Candy Corn Colored Waffles

Candy Corn Colored Waffles

(5 servings)    Printable Version
  • waffle batter (see below)
  • red food coloring
  • yellow food coloring
  • white food coloring - optional
This is more of a fun Halloween / Autumn food idea than it is a full blown recipe. You can use a store bought waffle batter or try the homemade recipe I like to use called Best Waffles Ever (which makes 5 servings). Once you have your batter made, it's just a matter dividing it up and coloring each portion. Admittedly, I turned up the color saturation on my Candy Corn Waffle photos. They waffles will be cute and likely delicious, but the color effect isn't super dramatic. It's still quite noticeable and the cooking process is pretty fun. (This recipe was tested and photographed in October 2014.)

Candy Corn Colored Waffles

How To Make Candy Corn Colored Waffles

You can make these with any amount of batter you decide to use.

Divide your batter among 3 different measuring cups with pour spouts. The one that will contain the white batter should be just a little less than the other two.

Add yellow food coloring to one of the measuring cups. Use 2 drops at a time until the color is vibrant yellow.

For the orange batter, add drops of red and yellow food coloring until that batter is vibrant orange.

For the white batter, you can either use the natural color of the batter or add white food coloring if you have it available.

Heat your waffle iron.

Pouring very slowly, make a small circle of white in the center. Surround that with a ring of orange and round out the waffle with the yellow batter.

Cook according to your waffle maker's directions.

When done, break the waffle into quarters and each section will look like a big piece of candy corn.

Making Candy Corn Colored Waffles
Candy Corn Colored Waffles

A fun way to turn any standard waffle batter into a festive Halloween treat.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank Mr Breakfast for this recipe.

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