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Go Lean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax
From: Kashi

This cereal has been described on the box as a "naturally sweetened multigrain cluster cereal" with "as much protein as an egg." Each serving provides 9 grams protein, 8 grams fiber and 500mg ALA Omega-3. As the name implies, it's honey sweetened with almond slices.

Company Description: The Kashi Company was created in 1984 as a producer of Kashi Pilaf - a blend of 7 whole grains and sesame intended to be eaten as a hot breakfast cereal, a side-dish or a main meal for vegetarians. The company operated in... Read on and see all cereals from Kashi

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Overall Average Rating = 5 (out of 5)

By dor dor

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

This is one of the all time greats, my friends. Arguably the best cereal Kashi has in its lineup; its halo cereal, if you will. The crunch is one of the sweetest around. However, the high intensity fiber flax may wreak havoc on your stomach.

Comment submitted: 8/21/2012 (#8859)

By Smarts

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

We eat it every morning and love it. Keeps us regular, too.

Comment submitted: 10/26/2009 (#807)

By CactusHeart

Cereal Rating (out of 5):

Oooh... this is one of the yummiest non junk cereals that exist today. Wow. To have a 'healthful' cereal that contains almonds and BIG crunchy clusters and NOT have them go stingy on either (like most low-fat health oriented cereals do)...that ALONE is AMAZING.(And I like the little toasty notes the flaxseeds add). I can't get enough of both....the nuts OR clusters. In fact, I usually add a pinch of extra almonds (sliced) with an extra little drizzle of honey on top to add a little more octane to an already flavor-packed cereal. Almond milk tweaks the flavor out even more. And FYI, this is the ONLY 'kashi go-lean' variety WORTH BUYING. Let me put it to you this way: more often than not, this variety is usually the ONLY ONE sold out whenever I go look for it. While the regular kashi go lean and their other 'health twig' varieties are usually left untouched. Apparently I'm onto something with this and I'm not the only one *LOL*

Comment submitted: 9/23/2009 (#620)

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