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By loyaltubist (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

This is one of the few old time hot cereals that hasn't changed in all the years. The others are Cream of Wheat (any farina, to be honest), Cream of Rice, Malt-O-Meal, and any oatmeal. Plain is always best.

Comment submitted: 3/26/2015 (#18812)

By Miami Mike H

It's currently available in Publix Supermarkets in Florida as of May 2013.

Comment submitted: 5/25/2013 (#12173)

By S. Castor

Rating (out of 5):

One of my favorites! Just wish I could find it in stores in St Augustine, FL. Any one out there that can help me??

Comment submitted: 12/2/2012 (#10073)

By Dana B.

Rating (out of 5):

It is difficult to find, but I found it on Amazon. Available in 4 or 6 box packs. It keeps so no big deal for bulk buy. Then I never run out. I mix it with 1/2 Wheatena and 1/2 Cream of Wheat.

Comment submitted: 5/8/2012 (#7591)

By Waflman

Rating (out of 5):

I love Wheatena, but cannot find it in any grocery stores here in Berkeley, CA. We mix it together with other grains to enjoy that unique roasted flavor.

Comment submitted: 3/19/2012 (#6880)

By Audrey

Rating (out of 5):

For 70 years, I have had Wheatena. Now at 76, I no longer can find it. Can you help? Glen Burnie MD. Audrey

Comment submitted: 2/26/2012 (#6628)

By Mama Diva (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

I love Wheatena but con no longer find it in Southern California stores. I used to go to Texas and find it, but no longer can do. I am alone and can only use one box at a time. HELP. I need Wheatena.

Comment submitted: 1/14/2012 (#6189)

By Grandmotherbear

Rating (out of 5):

We get it at Winn Dixie and Publix. This is the only cereal, made with milk, that carries me all day and doesn't leave me collapsing 2 hours after eating. I believe the measure is 1/4 cup Wheatena to 1 cup milk or water, simmered and stirred for 5 minutes.

Comment submitted: 10/30/2011 (#5603)

By Bee

Shop-Rite and Giant in southeastern PA carry it!

Comment submitted: 9/25/2011 (#5353)

By VT hiker

Rating (out of 5):

It's a fabulous cereal - too bad it's hard to find. Harris Teeter stores have Wheatena; also at the "gourmet" Safeway store in Fairfax, on corner of US 29 and Chain Bridge Rd (about 1 mile S of Vienna Metro).

Comment submitted: 9/18/2011 (#5295)

By GuitarBob

Rating (out of 5):

Toastiest and roastiest of all the hot cereals. If I ever see it again I'll buy a case.

Comment submitted: 6/1/2011 (#4956)

By Russell4Peace

Rating (out of 5):

I'm also having trouble locating it at local stores. Homestat Farms' website suggests ordering it from these distributors: Glen Oak Valley, My Brands, or Hometown Favorites. However, I don't need to buy three 20 oz. boxes at a time!!

Comment submitted: 3/30/2011 (#4232)

By chichadee

Rating (out of 5):

I love wheetena... the only cooked cereal I eat... where can I find it? Safeway does not carry it.

Comment submitted: 3/10/2011 (#4096)

By dash

Rating (out of 5):

What grocery stores carry Wheatena? I can't find it locally at either Giant or Safeway stores.

Comment submitted: 2/2/2011 (#3797)

By Old D.

We can not find Wheatena anymore. Who carries it now? Anyone?

Comment submitted: 8/10/2010 (#2629)

By Toni H

Rating (out of 5):

This is the best hot cereal ever! You don't have to add milk, or butter. Please bring it back to the supermarkets!

Comment submitted: 10/5/2009 (#688)

By kyfleur

Rating (out of 5):

Love it but where is some info on cereal to water ratio. I've thrown away my box.

Comment submitted: 9/27/2009 (#642)

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