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Jersey Bran Flakes
From: Jersey Cereal Company

The complete name of this cereal was "Jersey Bran Flakes With Other Parts Of Wheat." We know that it existed in 1934.

This description of the cereal appeared on the side of a box of Jersey Bran Flakes:

"Jersey Bran Flakes With Other Parts Of Wheat tastily blend the mild laxative properties of bran with the nutritious value of wheat.

"Jersey Bran Flakes with other parts of wheat provide a wholesome ready-to-eat cereal for all the family. Combined are Carbohydrates, Proteins, Minerals and other food elements, together with the desirable 'roughage' of the wheat bran.

"Deliciously flavored with sugar, malt and salt. Serve with milk or cream. Taste extra fine with honey, fresh or preserved fruits. If super-crispness is wanted - warm flakes in oven."

Company Description: The Jersey Cereal Company was located in Cereal, Pennsylvania. It appears to have also operated out of St. Joseph, Missouri. The company's slogan in 1934 was "Enjoy the Jersey Difference." Based on vintage ads and information on old cereal boxes, we believe... Read on and see all cereals from Jersey Cereal Company

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Jersey Bran Flakes Cereal Box
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Jersey Bran Flakes Cereal Box

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By Duster29

This was a routine breakfast for us around 1934, in our farm house near Plainview, Texas - dust bowl - for as long as there was money to buy it, which was not very long. - Ol' 1929er

Comment submitted: 6/6/2013 (#12313)

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