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This cereal contained ginseng "for extra energy."

In August of 2001, the FDA informed U.S. Mills Inc. that the use of herbal additives in cereals may be illegal. They were referring specifically to gingko biloba in New Morning's GinkgO's and the ginseng in their Ginseng Crunch.

The move was part of the FDA's efforts to control the expanding market for food and drinks with some of the same active ingredients as dietary supplement pills and traditional herbal medicines. According to an FDA letter, the herbal ingredients might not be "generally recognized as safe" according to FDA requirements for food additives.

For an ingredient to be generally recognized as safe it needed to be an ingredient commonly used in food, like salt or sugar, or it would have to be scientifically tested.

If product's maker was unable or unwilling to scientifically prove their ingredients were safe, those products could be pulled from stores shelves.

Now here's the funny part... U.S. Mills replied to the FDA that there was no problem. Both cereals were discounted... a year before they got the letter. They dropped the cereals in the summer of 2000 shortly after acquiring the New Morning brand.

Company Description: New Morning is a brand of U.S. Mills. In addition to their line of cereals, New Morning also produces graham crackers and cookies. The brand was started in 1978 by a farmer in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.... Read on and see all cereals from New Morning

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Ginseng Crunch Cereal - Partial Pic
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Ginseng Crunch Cereal - Partial Pic

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