Brian's Banana Oatmeal

Brian's Banana Oatmeal

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  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Old Fashioned oats
  • 1 banana
  • 1 teaspoon golden flax
  • organic 100% raw and uncooked unfiltered unblended undiluted Honey
I've adjusted this recipe just a bit since it was originally submitted in 2012. I've reduced the amount of water to 2/3 cup from 1 cup (reflected above). Too much water made the oatmeal soupy, so I fixed that. The flavors are great, but you'll probably end up using more honey than you suspect. It takes at least 2 full teaspoons in my opinion. The interesting thing about this recipe is the cooking method. You boil water in the microwave. Add the oats, cover and wait. You could just as easily boil water on the stove and add that to the oats. I'm unsure why the submitter specified that your microwave bowl has to be white. I'm pretty liberal, so I support bowls of all colors. Thanks to Brian and his trip to Indonesia for this recipe. (This recipe was tested and photographed in February 2014.)

Brian's Banana Oatmeal

How To Make Brian's Banana Oatmeal

Cook water in a white micro safe bowl in the micro until you have a rolling boil (almost 4 min), add oatmeal, cover so no heat will get out and let sit until done (3-5 min). Stir in flax then slice banana into bowl and drizzle honey over every thing. This tastes so good. As we say in Hawaii, "broke da mouth."

Stir in flax after oatmeal is ready to eat so the high heat won't destroy the nutrients in it. Granola or nuts go well with this too. This type of honey has the most nutrients in it because it's uncooked.

Brian's Banana Oatmeal

Cooking Notes From Mr Breakfast

It took only 1 minute and 30 seconds for my water to reach a rolling boil in the microwave.

The topping you see in the pictures is a store-bought granola which added a nice crunch to the completed oatmeal.

I found that 1/2 of a banana worked better than a whole banana in this recipe.

I first learned about this recipe while at a surf camp on the southern most tip of Java Indonesia in 1985, I modified it a little. Instead of oatmeal they used yogurt.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank brhsurf for this recipe.

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