Gluten-Free Tapioca Flour Crepes

Gluten-Free Tapioca Flour Crepes

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  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 cup tapioca flour
Beat eggs with fork. Beat in water, vanilla and tapioca flour. Batter will appear very liquid. Let sit for 5 minutes.

Cook over medium high heat on a crepe pan or low-sided skillet brushed with oil (should be just hot enough that a drop of water sizzles and jumps across the pan). Grasping the pan by the handle pour batter (about 1/3 cup) on pan and quickly tilt all directions, swirling the batter to form a very thin round layer of batter.

Cook until the batter loses its wet look and the edges start to brown a bit. Carefully turn with a spatula and brown the other side for a few moments. Remove and stack on a plate and keep warm until ready to fill and roll with a sauce.

Only four ingredient are required to make these gluten-free crepes. Especially good with sweet toppings or fillings.

Mr Breakfast would like to thank HollyMartel for this recipe.

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From Nati
Rating (out of 5):  

Great recipe! Love that it's gluten free. The first time I tried switching water for milk but it gets too thick. Also tried not waiting the 5 minutes and they're also very important. Second time followed it exactly, and it's great! Used a soup ladle and it measures out the right amount of battery each time. I blotted the oil after pouring it, so the pan is only slightly greasy and that gives the perfect amount of oil each time.

Comment submitted: 4/12/2020 (#20937)

From crepelover
Rating (out of 5):  

This actually works well. You just have to give it a quick stir each time before pouring each very thin crepe into the pan. Thanks!

Comment submitted: 9/18/2014 (#18998)

Official Member: Team BreakfastFrom suser48 (Team Breakfast Member)
Rating (out of 5):  

I got 4 about 9" diameter crepes from this recipe. You pour about 1/4 of the batter in to the greased pan, swirl it. When the sides start to separate from the pan you turn it over carefully and let it cook for another minute or so. It's a little transparent but good. I substituted a pinch of salt for the vanilla and used it for an old family recipe that called for all purpose wheat flour. Now I can make my mom's "trouxas" - this is Portuguese - again. So you're not too confused this crepes are stuffed with ground meat. Yummy!!

Comment submitted: 3/4/2011 (#12235)

From G.P.

I just tried this recipe. How many crepes is this supposed to make? There was no guideline for that. I used the whole batter in the pan. The sides are crisp but the middle is the consistency of melted cheese. It's not liquid, but it's gooey on the fork. How can I remedy this? Thank you!

Comment submitted: 12/15/2010 (#11722)

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