Dunk-A-Balls (Wheaties)
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Dunk-A-Balls (Wheaties) Cereal
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By Steve-Os

Rating (out of 5):

Wow, I loved these as a kid. They tasted so good. Cool shape too. I wish they'd bring these back. One of the best cereals of the 90's.

Comment submitted: 7/10/2016 (#20533)

By bazzil

Rating (out of 5):

I remember this as a kid. I remember it having something of a Cinnamon flavor.

Comment submitted: 10/21/2014 (#17886)

By Stevedave57

Rating (out of 5):

I want some now! Lol

Comment submitted: 8/16/2013 (#13324)

By Syn

Rating (out of 5):

This wasn't bad but it wasn't that great to me either. I think I've eaten one or two boxes of it in my time. The concept and shape was fun as was the little way you could play with your cereal with the box in trying to shoot it in.

Comment submitted: 9/11/2012 (#9095)

By B-Ball Fan

Rating (out of 5):

This was my favorite cereal as a kid. I remember eating a bowl for breakfast and dinner many times. I would love for it to be brought back. I'm sure my kids would love it too!!

Comment submitted: 8/30/2012 (#8950)

By equable (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

I remember begging for this cereal. But once my parents got it for me I hated it and left the box in the cabinet until my mom threw it away.

Comment submitted: 6/6/2012 (#7933)

By Penny8

Rating (out of 5):

Bring this cereal back! It looks so cool.

Comment submitted: 5/17/2012 (#7701)

By puddy

Never tried it. Fun idea, although the name is a little suggestive. Wink.

Comment submitted: 2/25/2012 (#6615)

By dunkagain

Rating (out of 5):

I loved these when I was little! I would love to see them come back!

Comment submitted: 12/6/2011 (#5909)

By shaun

Rating (out of 5):

You should bring this cereal back. I enjoyed them as a kid and it was awesome.

Comment submitted: 4/3/2011 (#4261)

By Sticking It To The Man

Rating (out of 5):

Great tasting cereal and good for you...I think. It says Wheaties on the box, right? So, it must be the breakfast of champions.

Comment submitted: 12/28/2008 (#42)

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