Delicious Gluten-Free Crepes

Delicious Gluten-Free Crepes

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  • 1 cup brown rice flour
  • egg substitute for 3 eggs
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup water
  • 1 to 2 Tablespoons vegetable or canola oil
I was surprised how much I liked this recipe. Their flavor and consistency was on par with crepes made with regular flour. The best surprise was that they were easier to work with than many other crepe recipes I've used. I did have to add about 1/3 cup more water to get the batter consistency I wanted. You're looking for a consistency similar to a commercial pancake syrup.

I filled and topped my gluten-free crepes with Nutella, which is also gluten-free, FYI. The only word of caution I have is that these crepes become chewy when left out for more than 20 minutes. I would not make them for storage and use later. I will, however, be making them again for immediate eating. Thanks to 'nikkimack' for submitting a winner.

Gluten-Free Crepes With Nutella

How To Make Gluten-Free Crepes

Mix together 1 cup brown rice flour, egg substitute, oil, and water in a bowl. (Use just enough water so the batter is smooth).

Pour a small amount of batter in a frying pan. Tilt pan so the batter spreads across the bottom of the pan. Cook each side thoroughly.

Crepes should be slightly golden brown when done.

Top with nut butter, fruit, maple syrup or whatever your favorite topping might be.

This recipe makes 10 6-inch crepes.

Topping Suggestions: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, your favorite nuts or nut butter, maple syrup, jam, etc.

Gluten-Free Crepes

Cooking Note:

To make Nutella drizzle-able, combine 2 Tablespoons Nutella with 2 teaspoons water or milk. Stir. Microwave for 20 seconds. Stir again. It's a quick, warm topping that's also great on waffles and pancakes.

Gluten-Free Crepes With Nutella And Whipped Cream

These are great for breakfast or any meal. Takes only 10 minutes to make. No gluten. No problem. They're just as good as crepes made with all-purpose flour.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank nikkimack for this recipe.

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From CeliacFighter69
Rating (out of 5):  

This recipe shows us we don't knead gluten!:)

Comment submitted: 12/7/2016 (#20138)

From Ana
Rating (out of 5):  

It was pretty good. I used milk and 2 eggs. I added a little bit more liquid than the recipe called, plus a little salt and coconut palm sugar. When they are still hot they taste good, but after they turned cold they are chewy. I liked them!

Comment submitted: 2/16/2015 (#19272)

From Massey
Rating (out of 5):  


Comment submitted: 7/29/2014 (#18948)

From G.Z.
Rating (out of 5):  

Good one mate.

Comment submitted: 12/3/2013 (#17192)

From Mom Power
Rating (out of 5):  

Wonderful! I made them exactly as directed, except for adding 2 drops of vanilla to the batter. I served 3 on each plate. One filled with strawberry jam, one filled with orange marmalade and one folded with powered sugar and lemon juice on top. My husband and son loved them!

Comment submitted: 8/20/2013 (#16277)

From brendt
Rating (out of 5):  

Just okay. It needed a little more water to make the batter good and smooth. Could use some more flavor. Maybe a couple drops of vanilla. Not bad though.

Comment submitted: 11/16/2011 (#13191)

From Even Better
Rating (out of 5):  

Try coconut milk, instead of water, and add a tablespoon cooked rice ground as a paste. this will make it much smoother batter.

Comment submitted: 6/15/2010 (#10697)

From GFBarbados

I tried this with real eggs and also found it to be heavy stiff, and not too tasty. Then added about 2T extra water, about 1/2-3/4 cup of vanilla soy milk (I used Silk, and about 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Now nice, thin, soft, with a little crispiness on the edges. : ) Also, using grapeseed oil spray to coat the pan between crepes. Yum! Good luck!

Comment submitted: 2/23/2010 (#9887)

From Margie
Rating (out of 5):  

I think this is a good site as my husband is a coeliac and to find crepe recipes is hard many thanks. Margie

Comment submitted: 7/3/2009 (#8357)

From better with real eggs

Not too happy with the egg re placer. I think real eggs would make this more palatable. They came out stiff and dry.

Comment submitted: 12/2/2008 (#7009)

From marney
Rating (out of 5):  

Great crepes! Thanks!

Comment submitted: 3/4/2008 (#4744)

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