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Corn Flakes & Strawberries Cereal
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By Postman

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I had a bowl of corn flakes and added the freeze dried strawberries. Reminded me of Corn Flakes & Strawberries. Unfortunately my corn flakes were not Post Toasties.

Comment submitted: 4/3/2019 (#24071)

By Bartstarrr (Team Breakfast Member)

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I remember these, but I also remember a dried blueberry cereal. Anyone know what that was?

Comment submitted: 7/8/2017 (#21990)

By Moss

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It makes me think that when corn flakes were invented it should have automatically been with the addition of lots of fruit. All cereals should be generous with fruit.

Comment submitted: 3/16/2017 (#21506)

By Postman

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I liked this cereal so much better than I like Special K Strawberries. The corn flakes taste so much better than the mixed flakes that Special K uses. Wish someone would bring a version back. Simple is better.

Comment submitted: 11/9/2016 (#21030)

By Lionhearted

This cereal was basically Post Toasties with freeze-dried strawberries.

Comment submitted: 1/18/2015 (#18392)

By Bea Foroni

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I liked this cereal as a kid, my Mom not so much. It was twice as expensive as any other cereal, even when strawberries were in season. And, I could eat a whole box in one sitting.

Comment submitted: 11/11/2013 (#15292)

By Postman

Rating (out of 5):

I think this cereal would have sold better under the name Post Toasties with Strawberries. It was a good cereal.

Comment submitted: 1/23/2013 (#10519)

By OldTimer

Rating (out of 5):

I loved it and got here trying to explain it to my somewhat younger wife who doesn't remember when fruit was seasonal. Space Age breakfast! Now we just make our own granola and add fresh fruit.

Comment submitted: 7/20/2012 (#8549)

By joebacon (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

Never failed, halfway into the box, most of the strawberries were gone!

Comment submitted: 10/28/2010 (#3161)

By Lil Pinky

Rating (out of 5):

I was born in 1962. I remember this cereal. I loved it and cried when I could not get it anymore.

Comment submitted: 5/23/2010 (#2164)

By Quispy

Rating (out of 5):

I enjoyed this cereal. I guess Honey Bunches of Oats is the grandchild of this cereal. I would like to see it brought back with just the corn flakes and strawberries, blueberries...

Comment submitted: 3/8/2010 (#1570)

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