted of vitamin-fortified O-shaped pieces (ala Cheerios). The package indicated that the cereal was "gluten & nut free... (an) excellent source of whole grain... (and had) only 2g sugar (per serving)."

This cereal is now discontinued along with 2 other varieties of Perky O's: Frosted Perky O's cereal and Apple Cinnamon Perky O's cereal.

Two other Perky's cereals are still produced (as of 2011) by the Enjoy Life company: Perky's Crunchy Rice and Perky's Crunchy Flax.

Company Description: Perky's 100% Natural products are (or in some cases, were) produced by Enjoy Life Natural Brands. Founded in 2001, this company began operations as a bakery in Chicago, Illinois specializing in nut- and gluten-free products. Today, the company produces... Read on and see all cereals from Perky's 100% Natural

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