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By Jamajo

Rating (out of 5):

Best breakfast cereal ever is 1/2 Grape Nuts and 1/2 Grape Nuts Flakes, mixed. Indescribably delicious!

Comment submitted: 9/17/2020 (#25504)

By Nutzy

Rating (out of 5):

This is one of my favorite cereals. I understand the ingredients listed and it tastes great while providing fiber. I would like to try a gluten-friendly version replacing the wheat.

Comment submitted: 4/13/2020 (#25064)

By cerellvr (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

Love this cereal. A box lasts forever and it's so good on ice cream or over yogurt as well just with milk.

Comment submitted: 11/18/2019 (#24675)

By Starlancer

Rating (out of 5):

I love a bowl full with a sprinkle of sugar and a couple of handfuls of raisins!

Comment submitted: 3/15/2019 (#24020)

By Donnie D

Rating (out of 5):

I love them with hot milk! I just nuke them for 2 minutes.

Comment submitted: 9/1/2018 (#23424)

By Wendy Lou

Rating (out of 5):

I've always just LOVED Grape Nuts! Did anyone mention here that you can eat also them like oatmeal, warmed up with milk? Either way, I love them!

Comment submitted: 3/25/2017 (#21542)

By J Art

Rating (out of 5):

My 3rd fav milked cereal from childhood... and back then, as I recall, something of a real chew-challenge....I still enjoy a box or two a year, although they seem easier to chomp... boohoo.

Comment submitted: 12/6/2016 (#21106)

By Don Wilson

Rating (out of 5):

Friends, have you ever found yourself rushing out in the morning because you weren't hungry, or didn't think you had the time? You can't do a man-sized job on a bird-sized breakfast, you know. Nutrition experts say that morning is the time when we should stoke up, and get at least 1/4 of our daily nourishment. Nutrition experts also recommend a whole grain cereal, and that's Grape Nuts and Grape Nuts Flakes. Both are Basic 7 foods, outstanding in both their whole grain nourishment and their zesty crispness. So, eat a good breakfast, do a better job, with those toasty-brown, malty rich, sweet-as-a-nut Grape Nuts or Grape Nuts Flakes, for extra swell eating!

Comment submitted: 4/9/2016 (#20171)

By GrapeNuts Nut

Rating (out of 5):

Post added soy isolate to Grape Nuts in 2013 in a misguided marketing effort to capitalize on the "more protein" fad. Consumers must have thoroughly rejected this addition, as 2014 brought the soy-free formula back to the market!

Comment submitted: 9/15/2014 (#17672)

By Rich-madison

Who eats this stuff? Maybe people feed it to their horse. Or their rotten kids as punishment. Awful bowl of pain.

Comment submitted: 7/4/2014 (#17284)

By Postman

I don't care for Grape Nuts, but I LOVE Grape Nut Flakes.

Comment submitted: 2/11/2014 (#16009)

By Ron B.

Rating (out of 5):

I love them - my second favorite cereal after Force.

Comment submitted: 2/5/2014 (#15949)

By boatwright

Rating (out of 5):

I bake with Grapenuts all the time. I just add a 1/2 cup to my muffin and coffee caker recipes and it makes the texture a lot better. Love it as a cereal too.

Comment submitted: 10/11/2013 (#14794)

By A Burke

Rating (out of 5):

Thanks for posting our commercial video ("Mrs. Burke, I thought you were Dale!"). Come visit our website for much more about that Grape-Nuts commercial and some behind the scenes photos: http://burkesgrapenuts.com

Comment submitted: 7/3/2013 (#12637)

By Wilson

Rating (out of 5):

New recipe - not the same taste. Post recently added soy protein to the ingredients. I don't like the new taste. I'm going back to Cheerios.

Comment submitted: 4/20/2013 (#11778)

By Onatu

Rating (out of 5):

I remember being introduced to Grape Nuts as a kid and finding them terrible plain. Thankfully, my parents showed me how awesome they are when you pour the milk in and microwave a bowl of Grape Nuts, then top it with fruit or honey.

That was fifteen years ago now, and I actually prefer eating Grape Nuts cold now. Still, gotta have that honey, fruit, or even cinnamon (well, it's fine without those of course). Overall it's my favorite cereal ever - and it's great to mix with Honey Nut Cheerios or Honey Bunches of Oats!

Comment submitted: 3/9/2013 (#11171)

By Chomper01

Rating (out of 5):

Grape Nuts, huh? Ought to have called it "Gravel" cereal, because that what it tasted like when you ate them with milk... Crunchy Gravel. (LOL) Other than that, it was pretty good stuff when served as a topping on yogurt, pudding or ice cream.

Comment submitted: 2/25/2013 (#11018)

By mobygrapenut (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

Been loving those crunchy things since I was a little kid foraging around in my grandma's pantry for illicit snacks. Back then the ads said "They fill you up, not out". In the early 70s, Ewell Gibbons pitched them, saying that the reminded him of wild hickory nuts. From my teens to early twenties, they became a staple food. Then, Post began the "Are you good enough for Grape Nuts" campaign. I found that so ridiculous that I quit eating them until a couple of months ago. I've been really enjoying them.

Comment submitted: 2/5/2013 (#10639)

By Sheila D.

Rating (out of 5):

I've been eating Grape-Nuts for a long time, since I was a teenager fifty years ago. I use a small bowl, Splenda and unsweetened soy milk when I want a snack that is filling but isn't too sweet. It does have a mild laxative effect but I think that's a good thing.

Comment submitted: 10/22/2012 (#9622)

By MyEmptyCanvas (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

I remember trying these in the 90s and I hated them. I thought they tasted like sticks and were as hard as rocks! Then I tried them again about 2 years ago and nothing has changed. When I'm ready to have a bald mouth, I'll pick up a box. Until then, these will continue to sit on the shelf at the store. (myemptycanvasreviews.blogspot.com)

Comment submitted: 6/21/2012 (#8120)

By Daddio

Rating (out of 5):

I was remembering when the box used to say, "May be habit forming" on it as did anything that was considered a laxative. I've never really liked it as a cereal, but love it mixed into yogurt and on ice cream. It's funny now to see that there used to be claims that it cured "the drink". Wow, C.W. Post was a huckster. I am grateful for both the Danny Thomas Show and the Andy Griffith Show which came about as a result of Post Cereals. Especially for Danny Thomas in that he created the St. Jude's Hospital.

Comment submitted: 3/10/2012 (#6799)

By Royce

Worst cereal ever. It's too crunchy on minute and then to soggy the next. I'll never understand how it's so popular.

Comment submitted: 2/12/2012 (#6494)

By jerry

When did they use the boats for premiums?

Comment submitted: 6/7/2011 (#5047)

By Cincinnati Kid (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

Always liked Grape Nuts. Sometimes can be a little hard to swallow without something to drink (besides the milk they're in) them with. I remember in the old "Post Tens" packages (ten little boxes of individual cereal sold in one package), there was only one box of Grape Nuts and usually two of almost everything else.

Comment submitted: 6/3/2011 (#4975)

By ilovemybrybry

Rating (out of 5):

I can remember my brother and I flinging these across the kitchen off our spoons the one (and only) time my Momma ever bought them... YUCKY!

Comment submitted: 5/9/2011 (#4809)

By freetoyinside (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

Grape-Nuts! one of the best. It's the one cereal I found in Grandmas cupboard that I actually liked to eat. Hot or cold they were good. Grampa on the other hand wouldn't eat'em called'em buckshot! or bowl-gravel! What can I say he was eating All-Brand or Shredded wheat, both had the fiber and the taste of the box they came in.

Comment submitted: 4/16/2011 (#4678)

By Joe Spliggins

Rating (out of 5):

One of the best cereals ever! Try it hot with a drizzle of honey and you'll slap anybody that trys to feed you oatmeal!

Comment submitted: 2/15/2011 (#3928)

By Curlytop

Rating (out of 5):

The only cereal that grows in your mouth. I love it.

Comment submitted: 2/5/2011 (#3829)

By sjoiii (Team Breakfast Member)

Rating (out of 5):

An old but great standby that I have been eating for over 60 years. A very strong tasty flavor but its consistency does not agree with everyone.

Comment submitted: 12/17/2010 (#3456)

By c-loc

Rating (out of 5):

A bit like eating gravel but they taste very good :)

Comment submitted: 7/12/2010 (#2437)

By healthnut

Rating (out of 5):

I agree with Mix Master. Glad to see I'm not the only one that mixes Sugar Smacks (original name) with Grape Nuts. That way I can tell myself I'm eating something healthy!

Comment submitted: 6/29/2010 (#2372)

By Mix Master

Rating (out of 5):

Try Grape-nuts mixed with Honey Smacks or any sweetened puffed wheat, really good!!!!!

Comment submitted: 4/1/2010 (#1831)

By Dee Dee D.

Rating (out of 5):

I eat grape-nuts with a couple teaspoons of sugar on it... delicious! Great cereal! Fav!

Comment submitted: 3/27/2010 (#1717)

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