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Malt Breakfast Food
From: Independent / Undefined
Introduced in 1902

This cereal was produced by The Malted Cereals Company of Burlington, Vermont.

The following is from a magazine ad for the cereal:

You don't know the real taste of wheat unless you have eaten Malt Breakfast Food. The Malting Process used exclusively in producing Malt Breakfast Food makes all the wheat digestible. Ordinary Milling does not. The part usually lost contains essential food properties, and MOST OF THE TASTE, which is developed fully by Malting. This produces the richest flavor and the fullest nutrition that what can give. Best for children. Best for invalids. Best for strong folks.

The box for this cereal featured a little Dutch girl named Gretchen.

It's also noted in ads that Malt Breakfast Food makes "perfect whole wheat bread and delicious gems, desserts, rolls, cookies, pancakes, 'mush', etc."

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